My entry for the Slothicorn GLOBAL COLLAGE

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Hello friends!

I'm Shiny Forest from Warsaw, Poland, and this is my entry for the Slothicorn's #global-collage! :)

global collage shinyforest.jpg

A Global Collage image - my contribution is the dog in the right corner

So here's how the Collage looked before I added my Dog. I had the luck to create my entry after @dflo, who did a simply fantastic job of furnishing and polishing the whole piece, making it all interconnected and unified.

global collage dflo.jpg

Well, what did I have exactly in mind that made me produce a mental image like the one below?

On one hand it was @storybird's tempting pizza on a donut (I haven't eaten pizza or donuts in quite a long time, so ... om nom nom nom). And on the other hand, I think I was referring to a scammy type of Internet ads showing cryptocurriences as a way of gaining instant, insane fortune and extreme success, all at once obviously, with one click! ;) SHOCK! hehe :)


Here's a process GIF of my artwork:

tutorialik 21.gif

First I drew my Doggie Dog Dog by hand (pen on paper), then I vectorized it, switched it to PNG and finally put it on the Global Collage in GIMP.

Here's the Global Collage with my addition once again:

global collage shinyforest.jpg

Would you like to participate in the Global Collage?

In order to join Global Collage, you should follow the steps as described by the creator of this wonderful initiative, @playitforward, in his explanatory post: Global Collage: A Steemit Arts Community Collage powered by Steem with @slothicorn:

Step 1 - Join the [Discord channel] (

Step 2 - Go to #global-collage.

Step 3 - Fill out the Google Form in the pinned messages of the #global-collage channel.

Step 4 - Wait until it is your turn on the list in #global-collage Discord channel.

Step 5 - Create your art in a way to connect or interact with other artists' work in chain!

The more seamless and each part connects, the better! Don't completely cover someone's work!

Step 6 - Post your art in a new Steemit post with Global Collage in the title.

Step 7 - Use the #global-collage tag!

Step 8 - Add your art to the image posted by the artist previous to you (This image is 10" x 6" and 300 DPI resolution).

Step 9 - Add your location as a pin to the Interactive Map!

  • Click add marker and enter the city and country that you are in!

Now let's watch the art piece evolve as we grow it together!

Besides, guys! If it so happens that you are artists on Steemit, Slothicorn is the right destination for you! Here's more on what exactly is Slothicorn. You can also follow @slothicorn's and @stellabelle's (Slothicorn's Creator) account to stay in touch with all the latest news and initiatives.

I hope you enjoyed my Global Collage contribution, guys! Personally I can't wait to see how this assemblage will develop! Looking forward to see all the art that's going to be added to the Global Collage :)

Are you going to participate, too? I would certainly love to see your entries!

I wish you a nice Sunday, and as always...

footer 1.jpg



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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Nice drawing and documentation =) Thanks for your sharing and creativity!


Hi :) very sweet of you to come and leave a comment. Thank you! Im gonna check out your entry, I'm curious how it looks! :)

Nice drawing @shinyforest :D!

This look like fun! Will join in when I get out of my barrel :)


Cool, looking forward to that, @marinaart :)

Oooh! I like your dog. I love the wavy eyes!
It definitely adds a unique texture to a, well, unique collage. :D


Yeah, the collage is very eclectic, I'm curious how it will develop :) we'll see in some not so distant future :)
Thank you Caleb :)

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Thank you for your generous support! I'm glad that I'm a part of this <3

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Thank you very much! All the best, Klaudia :)


you're welcome Klaudia, your work is amazing. We hope see you soon, again. Greetings.

Looks great Klaudia!

Gives the whole collage a bit of contrast... its interesting how it doesnt pop out even so.



Thank you Max, always love it when you visit :) I appreciate that a lot!
Take care,
Klaudia :)

As ever I love your creatures. You achieve a liveliness and so much expression by simply using black and white. I so see this cute dog beg for more (pizza, money or cuddling) with a lovingly naiveté, I expect him to jump up and down. He is a great and element for the collage <3

I fell in love with the wolf, it's great, this presentation has been very nice, congratulations Klaudia.
Google translator.

The illustrations are all very nice. :D

I do not know how to give you such a nice post, but also try to post something like yours, I follow your friends and vote for them, I always hope for your votes and comments. @salekbd

This is great @shinyforest! Congrats on getting upvoted by @slothicorn and @babelproyect. Thank you also for expanding on the role of @slothicorn in supporting creatives on Steemit.