Why I decided to become a witness

Let me start with a little bit about myself.

  • I'm 24 with 3 kids and happily married.
  • My job is to manage a paper distribution center and throw a route.
  • I've been into Cryptocurrency [BTC mostly] for a while now, since Feb of last year, and recently discovered Steemit through searches of Burstcoin.
  • I'm no Dev or Programmer, but i have built two pc's and worked my way around running programs, pretty much I'm good at utilization.
  • I'm good at researching and finding answers and trying to solve the problem on my own before I ask
  • And lastly I'm a Soldier in the United States Army Reserve, and i live my best to the Army Values. E.G LDRSHIP
  • I also am actively crunching with BOINC which you can learn more about Here

When I first heard of a witness I was very intrigued as I always try to be more involved the best I can.
It may have took half a week and been the only one to work, but thanks to @someguy123 post on how to run a witness node here
I was succesfully able to get one up and running on a vultr server,

Here are the specs.

  • 6vCore

  • 16384 mb of ram

  • 200gb of ssd

  • 80$ a month/0.011 cent an hour

As you can in the below photos to prove im running a witness, I was able to vote for myself, a picture of my server running through putty and my subscription plan.


I do not plan on being top whatever number, I just hope this helps contribute to Steemit which I may not have been here long but I love it, and whatever I can earn through Posts, Comments, Curations, and the goodwill of a great community here will help me pay for this server.

I'm here to learn, to better myself, to be apart of what I believe is alot of potential for those that want it.

So hopefully if you have a spare vote, you'll vote for me as I plan to actively keep this witness node up for as long as my limited abilities will let me. and continue to do my part to make this platform better, any way that I can

Thanks, and let today, be a great day, and let the morrow happen tomorrow.

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Just read this after clicking through the witness report. Wish you good luck and following for your post.

voted for you. good luck


I voted for you :) I really like that you're eager to learn and always try to improve yourself. Keep that attitude.


Thanks, that means so much

Resteem, follow, upvote and replay. I hope mine. Good luck.

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Have a great day!

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Good Luck!

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Rewards for writing and curating

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The first is by writing a blog post. As that blog post accrues votes, the amount of Steem that will be distributed to the writer increase.

However, every vote on the site is not worth a flat amount of money. Instead, the amount earned is based on both the number of votes an individual receives and the amount of Steem Power a voter has.

For example, if one user had 1,000 Steem Power and another had 10,000 Steem Power, it's clear that the latter has a more powerful account than the former. The effect of each of those two people voting on a piece of content is not equal; specifically, the user with 10,000 Steem Power's vote is worth more.

This has resulted in the development of a sort of whale chasing culture, whereby writers hope to convince the large Steem Power holders to give them upvotes. A vote by Scott or Larimer has been seen to increase the value of a post by hundreds of dollars, resulting in a pile-on effect where others chase the post.

To incentivize this sort of voting, there is also the curation reward paid out in the form of Steem Power. If a post does well, you earn more Steem Power than if a post doesn’t do well, thus incentivizing you to only vote for content that you believe is high quality.

Further, not every vote from the same account is equal in value. Voting on multiple pieces of content reduces the strength of each of your votes depending on how much time passes between each vote. Scott explained voting power by comparing it to certain video games.