California Sunsets #47 ~ Golden Hour Contest

These are my entries for Sunday's #goldenhourphotography contest
hosted by @juliank.

~ “Never go too long without watching a sunset” – Atticus ~

A rare cloudy and humid summer evening in Southern California gifted us this
vivid sunset dropping behind Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains.


Click image to view full size.July11x.jpg


Photos taken on Wednesday July 11th from Santa Monica Lifeguard Tower 24 Location Click Here

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Heaven's on Fire! Stunning shots:)

It was another great southern cali sunset!

This is a masterpiece of Sunset!!

Was biking and saw the clouds strolling in and knew it was going to transform into something special.

Has to be one of the best most recent shots you got. It looks like you were standing in the water on a couple of those. I saw that sunset from Glendale, but nothing like this.

Thanks brotha. You are the first to realize that I was actually in the water for those too photos (right up to the crotch). The undertow was challenging while holding onto my iphone.

Crazy man! I'v seen that live before ;). You need to get a leash on your phone. Did you get last nights sunset, it was a good one. Is that the next post.

Oh man those colors are incredible! Easily one of the best sunset shots from the L.A. coast I have ever seen. Awesome job.

As you have captured first hand, there are some great sunsets in VB/SM... This one being in the summer is unique.

I was out running some fuel through the boat last evening and got a half way decent sunset. I will have to post it next :)

You have been catching some great ones. The humidity adds a different glow. That's why this one was so unique.

Really you have good hands on photography. And the eyes of selection. Really great. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your kinds word. Living close to one of the top sunset places helps tremendously.

Classic composition and color are really just insane. Love such sunsets :)

Thanks. It was a rare one. The colors are more similar to the many sunsets you capture .

Epic photos, just stunning! Resteemed :)

Much appreciated. Thank you!

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Greatly appreciate your curation efforts.

Amazing place to watch the gorgeous sunset! :))

It certainly is!

WOW they are all spectacular

Thanks man!

😊😊😊 nice

Thank you!

Outstanding shots of the golden hour the third one is just on point great view :)

Thank you!

There is so much movement in this sky! I can see it is very unruly and restless! There is fire in that sky!

Well done!

Thank you!

'burn baby burn ' comes to mind :P you sure have a lot of humidety!! woohoo your texture on the water is, yeahh a full delight 😀💗🐲🐉

much beautiful images nice captured.

Thanks man!

Beautiful view.

Thank you man.

scintillating amazing great pictures seeing your shots after a long while ..

These are so wonderful capture.. lucky you @armentor for having chance to captured that scenes..

Thank you!

You are welcome..

Southern California such a beautiful place i have ever seen.Nice place by the way the picture u took also very nice. i am sure u will be a great photographer..Do u live southern california or u visit there every sunday?

You are right... especially here near the ocean. I am fortunate to live close to the beach so I try to see as many sunsets as possible.

scintillating amazing seeing your photography skills after a long time...Great shots

Thank you.

@armentor you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!


Wow, very beautiful photo, I like your way of taking the picture, so that your photo looks very good, I really salute to people who have soul art, because the soul of art is not owned by everyone, and art has a very high price. Thanks for sharing, and wish you a wonderful day....

Good photography of sunset evening , accurate & beautiful picture of sunset .It seems that earth &sun are merging with each other

Oh wow, these clouds are saying something and that message is, we are greatest art and we are greatest formations and explore us and learn from us and transform your life everyday for good.

Just see those colours, those colours are so strong that we cannot explore it to fullest because this beauty is so giant and so wide spreading that we cannot explore it to fullest levels.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Man I wish I had a meme to show you how happy this made me