I Got 1000 Followers in Steemit! Yehey!

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A Milestone Achieved!

Everyone of us has set a goal at least once in our lives. Some are too far to reach, some are not, but mine is somehow unending

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Today is a special day since I was able to hit milestone not everyone could have in a short time. I'm quite celebrating because I was able to reach at least 1000 followers today! I thought before it's impossible since I'm not very much active in blogging like others do here posting at least twice a day.

I now it's not an excuse to have other priorities aside from blogging or posting here in Steemet that's why I'm very thankful for my every follower who supports my thoughts, ideas, comments and blogs here. Yes, I'm not the best writer and of course I'm far from perfect but is anyone is?

Celebration is On!

There's always a reason to celebrate everyday on this Earth. The question is, what?

OK now I'm happy so what? I guess it's a good time to unwind at least for a day. Hmmm, I don't have quite a plan for today but I would love to get back the feeling that life is easy and chill.

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Maybe I'll grab some chilling beer or watch an action movie like Marvel's Infinity War or play some games with friend online. It's been a while since life was easy and not stressful at all. I'm quite uncertain if I could get back to those times. Maybe not, or at least not now.

So today, I decided to do this things:

Eat a Lot!

Life is boring without food. Let's make the most out of it in every bite!

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I'm gonna eat and eat and eat! Call me pig but at least I should try to by the happiest person in the world even for a day. How good it is to buy some pizza now with lots of cheese and some crab salad!
Pizza is one thing I really think as one of the best thing man has ever invented! Do you like pizza too? It's really delicious specially when lots of toppings are in there.

Play a Lot!

Playing is best played with friends! If you lose, you'll still have friends.

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I'm gonna play League of Legends a lot today. I've been playing it since years ago starting from the first version and there were a lot of changes since then. It's as if it was just yesterday when nothing in this world matters except winning a match with a friend. Those days are gone for now but that's life is it not? Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose.

Exercise a Lot..... than usual! ( After every game =D )

It's not bad to get some sweat for extra abs and muscles is it?

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Exercise is good for the body is it not? I can't go to the gym to have some private time with heavy weights so I would just do some push ups here in my place after every game. It's not pretty much unique but, that's how I would enjoy it. Maybe at least 300 push-ups today will be enough!

Yeah, that's pretty much the plan for today =)

I can find tons of things to do in a day but 24 hours is just 24 hours. It's just not much of a time for a person like me

Again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all my followers who have been there and who'll always be there to support my ideas and blogging in Steemit. Minnow or Whale, I wish all the best for you! I hope Steemit don't just bring extra income to your pockets but also a full bag of satisfaction and joy too every time you post new content or read others.

Keep blogging, keep having fun! Getting rewards from Blogging and Writing is not just a way to earn and road to financial success but also a passion for joy and knowledge!

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Congratulations! I’ll be there soon. Let’s keep growing this together.


Thanks! Yeah, let's grow together! =)

Hi, thank you for contributing to Steemit! I just followed you! Thanks for creating High Quality content! Follow back and we can help each other succeed :) Check out My Latest Post


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Lol. Next goal 1000 SP. Good luck!

Congratulations @gvincentjosephm on reaching 1035 followers in only 147 days!

I wish you continued success!

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I have followed and upvoted you.

Congratulations! I'm nearly at 1000 too :)