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Blessings, dear brothers of @SteemChurch:

Today @sc-v, lived wonderful moments in the opening of our first children's mobile dining, framed in the social program "bread of heaven."
It is indescribable the joy we feel because we were blessed with all these children who need so much love, not only physical food but the most important food of the soul and spirit, maybe we can not change the world so fast, but if we can impact life from the people.

Here we leave a summary of the activity:

I have prepared for many years for this moment, the purpose of giving the best of you for the most defenseless people in society is incomparable, God has blessed us with this project, not only children will be affected but we as human beings When we do this from our heart, a fire is kindled in our interior that leads us to give everything for the service of love to our neighbor.

This divine appointment, we call it a lunch with the King, maybe because we are potential dreamers, and we do things with excellence not for man but for God, we wanted the children to feel served in a special way, so we prepared an environment of service for them.

From very early hours, the children arrived with their parents, which we took advantage of to collect personal, nutritional, size and weight information. In addition, to establish a database that serves as a reference for the future.

One of the important things to choose was the menu, we decided on a typical Venezuelan dish, which is very nutritious, "Pabellon Criollo" some people with experiences in Creole restaurant in the area specialists in this dish offered their voluntary services and delighted us with This delicious food for children, The Creole pavilion formerly called national pavilion, is part of our culture, the perfect combination of different flavors, in which the essential nutrients for a diet are balanced: rice (carbohydrates), meat ( fats and proteins), and black beans (carbohydrates with proteins).

Grateful for the attention of Kingdom received for the children of Venezuela by these servers, and part of the team of @sc-v that always supports us.

The children really enjoyed this moment, we shared the message of Christ, and we prayed with them for the food.

This is the beginning of a new season for Venezuela, Steemchurch Venezuela impacting lives, sowing the word that will be the seed that will bring freedom. God is good and forever is his mercy.
Our reward lies in the effort and not in the result. Full effort is full victory.
Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

There are many people who have supported us with this beautiful project of life, we can not fail to thank our maximum love, Jesus, always with us on each journey, strengthening us day by day for the conquest.

@SirKnight, other is to tell you that you are one of the authors in all this, you have encouraged us to work for our neighbor, you have sowed that spirit of struggle, work, family, love, you are unique.We love you.

@pennsif and his @dollaraday project with his team of collaborators (@coruscate, @cryptocurator, @d-vid, @globocop, @goldendawne, @hopehuggs, @riverflows, @steeminganarchy and witnesses @drakos, @followbtcnews, @helpie, @quochuy, @steemcommunity and @yabapmatt). Thank you Mr. @pennsif for your unselfish help, your support at all times, your love and kindness for us, we love you very much.

@steemchurch, our beautiful family of faith, who have been of great support to us in these difficult times, their prayers have always given amazing results.

@sc-v, a special team that God has put, united in a single sense, the service to Christ. ( @kenaliz85, @taty17, @mildreduh, @ricci01, @emiliocabrera, @xiore, @kenlys, @mosdad, @mariela, @abordo2000, @xioran, @erickbrito, @jenniferbrito, @giacamila777, @elgringo79)

@xiore in representation of Vastago foundation, for the assembly, and organization of the event.


Congratulations on this excellent event. SteemChurch Venezuela is doing first class work and A Dollar A Day is very happy to be supporting you.

SteemChurch Venezuela @sc-v has been chosen to receive another donation of 18 SBD from the A Dollar A Day project - supported today by @pennsif, @coruscate, @globocop, @goldendawne, @hopehuggs & witnesses @drakos, @followbtcnews, @helpie, @noblewitness, @quochuy, @steemcommunity & @yabapmatt

Contact @pennsif if you would like to know more about A Dollar A Day.

The A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.

It is a pride for SteemChurch to bless the lives of these little giants! Let's continue on the crusade for Freedom!


To Apostle Darlenys and SteemChurch Venezuela - you are an amazing group of people.

You are changing the fortunes of an entire nation through your Christian spirit and your desire for freedom.

Because of this initiative many children will go to bed with full belly this night. More than this however - now you have set an example of what can be achieved when community members unite.

Today you feed the children. Tomorrow you forge a new Venezuela - built by the working class, with a community ethic, in the spirit of history's greatest ever working class man - Jesus Christ.

I am... proud of you!

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He who cares for the little children cares for the kingdom of God!

And they brought young children to him, that he should touch them: and his disciples rebuked those that brought them. But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God. Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein. And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them. Mark 10:13-16

Good work brothers , with unity you stand. These children we see here dinning with you will not just praise the name of @sc-v, but also the name of God will be praised more grease to your elbows.


Steemchurch is changing lives, having positive impact in people's lives and in the world at large. I just wanna say you are amazing and you are doing a great job.

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You have no limits when it comes to the work of God @darlenys01, you take care of every detail, it is impressive what you are capable of doing. Excellent work, God is smiling in these moments.

We are living a dream of God apostle @darlenys01, thank you for giving us the possibility of living with you this beautiful moment. Many more will come. I bless you in the name of Jesus, brave woman.

I am tired physically but happy, there is nothing better than serving the King of Kings and Lord of lords, Jesus, this work is for the apostle @darlenys01, it is good to know that we are chosen from the living God for every good work.

There are no words to describe the greatness and love of God Apostle Darlenys, we Venezuelans were lucky to get good and great Friends like SirKnight, Pennsif, and the disposition of a team with a spirit of work. If we fail one day, please, do not dismiss us from this project hahaha

It is wonderful to see all that God is doing cin bread from heaven! Blessings Apostle Darlenys for bringing this precious hope to poor children!

All of kingdom, God is working in a glorious way with this people. Apostle @darlenys is very beautiful this social work. Do not get tired of doing it, God will be your strength.

an unforgettable experience, see the faces of those beautiful smiling children and grateful for that work, the simple fact that a saying says thank you had not eaten today, makes your heart wrinkle, but thanks to our intellectual author @sirknight our dear apostle @darlenys01 and the unattainable team of @sc-v made this possible, it is an indescribable happiness, and I want to end with this verse:
Proverbs 19:17
To the Lord he who lends to the poor lends
And the good he has done, he will repay it.

Today my life was impacted by those children, it is like seeing and feeling the love of God in our hearts. Thank you sir for allowing me to serve you with everything I have. Thank you @darlenys01.

Excellent and impeccable work as always apostle @darlenys01, thank you for not giving up, knowing that you always have the support of God.thanks @sirknight for your unconditional support.

The love of God for his people is great, we can not help but thank him for using us for his work. We are people blessed by Christ. Thanks for the life of @darlenys01 and for the life of @sirknight.

The name of God always on high through this wonderful team and through you apostle @darlenys01, live Venezuela.

it was a pleasure for me to participate in the prayer with the children the presence of God was felt in a special way, that beautiful work apostle @darlenys01. We are proud to have a leader like you and a leader like @sirknight.

It looked a wonderful day Mariela. Not sure how good a leader I am. Look at Darlenys and what you are all achieve under her guidance. This is leadership. SK.

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It's true Darlenys has no comparison! That is also your leadership because you have seen in it the potential it has.

A great blessing sister Darlenys! God will reward you greatly for what you are doing! Blessings to @sc-v forever

Thank you apostle Darlenys for allowing me to be by your side receiving this blessing. It is wonderful to serve the living God.

This beautiful activity is given by God and placed in the heart of our apostle @darlenys01, it is wonderful to see how good God is as he created the wonderful environment on this day, where many children were blessed both spiritually and secularly, I know God will continue to help us,
grateful With God for this beautiful beginning and with our leader @SirKnight for being the leader that rides this beautiful social work, Venezuela will be impacted and many souls will reach the feet of God through these children. Today God drew many smiles on the faces of these children but not only that set our hearts to see the reflection of happiness in them.

God is in control of this beautiful project of Blessing, which helps and blesses many lives! God bless you
@darlenys01 @sc-v

Beautiful work, we are very happy to give food and share with many children.

God bless you and I congratulate you for making this kind of help for children, for Truth it is a joy to see this kind of Events that help without looking at who, God bless you greatly.

It has been a wonderful day that I never thought to experiment, God is our maximum love, those children filled me with a lot of love, they injected me with the desire to continue working. Thanks @darlenys01.

Darlenys for travel reasons I could not attend, but how beautiful is everything, I hope to place my service in the next activity. God bless you greatly.

how beautiful all this activity is, a project I keep silent about from heaven.

It is a very beautiful work, definitely God is with Venezuela, God is with you apostle @darlenys01.

Wow! The video and the photos bring me to tears! Heaven is happy for this crucial work! Te mando saludos y abrazos! God bless Venezuela. God bless the works of your hands! May your cup run over with abundance for these precious ones.
Love this!
Daddy William

how beautiful it was to see this, my tears came out of my eyes, as I felt my heart go out of my being, what a beautiful work.

be all glory spilling for this great project. I could not attend, but I will be ready for the next one. I will travel for the next

Un evento de calidad para personas muy especiales para honrar al rey de reyes, mis felicitaciones darneys y a todos el equipo que te apoyo.

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