Aww I’m really sad to hear about your story and just your journey! It must have been tough! Sadly blogging is a hard world. It might seem easy for some here in Steemit but it’s not. Just think about your goals and your targets, things don’t happen overnight or a month. I know it seems like a long time for you, but unfortunately online work blogging has become even more competitive than five years ago when I started. Let me tell you one thing, for my first year I made no money, zero on youtube and everywhere else, I had to live with friends. Second year I made enough to just survive and pay smallest rent, third year was similar and only by 4th year I was able to earn enough to pay rent and enjoy life a bit, and now I’m in my 5th year of hard ass work and now I can say I’m more comfortable but I still don’t feel stable or financially secure. Sadly the profession of blogging is a dream that is projected to others as easy and care free. The amount of times I wanted to give up and have done that and then pulled myself back together ... well I can’t even talk how many! I lost count, I guess my point is that don’t give up! Find a good job that is stable, continue blogging on a side as a hobby and don’t have high expectations. Thanks for mentioning me! I wish you all the luck and for you to be with your family!

P.s you have my full vote and hopefully it can go towards your laptop!

No you don’t need to give money back! I’m glad you decided to stay and I hope you fix the laptop! Thanks for the warm reply I’m so glad you heard us :)

Thank you for this honest post about where you are at. Just remember, if you ever need to find me, you know where to look man.

I hope that you will be blessed in your life as you continue. It is never easy, but you know what matter. Praise God for your healthy family too.

David, i appreciate the mention as well and would love your involvement to assist my design series. You’ll be back my friend. This is an outlet fueled by genuine ppl. We’re all in this together. Happy to slow down my best st day anytime to talk or provide an outlet to listen.

I’m building the UI for the community but it’s my contribution to the platform. If ppl aren’t constructive then they can just rant. Lol

Dude. Don't give up. As long as you're making interesting, original content, which you are, it's only a matter of time before things start going better for you. You just need some good luck on the way. It will happen.
Please also remember, community features are coming soon, so with your art stuff, you will be able to stand out over all the noise. Hang in there buddy.

I am saddened by what has happened to your laptop and sad that that means you are leaving. But sadder to hear about your troubles seeing your son, I do hope that the situation improves.Thank you so much for mentioning me and giving me some SBD, I don't know what I did to deserve it but know that I appreciate it! I hope to see you back on here soon!

I have returned double the amount you sent to me with a request not to leave Steemit! Sad to know that your laptop broke. But it's the heart I am more concerned about. Just when you are starting to see what Steemit can do for you and your family, why are you quitting?

Stay here. I operate 80 % of the times from the smartphone. Learn Markdown editing. It will help you use your smartphone to remain active and fully functional on Steemit.

I don't think leaving is a smart choice. You will earn enough in a few months to come to buy two laptops. In a year, you can open a shop selling laptops if you keep doing the good work.

Please stay!

PS: Look at the responses! I just love them!

I really hope he reads our messages, does anyone have him on discord?

My man, it is sad what happened but don't go I am sure everything will be alright. There is a saying that you need to remember and I live by it. "This to shall pass" no matter how tough things get with time it becomes better. Hope to see you on steemit again my friend.

Man that is the spirit you are going to see what greatness will come from this :)

Oh life is messy. "in this world you will have tribulation..."

Do what you gotta do. When life settles down for you and things turn around, come on back. I am not going to "spend" that SBD but hold it for you and I will return it with interest on your return. May the God of peace grant you peace and restoration.

I am not going to "spend" that SBD but hold it for you and I will return it with interest on your return. May the God of peace grant you peace and restoration.

Good idea. I'll offer up the same!

I am very sad to hear of your recent struggles… I understand how heartbreaking it Can be to lose your laptop (as trivial as that sounds), Especially when your work depends on it. Maybe you can take a break, save up, and try again. Please keep in touch, I am happy to help in any way I can and I am always here for advice on digital art or anything you may need my friend. Hope we get to chat again!


I'm bloody sad reading this post...

You're 100% right about the EPL and it really did help boost my numbers.

If you have discord on your phone, come join my channel and I will see what I can do to help.

I can't physically mail you a new laptop from the land downunder but there way be another way...

I'm supporting many minnows and the tank is large enough to add more, plus I have just purchased more fish food :(

As early adopters we need to stick together through good times and bad, it will be worth it in the long run I promise.



No problem,

Discord is a type of messaging site that people use to run forums and channels :)

Send me a message when you're back and we can catch up.

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