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I believe in giving people their flowers while you have the chance. Not just physical flowers but the ones that come from your mouth in the form of praise, appreciation, thanking, gratitude and recognition. We may feel a certain way about someone but how often do we speak it out loud?

Well today that’s what I am going to do. I want to give flowers and speak out loud about my appreciation.




I don’t know about you but a lot of these questions popped in my head when I first joined Steemit three years ago. There is a known learning curve here and it takes time, patience and research to find your way. You’re not really sure where to start, who to look to, what all of your options are, how to gain attention and support of your work or when might be the best time to post.

I remember telling myself

just write about the things I love and am passionate about and someone will see.

Since the beginning I put my heart and soul into my posts wanting to make them the best quality. But no matter how great your posts are at the beginning, you’re still new. You haven’t made your reputable mark and your posts quickly drown and get lost in the sea of articles as new ones continue to surface.

I was unsure if anyone was even seeing my content until one day I received an upvote on a post I made about plant medicines vs. drugs. My husband and I became distributors of Young Living Essential Oils and were learning quite a bit. I wanted to share this information so that it might prevent someone from going through what I went through from using pharmaceuticals consistently.

@Canadian-Coconut (Ca-Co, Linda) gave me my first glimpse of hope, a sense of achievement. The things she stands for and are passionate about are the same things that are dear to my heart. I began to see this more and more as I posted about natural medicine, natural childbirth, vaccinations, homeschooling, parenting, family protection and health. She supported my content and saw potential in me. It was because of her upvotes, comments and resteems that my posts started slowy coming out of purgatory and into the light amongst the living. She had a huge impact on my staying here and not giving up and I am forever grateful for her support and kindness.




Making that connection with Ca-Co was huge for me. When someone who is reputable, respected and loved in this community starts to invest in you, that says something. It’s a big deal! Her continued support of my work gave me a total boost of confidence and motivation which is what I really needed to continue on.

When she started following me that’s when I knew I would be okay. Sometimes it just takes that one comment, upvote, person to believe in you that confirms your abilities. This is one of the reasons I vow to encourage others along the way and leave motivational comments. You never know who might be going through what you have already experienced. It’s not easy starting out here.



Dear @Canadian-Coconut,

Thank you for giving me a chance. Thank you for seeing potential in me and giving me the boost that I needed. Thank you for giving me a sense of belonging. Thank you for your friendship even outside of Steemit, I really enjoy the talks we engage in.

I am grateful for your kindness, support, positive influence on Steemit, leadership and encouragement.

I appreciate the support you give to others and your commitment to important causes that are changing lives. Thank you!


This won’t be another new weekly initiative. We already have several good ones out there like the ‘Thank You Economy’ hosted by @coinsandchains.

Giving flowers is something you may see me do occasionally when I personally want to show my appreciation for someone out loud. I may not have the resources such as enough SP, Steem and Sbd to give back in that way but this is a way I can give showing my gratitude :)

Not to put people on the spot but there are several Steemians that have been here awhile with me that I know Ca-Co consistently supports. Maybe you want to take this opportunity to give her flowers too down in the comments below?!


She is also a generous and continuous supporter of these communities and more:


Thank You!

Photos not sourced are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.


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@crosheille what a great way to say thank you! Flowers indeed! 🌹

I also want to say thank you @canadian-coconut for all your support for the @steemitmamas community. I really appreciate it!

A hibiscus for you which is the national flower of Malaysia!

Image sourced from Pixabay and edited on Canva

Thanks @khimgoh for joining in! What a beautiful flower!!! 🌺

I agree with everything you wrote above, she has been my supporter from the first moment I wrote an article about us being homeless in Holland. And then the second part got noticed by her and curie at once... I still remember the feeling I got when that happened!

Besides her support on my articles, I've learned she's also a very kind person who's nice to chat to. For me having her support has been the reason to keep going at the beginning, and until this day I'm still very very thankful for her support..

@canadian-coconut, I'm sure we are not the only ones, but let me tell you out here that you have made our lives a lot easier by giving your support. There were quite some moments in the past year that I was panicking on how to solve a financial setback (which we had quite a few last year) and the earnings on Steemit (and in the beginning saving them up partly for emergencies) came for a big part from your votes, they have helped me through quite a few dilemma's let me tell you that..

My vote is still worthless on Steemit, as I have been powering down when needed, but if you will decide to write again and publish on Whaleshares, please let me be that one that supports you with a bigger share <3 haha would be kind of cool to let that be the other way around for once :)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Here are your flowers :


This was so beautiful @anouk.nox! Her kindness and generosity has spread quite a ways here on Steemit. I’m so glad you too made the decision to stay based on the support you received.

Thank you for giving your beautiful flowers ~ 🌸

ahh!!! Thank-you so much @crosheille
They look and smell BEAUTIFUL! ... lol ...

This just made my day,
along with the other lovely comments here that I am reading.

Steemit is full of such amazing people.
It makes up for the small number of bad apples here who want to steal our joy. But with friends like you and so many other friends, my heart is full of joy and appreciation for the beautiful people and things in this world.

You are so very welcome! This is well deserved and overdue. I’m glad you love your flowers! 😄

I’m really glad we could make your day. I’m so glad everyone chimed in so you can see just how much of a positive influence you have been to so many. Did you realize a lot of us have stayed because of your support? Did you realize we all miss your motivational and informative posts? I know you are busy with full-time curation and that’s very time consuming.

With loving and caring people like you there will always be hope here. If we all stick together and support one another we definitely can look past the negativity and continue to move forward.

Thanks again for your support and friendship ~ 🌹

You kindness makes a difference to a lot of us @canadian-coconut. You truly are an inspiration to many and I cannot Thank you enough for the support you have provided to me from the beginning of my Steemit journey.

You are so welcome @nainaztengra
This post and all these comments are so special to me.

{{{Hugs}}} to you Linda. I made my comment before seeing you answered here. I will never be able to thank you enough. Stay safe.

This very true, CaCo is the main cardinal inspiration I had here on Steemit.

I told her these words over a chat many months ago(not verbatim);

I have always read your post about vaccine, and I created a steem account after having the need to communicate and be a part of people like you.

The funny thing was that, at that time, I never really got the "monetary" idea of Steem, rather I saw great writers who inspired me with their post since I was concerned about making-blooms.

Thank you Linda!, For all you have done, your support and all. I doubt I would have ever created an account if not for the fact I needed to comment on posts made by her and Mark. I doubt I would have stayed this long if not for your support. I remember my first post she Resteemed, I became so motivated knowing that she was there like an Angel watching me.

Along the way, I have met other great minds, people with similar views and passion to better the world. I felt the connections!.

Thank you Linda!!! Thank you Croshielle, thank you all!!.

PS: I miss chatting with you on Discord Linda, you always had warm friendship to give and words coloured in good vibes. 🙏

What beautiful flowers @kryptocoin! It’s amazing to know that I’m not the only one that decided to stay based on Linda’s support. It seems we all really miss her writing but when you’re a full-time curator it’s challenging to get that time in. I hope she does eventually post again, they were so inspiring and informative.

Thank you for giving your flowers ~ 💐


Absolutely! If I could give her a real one, I truly would ❤❤❤❤

Thanks @crosheille ❤ btw, how did you know? Are you spying on me 🤣✌🤣✌🤣


I would definitely give her real ones too! 😉

Lol pretty much! 👀👁🧐 😂😜

Thank you for giving these yummy flowers ~ 🌺

Wonderful initiative @crosheille! Linda has done and is still doing quite a lot for many of us and for the community, so some flowers are the least we can do to show our appreciation and gratitude. I have a lot to thank her myself.
Since you brought up the subject, I want to say I miss seeing her posts...
I did a post with a lot of pictures today, but I couldn't fit in all the pics I took in the park... so this is one is here just for Linda! (Hope spring is coming to you, too!)
Much love!

Thank you @ladyrebecca! I’m so glad you joined in to give her your flowers. These are such pretty ones!

I too miss her posts. I’m learning from reading all the comments that many of us do. 🌸

So much appreciation for @canadian-coconut and her steadfast support of the various steem communities and authors. Thank you, Linda, from my heart. For you, today, a gorgeous fragrant ylang ylang flower. With much love from Chiang Mai, Thailand. x

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback and giving these gorgeous and good smelling flowers to her! 🌼

Thank YOU for such leadership & generosity of spirit @crosheille. Just lovely. Following you.

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Awww absolutely! Thank you so much! Following you back ;)

Thank you for all that u do.


Thank you for giving your flowers. 🌼

thanks for your post,it was inspiring!

It was a pleasure ~ 😊

Thank you for writing this @crosheille, I totally agree with all that you have said. I have received so much support from @canadian-coconut, from my early days on here when I was writing about birth freedom and under the family protection tag. And now today when I write daily to help accumulate some steem for me and my family. I can not express my gratitude enough for all that she has done for me.
I know that she works a lot behind the scenes supporting people and managing @family protection, I can't image the hours she spends daily upvoting and curating. She is so dedicated to getting the truth out there and I have so much admiration for her. Thank you @canadian.coconut for being you xx

It was my pleasure. I am blown away at all of the beautiful comments!

I couldn’t agree more about her dedication! She is truly a behind the scenes jewel. All of the hours spent supporting everyone and all of these communities is just amazing. I too admire how she is so determined to get the truth out.

Thank you for sharing your flowers ~ 🌷

Oh what a great idea. I often think of @canadian-coconut as she is SO supportive of @naturalmedicine and in fact, we wouldn't exist without her support! She really helped us get off the ground. She supports people writing about things that make the world a better place, and this MATTERS. Thanks so much! Here's some Australian flowers for you!

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Wow that is just awesome! I didn’t realize she helped NM get off the ground but I’m not surprised either...these things are dear to her.

I totally agree! It does matter! 😊

Thank you for joining in and giving these gorgeous flowers ~ 🌺

ah!! flowers from all over the world. How lovely.
Thanks @riverflows

🌻🌷🌸💐🙏 You are genuinely appreciated.

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Thank you for everything you're doing Linda. Few may know about it today, but those lives you've touched will never forget. God bless you

I second that!

Gratitude is a beautiful thing. What a wonderful way to express it. Yes Linda has been a kind friend and so giving to all of us. She has made this platform come alive and has been a comfort to families in distress. If there were only more like her in this would be such a nicer place. Thank @crosheille for your words and love in our community...and thanks @Canadian-Coconut

I couldn’t agree more, gratitude is such a beautiful thing. We really do need more Lindas in this world ;)

Absolutely! Thank you for your continued work within our community and for giving your flowers ~ 🌼

you're so right about Linda! She's a Diamond of our platform!
And yes, I support every your word - she really gives Hope and Motivation.
I've a similar story about Linda's help.
How great that Steemit has such open-hearted and friendly people like her! <3<3<3

I absolutely agree! Steemit is much greater with Linda around...that’s for sure!

Beautiful! I can't think of anyone on this platform who deserves flowers style praise more than Linda. She's such a beautiful, caring soul and I'm blessed to count her among my dear friends. Thanks for doing this @crosheille!

2019-03-13 01.36.43.jpg
Recent photo from Azalea Park, Summerville SC

I can’t think of anyone more deserving either. We are so blessed to be able to call her friend :)

It was a pleasure. Thank you so much for joining in and giving flowers ~ 🌺

Thank you @crosheille for this idea and a wonderful way to say thank you for such amazing support.

Farmers flowers framed.PNG

I'm not sure why I get this support and I am so grateful for it each and every time. Sometimes I say thank you to the computer. Other times it brings a tear to my eye, and other times I just start crying. My financial needs are small here in Malaysia, but I barely make it each month and this helps so much.

I have sent a few wallet transactions to say thank you and often wish Linda would post. But then maybe a month ago I saw a nice comment she made somewhere and a horrific reply from our least favorite failed politician. So I can understand staying silent in this situation.

Steem is such a hard place, and I try here every day, through good times and bad. I try to help other little people succeed and feel proud when they do. This vote I get on some of my posts so regularly is one of the main reasons I feel strength to carry on no matter what.

Thank you, Linda, @canadian-coconut. You and your loved ones are always in my prayers.

ah, thank-you @fitinfun
I'm glad that my support can make such a difference in your life.

Thanks for the flowers! ... :)

It does make a huge difference, and I hope you hear me say thank you each and every time you vote, since I do :)

I'm so happy to have a way to send the flowers and I am so glad you like them!

This was so beautiful @fitinfun! It touches my heart to know that so many of us stick around here because of the support she gives. I am so glad that being on this plattform has helped you financially. Steemit can definitely be a hard place at times so it makes all the difference to have people like Linda in your corner.

Thank you so much for giving her your beautiful flowers ~ 😊

You're welcome @crosheille. There are no bad days on steem, when I see so many people who care here. We are in a very special place :)

I agree ~ 😊

I want to thanks Ca-Co for keeping you here so I get to enjoy your posts :)

Awwww thanks so much! I thank her too because I wouldn’t of had the chance to be so inspired by your photography skillzzzzz! 😃😉

:) your so kind Have a great day

A sunflower for someone who bring so much cheer to others. Thank you for for everything you do. We appreciate YOU!


So pretty! Thanks for giving your flowers @naturalmedicine ~ 🌻

@crosheille, this post is beautiful and inspiring. We need more of THIS in the world.


Thank you so much @walkerland!! That means a great deal and I am so overwhelmed how much support and love was shown here.

Those flowers are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing ~ 😊

So inspiring your experience on steemit!!!your history encourages me so much. Many, many flowers to you!!!

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I’m glad that it encourages you ;D

Thanks so much for chiming in!

When you brush away all the rubbish on this platform and find posts like this, im glad i invest my time on here. Beautiful post @crosheille and keep being amazing @canadian-coconut youve clearly touched the hearts of many 💚

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Wow thanks so much for a wonderful comment. I’m so glad you invest time here and thank you for your response ~

Truer words couldn't be spoken

@Canadian-Coconut has been such a hope and inspiration to speak out about what matters to me too.

We are blessed to have her part of our family here on #steemit

@crosheille you are part of some seriously awesome groups!! I can't wait to check a few of them out as they take my fancy to be part of ♥

Lots of love

Yes she truly has! Steemit is better for many of us because of her.

Looking forward to sharing with you! So excited you joined us over at the Steemitmamas and NeedleWorkMonday!

Thank you for giving your flowers ~ 🌷


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Thank you! 😊

Thanks for the great value to the community. By the way, you are a blessing and valuable.

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amiga @ canadian-coconut agradezco su apoya que ha dado que dios la premie con muchas bendiciones, éxitos, logros. que hermoso post. un gran estimulo la felicito

Inspired and I'm still pondering on your article. Will repeat read.


Thanks stopping by and reading ~