Who won 50 STEEM Power GIVEAWAY? + NEW 50 STEEM Power GIVEAWAY!!!

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Hello Steemians!

I created this giveaway 7 days ago with an intention to give away 50 STEEM. But unfortunately for the second time in a row, I wasn't able to give away a full prize pool because there were not enough participants. I don't know if I got strict rules, which I believe I don't, or I didn't do enough of ''marketing''. I'll try to do my best again on the next giveaway, that's all I can do.


Firstly, let's see who won 5 Steem Power and then I will create another giveaway for everyone! As per rules, I will transfer 5 Steem Power to winners of this giveaway.


Congrats @definethedollar for this all-around post about Splinterlands, Zombierun, ... Enjoy your 5 Steem Power ;)

Congrats @lrevolution85 for this post about Slay the Spire victorious run. Enjoy your 5 Steem Power ;)

Congrats @zekepickleman for this post about his general opinions and thoughts . Enjoy your 5 Steem Power ;)

Congrats @burn-it-down for this post about his gameplay of Clash Of Clans. Enjoy your 5 Steem Power ;)

Congrats @enginewitty for this post about Splinterlands and Gods Unchained. Enjoy your 5 Steem Power ;)

Thank you for your participation and support of Steem Blockchain by creating your good quality content. Keep it going yo! :D

Now, let's turn another page and do another giveaway!


The rules for this giveaway are:

  • Nominate your original good quality content in the comments below

  • Only 1 post nomination by one author (his/her own post)

  • The content cannot be older from the moment of writing this post

  • You can nominate your post until the payout of this post

  • Wait for the announcement (7ish days)

The rewards for this giveaway are:

  • I will reward 10 authors of the best good quality content in the comments below with 5 STEEM Power each by sending it to their wallet

  • The rewards will be sent after I write an announcement, a few days after this post payout

And again, I will be the judge for this giveaway so be aware lol JK :D Just nominate good quality content and everything's gonna be alright! I'm not going to shill for any community nor people, I only can promise that I will be fair.

Thanks everyone for participating in the last giveaway. I hope this one will be bigger and more competitive!

BTW, If anyone wants to help grow the prize pool, feel free to mention it in the comments below or you can contact me on Discord - Mr. Spacely [whack.science] #7598

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely


I would like to nominate this post, although it's three days old...


@iamraincrystal - thank you for nominating my post!

Thanks for the good intentions but I have to stick by the rules of nominating your own post :/


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This is so nice of you. Some great posts right there.

In our latest post, we share some business advice around networking events.
IMG_7874 (1).jpg


We are hoping it will help at least 1 person on the blockchain have a more enjoyable and rewarding networking experience.

Plus, 5 STEEM would be an increase of like 10% of our stake so that is huge for us!

Thanks for the nomination, good luck!

Thanks for your nom, good luck!

!giphy cool

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Hope to enter today or tomorrow with a good post. All the best to all

:( You had your chance, maybe next time!

Just saw this post in Twitter, too bad I don't have a long post yet to enter.
Resteemed to support your give away as well!

Thanks for the resteem!

Goodmorning from the Netherlands 🇳🇱 I want to nominate a blog by @heyhaveyamet
A grand initiative that can use all the STEEM, ATTENTION and LOVE SO :


Thank you very much and sorry I didn’t see this before

Glad to see your good intentions but I have to stick by the rules of nominating your own post. :(

It is my own!!! If you have read the blog you would have seen it is my community help account i work with this one every day to search the intro tag

Yap, my fault. There were others doing that and when I saw that your Steemit name and account from that link is not the same, I thought you also did that. Sry for not checking more into it.

Anyway, glad you told me so Imma be sending 5 Steem Power now. Should I send it to that account?

Thanks for the nom, good luck!

EDIT: Just saw that your post is older than this one and the rules do not permit that. Sry but I cannot accept your nomination.

Hi, sorry to hear that anyway no problem with me @whack.science

Wow! What an unexpected nice surprise! I LOVE the fact you power it right up into vesting to lock it into the blockchain. I mean, I power up all of my steem at the beginning of every month but some people may not.

If you liked my last #thoughtfuldailypost, maybe you will like the one this week!


Thanks for doing what you do and recognizing the STEEM lifers here!

Thanks for the nomination and good luck!

I sure am happy with this one, a creative writing entry.
Thanks for your consideration.

Thank you for the nom, good luck!

Thanks for your nom and good luck!

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Hi, just saw this now so would just put down a link to my latest review, hope it works......


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Thanks for the nom, good luck!

Hi, nice contest!

I'ld like to propose (and at the same time promote :D) my own contest.


I create puzzles based on the trading card game Gods Unchained, and people can try their best to solve them and win some STEEM :)

Thanks for the nomination of your content, good luck!

Here is our recent training video containing different skills and drills;


Thanks for the contest!

Thanks for the nom and good luck!

I hope this post can passed your rules though it's 20 mins earlier than your post, as I wish more people will know about this place.

Unfortunately, I need to stick by the rules to make it fair for everyone.

No worry! I have fun making this post!!😁

Now this post is a good one! https://steempeak.com/powerhousecreatives/@wwwiebe/so-it-must-be-christmas

Thank you for sharing your contest with us on #PYPT. Don't forget to come back and visit!

Thanks for your nom, good luck!

Seen this on PYPT, good to see you there!

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