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Air - a French Duo - mostly know for their first album "Moon Safari" is one of those teams I really appreciate for what they create. Most critics do regard "Moon Safari" as their best work, by far. Although this maybe true, and I also like their first album a lot, I also can appreciate - for instance - their latest work and album "Music for Museum", released four years ago in 2014.

I remember reading something interesting in an interview with Dunckel - one of guys behind Air. Many people think they got their inspiration for their music from Pink Floyd, but Dunckel was telling they hardly listened to Pink Floyd at all; They listen(ed) much more to classical music; Composers like Johann Sebastian Bach, Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy; And more modern artists like Philip Glass, Stockhausen, Messiaen en Boulez, the group Japan, Ryuichi Sakamoto and (of course) Brian Eno.

When I first listened to Air's "Music for Museum", I was immediately thinking of Brian Eno's "Music for Airports" (I posted about this one here). While Brian Eno was very much inspired by the airport music he heard, and wanted to improve this dramatically and created his "Music for Airports" album, I was never able to figure out if Air wanted to improve the experience in museums in general with their album "Music for Museum" until I got to the labels website "The Vinyl Factory" (website). They state the album was specifically created to be played at the Open Museum exhibition in Lille’s Palais de Beaux Arts; That is Lille in Northern France, very close to the southern borders of Belgium. Interestingly, this album was released on vinyl only, with 1.000 copies in total.

When you are a little adventurous in the landscape of music, I can recommend you to hit the play button...but only after you've done all the things you need(ed) to do, since this album requires full attention and concentration to appreciate it. I also advise to use something else than laptop speakers, or your phone ears; Good headphones, or HIFI speakers will give a much better experience.


Artist: Air
Album: Music for Museum
Year: 2014
Country: France

(source and play full album)


Land Me
Reverse Bubble
The Dream Of Yi
Angel Palace
Art Tatoo
Kiss Volcano
Integration Desintegration
North Cloud






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For those who don't know Air's Moon Safari album, and those who like to listen again:

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