Announcement - Winner of Weakly Steemit Faucet #9 post for Calendar Week 29

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What's up guys ! Here are the winners of the Faucet, the #9th round Faucet


Few things that I know about the 3 winners of this round:

  • About the first winner, @robinmmthompson I don't know so many things but as far as I see, he is quite new on Steemit and he likes posting about natural things such as flowers and landscapes. Keep it up @robinmmthompson and share your passions with us more ! One of his last articles you can find Here.
  • @ruth-elise is a Romanian traveler and photographer who I don't really know personally but as far as I see, she is posting quite amazing photos that I recommend you to have a look on. One of her last nice articles you can find Here.
  • About @steemromania you already know that it is the Romanian community of Steemit bloggers. @steemromania has managed to united us around some values and objectives and it is a support pylon for the Romanian existing community from Steemit and also for the new users that come on the platform.

Check their blogs if you want to know more about them !

The full SBD rework of the post which was 0.159 SBD has been sent to @robinmmthompson, @ruth-elise and @steemromania.

Faucet winners - #9 winners.jpg

2 (3).jpg

Video showing the 3 winners on

To see the election of the winner click below to watch the video presenting the random determination of the winner of this first Faucet.

Thank you too all the voters and watch out for the next faucet !!

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You are welcome @ruth-elise ! Wishing you all the best further on steemit !

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