Children's dining room as a social inclusion strategy in Venezuela (Bread from Heaven)

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What do we want to change? Which problem are we solving? What is our desired impact?

Children's dining rooms are a policy of social inclusion for the poorest and most vulnerable society in Venezuela, such as children of school age.
Steemchurch Venezuela has seen with great concern the state of malnutrition presented by these children, the smallest victims of the crisis that we experience. Studies reveal alarming figures: in 2017 between five and six children died per year per year. In addition, 33% of the minor population of the country presented some delay in its growth.

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Social programs, being established as "Bread From Heaven", are fixed and mobile children's canteens in different communities. They are realised with the help of the church and entities that have proposed to help, especially addressing children with cancer. It is intended to impart values in children through these canteens. We will also promote to do urban agriculture together with their families, e.g. realization of a vegetable garden, or a farm that allows us, for example to have vegetables and eggs to supply the dining room..

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Our desire is that this is more than a children's dining room to eradicate malnutrition, our mission is to carry the message of salvation, to restore the lives of many children and families through the word of God, Steemchurch Venezuela will offer human formation workshops for children and their parents, working on issues of ethics, personal improvement, good manners, among others, which will allow them to have a dynamic of healthy coexistence and eliminate aspects of violence inside and outside the home.

We have already started our activities:

Help needed for my project

I have thought about building a local exchange house to generate income, a website, and to empower communities through the message of freedom, the message of Jesus.

Contact data, +584265810831 or chat with @Darlenys#3923 on our Discord.

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Excellent, God blesses constancy and a willing heart.
Glorious blessings for this project.

Great, everything in the hands of God.

God continue to pour blessing for bread from heaven.

Bread from heaven is in the hands of God, we trust that day by day God will supply what is needed.
Blessings for this project.

Bread from heaven you are blessed by God.
Excellent social work

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