Weakly Steemit Faucet #9 post for Calendar Week 28 - All SBD to 3 Lucky Winners 🎯FAUCET is CLOSED🎯

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What's up guys ! After another break of 2 weeks, it is time for a a GIVAWAY again - all SBD to 3 lucky winners!


Everyone wants to have a more active path here on the steemit, so do I, but I do not always succeed with that as beside Steemit, most of us have a lot to work.

The activity and interaction here on steemit is very important for progress as natural and fast as possible, but not only for that, also to enjoy some moments with the friends we have on steemit and to create a better mood for all us.

This Faucets, Contests and Open discussions that we carry out here on steemit, keep the community alive and give us some reasons to interact.

That is why I continue with the Faucet round #9 that I am hosting to share some free SBD with my followers so that life would be more interesting for us here on Steemit. In previous faucet we gave away all the SBD to 3 lucky followers and up voters of this project.
Some of the Faucet posts and the announcement posts, can be found on the links below:

Faucet 9.jpg

2 (3).jpg

The rules are the same as in previous faucets. Like usual, the full post reword of SBD will distributed at the end of the 7 days payout period with 3 of the people randomly selected from the upvoters of this post. Rules are the same, but even if you have participated and you know the rules, please read the following section again:


  • Make sure you are a follower of @nicolaepavelean and then UPVOTE this post and make sure you do that before the Faucet is closed. (The faucet is opened if you see that in the title)
  • All contestants should try to promote this post to increase the earnings and consequently the prize (RESTEEM the post is the best possible promotion)
  • The winner(s) will be 3 persons from the voters of this post, who will be randomly determined using https://www.random.org/. They will get the 100% of the post SBD rewords equally divided between them. (each round post might be boosted at some point with Bot votes, ex. randowhale, to increase the SBD earnings)
  • The winner(s) will get also an increased visibility to attract new followers and up votes by being presented in the Winner announcement post

Pay attention !!!! The latest rule: You can qualify only if your are one of my followers so make sure you follow @nicolaepavelean

Pay time.jpg

Anyone who wishes to donate additional SBD as a sponsor of this faucet, will be announced as a sponsor in the Winners announcement post. Minimum donation to be a sponsor is 0.05 SBD.

Clicking on any image will get you to its source.

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If you want to know more about me, you can find me and contact me, also on the following social medias by clicking the links below:

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🚩Instagram_Nicu Pavelean
🚩Twitter_Nicolae Pavelean
🚩Linkedin_Nicolae Pavelean

Please leave a comment here if you share my view and do not forget to promote this post so that the giveaway prize will increase.

Thank you for reading to the end!
If you like this blog post, please do not forget to up vote, and follow me, @nicolaepavelean for more!

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