15 STEEM + 10 SBD Giveaway (Out of The 75 STEEM I Won as Prize!)

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I won a contest yesterday which had 75 Steem prize for the first place. I am so thankful to @timcliff for arranging the Steem Shilling Contest and choosing me as the winner. As a token of gratitude, I wish to spread the happiness and involve my followers via this giveaway.

15 Steem Giveaway

I also hope that this contest will serve as something positive in a market which has seen Steem and SBD fall in value for a few months now. Honestly speaking, I am confused and hopeful at the same time about the crypto market situation. I understand that many people are really upset. I wanted to do this giveaway to bring some hope and smiles back.


15 STEEM will be distributed between two winners as follows. 10 SBD prize added to facilitate multiple winners.

  • 10 STEEM for the winner number one.

  • 5 STEEM for the winner number two.

  • EDIT: Due to massive engagement, I have reserved 10 SBD for distribution among those people who have written winning number but after the original winner.

  • So, 6.77 SBD will be distributed eqaully among all the participants with the winning number one.

  • Likewise, 3.33 SBD will be distributed eqaully among all the participants with the winning number two.

How these two winners will be decided is clearly mentioned below.

Procedure to Participate

I am doing this for my followers only so if you are not a follower, you can follow me to be eligible. Here are the rules to participate.

  1. Resteem this post. Comfirm this in your comment. Upvoting this post is not compulsory.

  2. For 10 STEEM prize, comment with any number from 1-100.

  3. For 5 STEEM prize, comment with any number from 101-200.

  4. You can comment with both numbers and theoratically can win both the prizes. Make sure both numbers are from the ranges specified above.

  5. Make sure your numbers are unique. In case winning number is shared by more than one participants, the participant who commented first will be the winner.

  6. Not doing any of the actions above will render you ineligible.

  7. The last time to participate is 7:00 PM UCT, Wednesday 21 March, 2018. Comments after this time will not be counted.

These rules are fair and simple I think. Anyone from my followers can participate and win.

PS: If more than one participants have the winning number, the original price will go to the first person as mentioned in rules. However, I will reward the second participant with 10 SBD outside the 15 STEEM prize money, as amended in prize description.

Choosing Winners

I will simply use Random.org to generate two random numbers as per the ranges defined in the contest. The participant who wrote the closest number to the random number thus generated will be the winner.


For example, if the resulting number from Random.org is 53 and Bob wrote 55 (for 10 STEEM prize), with all other numbers bigger than 55 or smaller than 51, Bob will be the winner because 55 is the closest number to 53. I hope you get it.

Winner will be announced on Thursday. Good luck to you. Steem on!


As 37 was already taken I go for:
38 and 137 :-)

Hello @ilyastarar.
My numbers are:
6 and 113.
Thanks for making this little contest btw. :D

congrats for winning of 75 steem.

9 and 199

Congrats! You won 5 Steem!

Winners Announcement

Hi, @ilyastarar. I ran into one of your posts while trying to understand Steemit rewards better (thank you for the great explanation!). I had taken a peek at your blog and found some helpful posts, though hadn't pressed the follow button at the time. But a few minutes ago I stumbled on this giveaway through observing my account's upvotes from a curation trail I'm in. Followed now!

Congratulations on winning the contest! It's so generous of you to share the prize, and through a simple contest that anyone can participate. I've just won the second place in a comment contest yesterday and can feel the happiness! Though my only way to spread the happiness is through upvotes, as the prize was a 200 SP delegation for one week.

Followed, upvoted and resteemed this post. My numbers: 79 and 180.

Lol I'm tempted to post my links. Congrats as well!

Thank you! I got tempted to link to my post where I talked about my surprise when I won second place, but decided against it :P .

Congrats. I reached your post anyway and gave a little upvote. ;)

Wow, thank you! :)

Resteemed. Wouldn't resteem any contest, but everything you post is just straight quality so why not :)

Numbers - 25 and 125.

Wow congratulations on your win and thank you for doing your own contest. I resteemed and I select the numbers 54 and 123.


And going for 73 and 121 as my lucky numbers.

How nice you choose to share your winnings with the Steemit community!

Sharing is caring. :)


And going for 7 and 114 as my lucky numbers.

This is lottery/gambling. it’s tempting to participate in things like this, but I think it’s better to ask your followers to do something productive.
Besides this small criticism, I would like to say that you you are doing great work by writing useful posts about steemit and helping other steemians succeed on steemit.
Many Congratulations on winning the contest.
Wishing you all the very best.

My numbers are 69&159

Btw if you want to participate as participant number 50+, you got a hell of a job to find numbers that are not yet chosen 😁

And one hell of a job to find the winning number. 😀

I am worried about participation though. If it exceeds hundred participants, there is going to be some trouble.

I decided to reward in case of duplicate number winning as well. The payout of this post will be enough to give some reward even if the winning number is mentioned by two or more participants.

However, original prizes of 10 & 5 STEEM will not be split and will be given to the deserving winners in full!

Pay out of the post seems to get so high you can have 200 participants 😬

I followed and resteemed. Numbers are 10 and 199. Thanks!

Reestemed! My numbers are 34 and 148.

Congratulations on winning the contest. It is so nice of you to share your happiness with us. Thanks for arranging this contest. My numbers are

Thank you for this opportunity! I go for 51 and 151. :)

Resteemed already! :)

Congrates bro on winning...
My lucky numbers are 67 and 143...
Hope I win:)

For the victory you achieve I really appreciate it. I am redeemed
With numbers 88 and 156

Resteemed and feeling lucky on 24 and 151

You are in. Good luck!

Resteemed. Joining my first contest with numbers 72 and 132.
And thanks for spreading the smiles :)

72 & 167

Resteemed and numbers are 74 and 164

I would love to go for 30 , 150

Should have confirmed your resteem (I know you did that). It is a requirment.

I Resteemed and want to say congrats on your win. I pick 17 and 138 and also would like if you please feel free to join my current Steemit #contest here https://steemit.com/contest/@isteemithard/design-isteemithard-a-profile-picture-avatar-contest-8-winner-of-7

I chOose the number is 15 & 177


Hi @ilyastarar. I'll pick:

89 & 181

With kind regards,


i am Resteemed & upvote @ilyastarar
My lucky numbers are 86 & 141

Interesting and my entries are 99 and 111.

Hello @ilyastarar.
My numbers are:
87and 187
Thanks for making this little contest btw.

@ilyastarar congrats have resteem and upvote it my lucky number is( 50-121)

I'm new on and I feel I'm not doing something right because I've not earned anything reasonable.
I'm hoping this will be my first win.
91 - 191


My numbers are 29-129
29 was the birthdate of my son. Its really nice of you to share your blessing to others.


21 and 141

Reesteemed and followed. This is first contest in steemit. I hope it turns out a blessing.

My number are 40 and 120

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Not really a big fan of resteem contests, but I like guessing games, so might as well try this :)

60 and 144 are my numbers

nice sharing 16 and 139 numbers

123 and 88
I like this number.

can we use multiple id's? :p

That would be unfair I guess. One person should have one chance only. It's up to you to do so but I don't recommend it.

that's why i asked first :) Thanks for your kind reply.

Is there anyone out here with 100+ accounts? 🤔😋😜🤐

hahaha no 100 but 2 or 3 :p

Many cheats have many accounts on here sadly

I thought I read one day that you need to pay for having more than 1 account. But probably that won't stop people that are trying to earn money in a way it's not intended to.

Resteemed and here are my numbers @ilyastarar
47 and 147
Thanks for the opportunity! 😊


Number 86 and 124


i just found this out and resteemed it.
my numbers are 9 & 16

Resteemed. This is really generous of you to do this giveaway. I will guess numbers 36 & 142

Resteemed :)
Sharing your prize? That is generous @ilyastarar
37 and 161

13 and 113 :)

congratulations on winning the Steem Shilling Contest contest, hopefully always share the passion with others. never get bored in sharing about a contest hehe
congratulations once again i say @ilyastarar :D
my numbers are 17 and 87
the meaning of the numbers I choose is crazy
you 'mad' with the science of winning the contest

Thank you for sharing this post, first I congratulate you @itastarar has won the contest from @timcliff.
I chose the number 8 and 18.
Why I chose that number, because number 8 is a unique number and has a lot of philosophy, and why the front number I 18 because you won the contest on the 18th.

Congratulations on your award: I want to participate with 81 and 108


99 and 190 ( resteemed)


37 - 124

Lucky no. 28 and 88. Ok i upvote and resteem 😉

Resteemed upvoted 99

Very generous of you for sharing your prize :0)

My numbers: 77 and 126



Thanks for sharing your prize.

Thanks for the opportunity.
91 and 189 are my chosen numbers

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newbiegames resteemed.jpg

32 and 188

my numbers are 22 and 117. I've resteemed. Thank you!

Resteemed. 98 &104. thank you.

Resteemed :)
I'll give a try to 42 and 128

43 and 149 resteem

Resteemed. My numbers are:
23 & 107

68 and 177 resteem

35 and 125 resteem

my first number 64 and second number 69 :)

My number is 93 and 119

Resteemed, i am going for 5 and 105

I already resteem, i choose number 25 and 132


And My Numbers Are 33 And 159
Thank-you For Sharing You're Reward!

Awesome Contest!

My Numbers Are 29 And 137

Resteemed. First number is 73. Second number is 143

Resteemed. 39 & 191 :)

Resteemed 68, 132

My number is 54 & 132.

Resteemed! 26 and 186!

Resteemed 63 and 146.
Thank you

Reesteemed and Upvoted @ilyastarar
Here are my lucky numbers 35 and 117

Resteemed. Congrats on your win. My lucky numbers are 7 and 129

Resteemed @ilyastarar
My lucky numbers are 32 & 56

Congratulations @ilyastarar .....Its really a good contest and you win 15 steem...!!! I think, you have a good quality to won this price..

Most of my favorite numbers are gone. I had the hard time finding the number that is unique.
Finally going with 41 and 179

And congratulation and good luck on promoting Steemit in future.

Going with 57 and 183.
Good luck everyone.

My lucky numbers are 71 and 123

Thanks for giving back to the community.

thank you brother for arranging a great contest. resteemed.My number 59 and 146

Karma is a wonderful thing and you're going to have plenty of good karma coming your may my friend! Very generous of you : )

I'll go with Number 1 and 169.

I have done that is required and I choose between 33 and 173

Done upvote and resteem .
My numbers will be 51 and 151

Resteem done.
And my numbers are 28 and 128

Resteemed. Hopeful the winning numbers will be 46 and 179.

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