Messy Clouds at Sunset Bangkok Thailand goldenhourphotography

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You can still see a bit of washed out blue in this orange, brown, and reddish sky. As the sun sets in front of me, a storm is coming up from behind.

messy clouds in Bangkok Thailand fitinfun.jpg

This photo was taken a few months ago when we had very bad air quality in Bangkok. More people than normal were masking up outside, and the skies were always strange and dark for a couple of months. This shot is a case of finding beauty in all things, but maybe beauty is not the right word.

This is the opposite to the blue hour sky I posted yesterday. On that day, the sun was behind me and the storm was in the front during a time of clear air. No matter what the conditions, the skies of Bangkok never fail to entertain.

My post today is for the @photocontests goldenhourphotography by @juliank.

I’m using a Canon ELPH160 point and shoot camera.

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Lovely series of shots.

And if you get "orange, brown, and reddish", you're lucky. When I lived in India, the horrible air quality added some weird colors such as various shades of purple to the sunsets. Compared to that, the golden hours in BKK and CM are truly golden.

Also, CM gets many Chinese tourists here, and many of them exclaim how fresh and clean the air is here. It's not!! But compared to the air in some of China's industrial cities, I guess it seems super clean.