Development of psyche, consciousness and personality. Phylogenesis, ontogenesis, anthropogenesis. Development Factors. /part 3/

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Leontiev rightly denies the notion that a new person will not arrive in the future as a result of the action of biological laws in evolutionary development. The transition of a monkey into a human is carried out in several stages. Concomitantly, in connection with the development of the work activity, i. under the influence of social factors, biological laws begin to retreat to social. The man's psychic developed alongside his biological development. It is beginning to develop on the basis of social and historical experience under the influence of social laws, based on the biologically structured, based on which psychic processes such as feeling, perception, memory, thinking, imagination and imagination function.

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These processes in today's man are radically different in degree of development from primitive man's processes. In today's man, processes are developed and operate across a wide range of functions. As for other manifestations of the psyche, such as motives, will, values, judgments, everything is altered. Will is also a function of the intellect, ie. the more the intellect of man is developed, the more intense and purposeful he will. The mental states of man have also been changed. The individual development of man, respectively the development of his psyche, is a discussion. The change in the organs and the brain leads to the development of the psyche. The increase of the brain has occurred in the transition to primitive man. Also, the psyche has evolved through intergenerational continuity in the ages. The conscious ability, inherent in man alone, to carry the inheritance of past generations and to feel a fraction of them is often broken and interrupted. World history has not developed in a progressive direction - the development of cultures and civilization has been abolished many times.

Human consciousness is the product of a long and dialectically contradictory development of the property of matter to reflect. The history of consciousness includes the time from the first and most elementary manifestations of humanity, the evolutionary link between the monkey and man / their common ancestor. The background of consciousness is a lot of odor, billions of years have passed for the whole development of the psyche in the animal world from the moment it first came into existence. Animals with a distinct nervous system have a psyche, and the psyche of the higher animals (especially of the apes) is closest to the human psyche. The beginning of the psyche in the evolution of the animal world phylogenetically coincides with the first, most elementary manifestations of the conditional reflexive activity. The first manifestations of this activity are the result of the development and improvement of the nervous system, and it has taken place in the following sequence: - the network nervous system / the jelly and the hydrate / - the functions of this nervous system are close to the unconditional reflexive functions; - the ganglionic nervous system / rainworm and arthropods / - there is a centralized nervous system in the rash, with not only the central nervous-brain ganglia but also the part of the sensory organs of the brain, therefore it can be said about simple, difficult-to-treat conditional-reflective response to congenital reactions. In the genitals the conditional reflex activity is expressed, a higher stage nervous system, the most complex nervous systems are in insects / ants, bees, axes, butterflies, etc. /.

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