My Next Goal: 1000 Steem Power!

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Putting Goals in Life is One Goal in Life Everyone Must Achieve!

Everyone should have a goal whether it's for long or short term. Having goals and achieving them must really be a good habit!

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I'm not sure if you've watched the movie "Three Idiots" but I have one favorite line there by Viru Sahastrabudhhe (name of character in movie). He said "Life is a race!". It was very short but stroked my heart to realize that it's true. We are racing with one another to achieve our goals in life. Some has a goal as far as the moon and some as far as just the distance of their spit.

People who taught me lessons in life always said that if we set goals, it should be much farther than what our spit can reach but visible to the eye. That means our goal should be ambitious but realistic!

How Realistic is 1000 Steem Power?

Many thinks reaching 1000 steem power would take them forever unless they buy steem power directly with their fiat. I found it true enough but that doesn't mean it's the only way!

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Right now, I have at least 500 steem power but that's because of some delegation I bought from @blocktrades. I'm still powering down at the moment to increase my Steem Dollar and it's quite taking some time before I will be able to reach at least 1000 (with no delegation) if I continue to do so.

Even thought this might take quite a long time, I still believe it's possible and I could see lots of whales here who started basically from very low steem power to thousands with just the effort of their blogging. I could not expect all to like my posts but either way, I enjoy writing what I know and what's inside my head!

Now, let's start at a very low value. If I could earn like 25 steem power per week then convert it to a month, that would give me around 100 steem power. Not much but an increase is an increase. I'm pretty sure little by little it will add up even if it takes me few more months. The sooner the better of course but since the price of steem and SBD is always fluctuating, this can give me a chance to get to my goal sooner than expected.

Thank You To My Followers!

Thanking someone is not a bad habit. It's a good way to make new friends!

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Again, just like what I've written in my previous post "I Got 1000 Followers in Steemit! Yehey!", I'm very much thankful to all my followers whether you're a minnow, dolphin or whale! All your upvotes are very much appreciated every time and this is also one of my inspiration why I would love to have huge steem power someday. Giving like 1 SBD to at least 10 people a day should make me feel very happy since I would be able to share my blessings to other people.

No, I'm not running for Presidency!

I'm not a Politician so I'm not used in telling sweet lies. I'm not telling all of them are like that. I still think some of them must have still pure hearts with intention to serve and protect the people and citizens of the country. It's just to bad that their numbers are less compared to the corrupt ones. It sounds bad but let's face it people! Politics is not a very clean game.

That's it for now and again, thank you so much! =)


Reminder: How hard is it for a whale with thousands of Steem Power to give 1% upvote when it recharges in less than 2 minutes? I guess it must be really hard specially when greed becomes much larger than the intention to share blessing to others. Will that make Steemit a better place?

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I do agree with you and prof.viru.(the killer character)
He said "Life is a race!".
It is true..we must keep doing all the best to reach what we want to..
thanks for sharing sir

everything is possible as long as you want this for real! Hard work, perseveration and ambition will help you reach this dream!

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Thanks gvincentjosephm I enjoyed your blog post, and the video '3 idiots' :). I actually remebered the line in the move "Life is a race..." Not saying I totally agree with the pholosphy, but enjoy the concept. ANyway... I think you'll like our new blog. We do daily BTA Technical Analysis Summaries. We look at over 10 analysts daily, and give you a summary of what they're saying. We do all the heavy lifting for you. Come and have a look. Cheers

It's possible my friend, with such good articles like this, you will get there no doubt. I am investing wisely in promoting posts using SBD which I buy each month. I power up the lions share of that and delegate my little SP to a few smaller bots - @alliedforces and @megabot - the latter pays out daily very nicely, and I have every hope and belief that alliedforces (by witness @enginewitty) will be a big contender here very soon.

I produce the best content that I can within my modest niche and plough some 7 SBD or so a week into promoting using smaller bots with high rep scores. This advances me steadily in the game, gaining visibility and real reputation. I play an active role in a few groups on discord, getting encouragement and advice here and there. I regard it all as one way to put money away and work hard to make the investment show some advances. It beats leaving it in a bank and it's so much more rewarding.

By the way, thanks for visiting my recent post. I don't let anything get by me, treating every interaction and person as potentially an important ally. This is the way to go!! Good luck and lets get to the top .