Announcement - Winner of Weakly Steemit Faucet #10 post for Calendar Week 31

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What's up guys and sorry for being late with the announcement! Here are the winners of the Faucet, the #10th round Faucet

BY NICOLAE PAVELEAN| August , 12th 2018

Few things that I know about the 3 winners of this round:

  • About the first winner, @funfortoday is one of my oldest followers who is posting funny things like memes and photos for entertainment. @funfortoday is one of the blogs administrated by one of my latest steemit friend. One of his last articles you can find Here.
  • @sorin.cristescu is one of the many Romanians who live abroad. In Luxemburg as far as we can see on his blog. He is writing on his blog mainly about blockchain technologies, social actions, politics or even economics. One of her last nice articles you can find Here.
  • @steemromania is a romanian girl who is impasioned about travelling around the world and discovering new amazing places and also as we can see on her blog, she loves Photography. One of her last articles you can find Here.

Check their blogs if you want to know more about them !

The full STEEM rework of the post which was 0.231 STEEM has been sent to @funfortoday, @sorin.cristescu and @alexandraioana26.

Faucet winners - #10 winners.jpg

2 (3).jpg

Video showing the 3 winners on

To see the election of the winner click below to watch the video presenting the random determination of the winner of this first Faucet.

Thank you too all the voters and watch out for the next faucet !!

2 (3).jpg

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