To end the day

The traditional way to end my day with my cousins in the Philippines. We will go to a beach nearby to witness the sun to set. This photo makes me realize, the moments we spent together are for keeps. One of the simplest things in life yet the most precious memories to reminisce.


CategoryGoldenhourphotography by @photocontests & @juliank
LocationSharjah, UAE

Thanks for passing by,


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Chasing sunsets

With cousins. Still the best!

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This moment of sun is very sad...

Quite lonely as of the moment.

muy buena la fotografia @gheghenrv

Please translate it in english. Hehe

Standing at the beach and watch the sun to set is an amazing feeling. The waves of water current from the ocean striking our toes and legs and it like wow....... spanding time with family in the beach is even more fun. @gheghenrv your day was awesome in yhe beach.

I agree! One of the best place to relax after a week full of stress. And I can’t wait to spend time at the beach with my family. Thanks for dropping by!

Ya. And welcome.

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