Golem Overlord - A new prestige level and stats achieved in the game.

Hi everyone,
It's me again with another blog for everyone. In this blog I will share about my golem overlord game updates that happened today.

I spent some parts for upgrades and I also moved to next prestige level in the game. You can have a look at the screenshot below.

It shows what are the benefits that will come with new prestige level for me.

My level reduced by 2 levels after the new prestige level was achieved. I will share that in a screenshot next so that you can see it.

My rating is close to 250k but I am not considering it as a achievement because next title is far away and I am just half way to it.

Have a look at them in the screenshot below.

As I performed the prestige I also went on with upgrading the stats of my golem overlord base. That was necessary because after prestige you get a reduction in level bonus.

I upgraded fortification, power and faith. Fortification by 4 levels and faith and power by 3 levels.

I am sharing that in the screenshot below.

Even after all these upgrades I am left with 20k+ parts and I will save them for future events and upgrades.

I will next make a blog on total earned and spent parts in the game. I think that is something really interesting to share about so that is why I have that in mind.

So that was all about the golem overlord stat upgrade and prestige level achieved by me in the game today.

I want to improve my gameplay with each day I play this game so feel free to share your suggestions that I can follow to further improve my overall gameplay. looking forward to the suggestions from pro players in the game.

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That's all for this blog, Thank you everyone for reading this blog and staying with me till the end.


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