GRC GIVEAWAY!!!!! to celebrate over 100 follows and a 50+ rep

in giveaway •  2 years ago

if you dont know what Gridcoin/GRC is learn here its great! awesome! and rewarding!


So the pot is 1500 GRC for one lucky winner!!!! great amount to start with or add to your amount you already have


Upvote Resteem and Follow

also comment a number between 1 - 100
I will post a video recording on to prove no favoritism

I will check to see if you followed the rules when getting the winners number

in the case of similar numbers the pot will be split

So good luck, keep crunching and doin science stuff and helping out.

Notable mentions about gridcoin

Is gridcoin worth it?

some posts from @dutch

him and @vortac @sc-steemit @cm-steem @jringo and a guy that trys to help out faucets @grider123
are great guys to ask questions about GRC and BOINC if you have any.

Copy of @NightShift1134.png

And if you have a spare vote go here and vote for me as a witness

Footer by @rvanstel

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Congratulations mate! The 100 are always the most difficult :P I have enough grc and I will abstain. I think it's better if a noob takes them.


Especially if you don't beg lol and good for you being noble :)

I'm not participating as I have a pile if GRC already but you get a follow, upvote and resteem


Thanks! You get the same ;)


Cool! :-) Can I give it a try? I'll go with 78


Sure you can!

Seems funny! Let's try!

12 for me please.

98 - Hopefully not price is right rules!


Nope, just 3 simple rules lol

I choose 36.

Let's see if I get lucky!
Thanks! :)

Resteemed, upvoted and i'm already following you, because of V8 i need every GRC i can get. ;)
And my magic number is... umh... mh... 43. I highly doubt that i'll win but who knows. :)

42, the answer is 42.


Lol i will die laughing if picks that. Then it really is the answer to life


It would be pretty hilarious! In the Guide we trust!

Voted for you as a witness, hopefully this helps
And also followed people and links mentioned in your post


Thanks and yeah like i said those are great steemians to follow for gridcoin related info

Cool contest :) Would donate it to the faucet :D


Whatever floats your boat lol hahaha


Resteemed and liked, but I don't want to participate in the draw cause I am an alt-account. Wish you good luck in the journeys to come.


oooow! you are so honest! I like you XD


Today I started GRC mining)


Nice, which project's?


TN on a Macbook

MikWay and Rosetta on iMac (that's faster, on iMac I have both 4 CPU and 1 AMD)

Anything to suggest for future?

And by the way is there GRC wallet for Mac, or there is no?
If no, may be it's possible to leave on Gridcoin Pool wallet from Bittrex?

Thanks in advance


Not an official one that i could find, a homebrew one i saw, thats something to bring up in the GRC community. But yeah pool mine GRC build up your amount and then if they make an OSX wallet youll have a decebt amount to go solo

63 - thanks for the contest man!



Upvoted, Resteemed, & following. Going with 61







54 for me, please. Thanks for your giveaway!

this is great!like a lotto! ok i go for my number!
upvote follow and resteem

Rolling the dice at 50


Is the pot 1500 GRC or 100x50=5000 GRC? Either way it is a great initiative and upvoted!


Hahahaha 1500, lol my bad i wasnt thinking too clearly, ill fix it

Just upvoted, resteemed and followed.
Nice to find some more informations about gridcoin - I've recently begun to mine/research them :)

Still so much questions I need to find an answer for.

I'll pick 55.


Dont hesitate or ask as the gridcoin community is as much giving as it is volunteering, one of the best ive seen


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Good Luck!

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99 for me mate

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Congratulations. (You won).

Also, my number is the 92.



@nightshift1134 got you a $5.42 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@nightshift1134 got you a $5.42 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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Umm 53 !
I'm new to this... resteem?
edit: woops done it now! Resteemed ! Come on 53!

You can buy/sell GRC on Bittrex, just tested, uploaded there 1.44 GRC (that's the amount I mined since your last post)


Yeah, something should give soon, im locked out of bittrex cause of 2fa, and i didnt really like it anyway,


I see.
Just in case I can help you, I'm verified on Bittrex.
Of course you don't know me, but we can do it in small portions, You can also use your Steem to transfer to BTC or GridCoin


I gotcha, a pool that large ill hold it till i can withdraw, ill post a picture when this OP is 7 days old, i hope im trusted enoigh here for others to realize im not pranking, just my mistake leavimg it on polo lolo hahahah


Sure, I don't mean just this thread, I mean in case you need to buy/sell GRC and have no better options - I can do it.
I also posted a video from Bittrex, there is a limit of 0.00050000 BTC minimum

My lucky number 27..upvoted, resteemed

72 for me, please!

I would love to start my grid coin collection!




It's already over mate