Giving Back 5! 💗UP Votes for 100 People! 💗 Doing some bot testing. 😁

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It's Saturday so it must be Giving Back Time! Free UP Votes for (almost) EVERYONE!!!

The votes are from me, but not BY me! The actual voting will be done by my Robot!

This is a head shot of Sophia, a life-like robot from Hanson Robotics.

The picture is a screen capture from a YouTube video which shows an interview of Sophia by CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin.

I'll embed the video at the bottom of this post.

This is NOT My Robot. Sophia is Smarter than my bot. Maybe 😁

Giving Back Recap

I have spent a lot of time watching the cool Music Videos I asked people to post in reply to my last Giving Back post. I have not watched them all yet, and I haven't replied back to them all, but I'm working on it. Thanks to everyone who participated!

If you want to see a lot of Music Videos from your fellow Steemit members, go here!

If you want to see a lot of Short Autobiographies from your fellow Steemit members, go here!

How does This NEW Giving Back Work?

This is for everyone who replies. There are NO Requirements.

So JUST REPLY to THIS POST, in whatever way you want!

But, it is just for the First 100 Replies.

I wrote a bot to Give 5% UP Votes to the First 100 Replies!

If it works right, it should do just that. It will only give UP Votes for replies to this post, not to replies to other replies.

It should only give an UP Vote to ONE Reply per person. So if you reply multiple times, it should just UP Vote your first reply to this post.

The UP Vote should appear within a few minutes of your reply, so check back after a while and see if it worked!

So I am about to Post this, and then Command my Robot to UP Vote you all!

UP Vote THIS Post, but ONLY if you LIKE it! 👍💗

Resteem if you want.

Follow for More ROBOT Fun, Next Week, if this works out. 😁


Here is the interview with Sophia.
Should I name MY Robot? What should I name it???

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- UPDATE!!! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

My Bot Worked Perfectly!!!

Here are the last few outputs in her log, with most recent items shown first:

[8:52:03 AM] Activity Stopped!

[8:52:03 AM] >>> MAXIMUM VOTES GIVEN, stopping...

[8:52:03 AM] Vote# 100. Activity Count: 1200, Activity: vote on angelik, re-kenny-crane-giving-back-5-up-votes-for-100-people-doing-some-bot-testing-20180204t135236318z

[8:08:33 AM] Vote# 99. Activity Count: 1113, Activity: vote on karii, re-kenny-crane-giving-back-5-up-votes-for-100-people-doing-some-bot-testing-20180204t130859664z

[7:46:04 AM] Vote# 98. Activity Count: 1068, Activity: vote on dorada, re-kenny-crane-giving-back-5-up-votes-for-100-people-doing-some-bot-testing-20180204t124637582z

[7:26:03 AM] Vote# 97. Activity Count: 1028, Activity: vote on tradetotravel, re-kenny-crane-giving-back-5-up-votes-for-100-people-doing-some-bot-testing-20180204t122540833z

[7:22:33 AM] Vote# 96. Activity Count: 1021, Activity: vote on hossain17, re-kenny-crane-giving-back-5-up-votes-for-100-people-doing-some-bot-testing-20180204t122225635z

[6:41:34 AM] Vote# 95. Activity Count: 939, Activity: vote on funremura, re-kenny-crane-giving-back-5-up-votes-for-100-people-doing-some-bot-testing-20180204t114119262z

We can see that the bot gave 100 UP Votes and stopped at 8:52 in the morning, Eastern Standard Time ‎(UTC-5).

The bot only voted for 100 people and then stopped. The bot did not vote the same person more than once. The bot only voted for replies to this post and not replies to replies ( Sorry @julian.alejandro, I don't know if you were trying for up votes or just being friendly with all those replies to replies! You do seem like a friendly cool guy! Nice singing here: ).

Thanks for all the replies and views of this post! It has over 350 views at the moment. Thanks for the UP Votes too!

I plan to do some posts on how to make your own bots, for beginners, and I will make the posts as easy to understand as possible.

I also plan more giving back posts that my bot will help with! So Follow if you want these posts in your feed.

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Looks like I am much too late 😀

I love this idea @kenny-crane, thanks for upvoting me any time that you do!
~ @bluerocktalk🖖

I'm back on! I love seeing all that you've done!

Congratulations @kenny-crane!
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I did get a ton of replies here and I'm very happy for that. The bot worked perfectly and I'll run it again soon!

Very cool! I love AI, robots, and giving back to the community.

Cool experiment. Hope you get some good feedback and data from this.

Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.


Back to the future


I did get good data and the bot worked as expected. I'll do this again soon!

Love it!

great idea mate.



What a challenger

This sounds great :)


Great 👍🏾

Steemy would be nice, hehehe


What a tecnology

Are the 100 limitations end? feeling unlucky @kenny-crane

wow!! that's gOod wOrk you do amazing :)

let's try

thank you @kenny-crane


Wow beautiful idea

Amazing idea


Like the jet sonic

love this

so nice of you

Very good!!!

Thank you for all you have done ..

Excelent Sophia

that's great


just what I needed.Are u gonna start a bot service @kenny-crane


incredible tech you have created @kenny-crane how did you create this bot


Well come the future


It's really pretty simple and I may do a post about how to use it in the future. It's written in javascript and runs in your browser. No need to host it anywhere or run it from some website, so its perfectly secure.

good things happen to good people @kenny-crane
appreciate the person and humanly act behind the bot

I love bots, well I love the idea of robots. I would love to see one or use one someday... As long as its not a sociopathic robot. Haha
Nice work again.


That is so wonderful


I plan to give this bot to some others to use. It's really simple to use. Just click the file and it opens in your browser. Enter a few inputs to customize how you want it to work, and click Start! Watch for a post about that. :)


Awesome. I'm gonna try it out.
Looking forward to your post on it. When is it gonna be? Can't wait!
I don't know why this just made me think of bot fights... Not a fan of violence though unless it's in fiction.

This is awesome. Please don't stop being no nice. Thanks😊

Feels weird, that with Sophia, everything seems to be about Sophia ....
It's scary for my name is Sonja Sofia. I think I'm living and smart with a real soul!


I want one for my house


You already have that, with all the information you have in all the devices. So far, she can not give you pet on the cheek and give you the soreness that only real people can give.

Great money. Awesome.




It could be a greate help

Wow...thats amazing!

Excelent, welcome Sophia

Excelente post.


Computer sistem

Lets see if it works :)


Exelent robot

Great work, Best of luck!

What a challenger

That's so great!

great Sophia

in a great idea since only giving is when it is truly received

@kenny-crane you are a rockstars. Thanks

Very cool! Thanks

Wow testing of robots? 😱 Interesting one

Keep up the good work ❤️


I wish I could have a robot

That's great. I'm in the first 100 people :p




This is so cool!


Sophia the robot, I would like to know how it works


She could ply football


I'll probably make a post about it soon!

Thank you in advance...😊

Very nice and thank u @kenny-crane

You the best kenny!


We are seeing the future now

Wow, I would love to have an android for myself.


Wow, what a wonderful day. Thanks.


Am I the lucky one today?


@kenny-crane The robot is like its intelligent and kind name. Excellent
La robot es como su nombre inteligente y amable. Excelente.


She is so kind



More than this



Awesome! I've read about Sophia! Maybe you can name it... Steph hahahaha


Yes Sophia job

Thank you for your generosity!

She's literally the future. I can't wait what robots will look like 5 years from now!

This sounds interesting !


Very nice. Thanks for sharing

Nice challenge! Keep the good will for us!


Good job 👏🏽

Thanks for your kindness @kenny-crane. Thank you.


We are flying

very nice thought

Make a post on how this bot works .


I probably will. :)

i need a robot XD

oh.This is great!


It is anbelevable

That's a great idea

The interview is striking, the robot Sophia's really very clever!
I would call your robot "Joy")

thank you


cant you follow me ?

Let's see if the bot will rain on me. :D


Does she can prepare coffe?

Excellent challenge!


Nice post robot thank you for shareing by@kenny-crane


She can clean the house

It is so great that you are doing this for the community. I love seeing whales give back. :-)


Does she drive ?

Extraordinary. Hopefully I can immediately see and enjoy the great robot from you. Thank you very much for all your support @kenny-crane. Good luck always for you.


Is she single?

Waiting! Haha


I want to get merry

Upvote me now Robot! I command thee lol jk


Nice interwie

Thank you so much

!!! Cheers.




Agree whit you

ooooh that's pretty cool :o


Yes pretty cool



Wow Amazing!♥


Amaizing robot

wow! voted


Pretty good zulema

Wow very interesting, I hope lucky ,,


Awesome! What a great post to start the week!


Amaizing post



Good for the team

very nice friend


Exelent secretary

Officially still stuck in the uncanny valley.

Fine Thanks very good!


Here we go to the future

Upvote done



Amaizing tecnology

Wow Amazing!


I love that robot



Yes , really great




what a great post!


The best of the day

Thanks! A suggestion, we can name her Robosteemia. 😄