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This very true, CaCo is the main cardinal inspiration I had here on Steemit.

I told her these words over a chat many months ago(not verbatim);

I have always read your post about vaccine, and I created a steem account after having the need to communicate and be a part of people like you.

The funny thing was that, at that time, I never really got the "monetary" idea of Steem, rather I saw great writers who inspired me with their post since I was concerned about making-blooms.

Thank you Linda!, For all you have done, your support and all. I doubt I would have ever created an account if not for the fact I needed to comment on posts made by her and Mark. I doubt I would have stayed this long if not for your support. I remember my first post she Resteemed, I became so motivated knowing that she was there like an Angel watching me.

Along the way, I have met other great minds, people with similar views and passion to better the world. I felt the connections!.

Thank you Linda!!! Thank you Croshielle, thank you all!!.

PS: I miss chatting with you on Discord Linda, you always had warm friendship to give and words coloured in good vibes. 🙏


What beautiful flowers @kryptocoin! It’s amazing to know that I’m not the only one that decided to stay based on Linda’s support. It seems we all really miss her writing but when you’re a full-time curator it’s challenging to get that time in. I hope she does eventually post again, they were so inspiring and informative.

Thank you for giving your flowers ~ 💐

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