Special announcement: @czechglobalhosts main sponsor of @treeplanter + 10 SBD giveaway!

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Dear Steemit friends and followers

Soon after announcing my sponsorship of photo contests hosted by great Steemian @derangedvisions in this post, I am very happy to inform you about another project that I decided to sponsor.

Source: Creative Commons Images (Creative Commons)

The project that just earned my long-term support is @treeplanter, a fundraising voting bot run by @martin.mikes, the project manager and coordinator of the non-profit organization @kedjom-keku.

Now let me first briefly introduce you to @martin-mikes and his inspirational activities.

His non-profit organization @kedjom-keku was founded with the aim to save remaining fragments of the Abongphen Highland Forest in Cameroon. Rivers and lakes of the forest are a source of drinking water for millions of people and it is also the natural habitat of the most threatened chimpanzee subspecies, the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee, as well as hundreds of other endemic species of the surrounding mountains, the Bamenda Highlands. Due to the unsustainable development practices, the forest currently covers only 2% of its original area so conservation efforts are needed desperately to keep it alive.

The most efficient tool to raise funds for @martin.mikes conservation efforts has been his voting bot @treeplanter so I decided to give @martin.mikes my helping hand and become the main sponsor of @treeplanter.

@treeplanter works like any other voting bot - you send him your bid (between 0.01 and 0.5 SBD/STEEM) and the bot will upvote your post with twice as larger worth of the vote. However, unlike most other voting bots that only generate profit for their owners, @treeplanter is used exclusively for fundraising. 50% of the SBD/STEEM received by @treeplanter goes directly to Cameroon to fund the conservation programs and the other 50% is used for powering up so that the bot can satisfy more Steemians and raise more funds for the conservation programs.

As you can see, all the funds generated by @treeplanter are used for a good cause so make sure to send your bid to @treeplanter the next time you want to use a voting bot. You will get yourself a decent upvote and help to save a forest in Africa at the same time so this is a perfect win-win situation :)

Also, to celebrate the great news about my sponsorship of @treeplanter, I decided to host a special giveaway photocontest. The theme of the photocontest is: SELFIE WITH YOUR FAVORITE TREE.

The rules are simple:

  1. Only your own photo. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

  2. Only one submission per person.

  3. Add a short (30-50 words) description of the photo.

The contest will be closed in seven days (on the next Tuesday) and I will pick one winner who will receive 10 SBD from me. Those 10 SBD will be taken from the reward for this post but all of the remaining SBD from this post will be transferred to @treeplanter so make sure to upvote this post with as much power as you can!

You can start submitting your entries in the comment section below. Good luck to all competitors.

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CEO & Founder of CGH


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First a big shoutout to Tomas for supporting Martin Mikes and his @treeplanter project. I definitely have to use the bot to protect nature and raise awareness for a good cause.


Jumping at Joshua Tree National Park
I chose this picture because it was taken at a "National Park" where the nature is already protected in a special way. Also it shows how much fun you can have when being outdoor and enjoying the nature. Please don't litter, try to reduce your personal use of plastic, use renewable energy if possible and use your feet and bike more often instead of jumping into your car every time:)
Have a great day!


At my best style, parkour style jaja <3

this is my favorite tree because i train alot in that spot/park and i often do a lot of moves on this tree, this photo is just one move of couple more i can do in a tree.

what @martin.mikes and @treeplanter are doing is awesome!! using the earn of the STEEM blockchain to grow literaly the lunges of our planet!!

do you know what would be nice and interesting?a city full of steemit Steemitizens , we could be autosuficient and payments could be sweet easy

This is a photo taken by me of @josefinemk roughly two years ago. This was her first trip to Canada to come visit as we met in Australia. I took her to Banff National Park and we did one of the famous walk in the area. The curve in this tree is just to cool haha.

While traveling Australia, I found a fantastic tree. A tree you thought only finding in movies! It had long branches running on it sides and not upward! Nature is very surprising and we should learn to love and preserve it and understand we aren't the only living being here!

click on the image to see it full screen

Location: Karinjini NP, Western Australia.


That is one crazy tree! I love trees like this one, with insisting branches taking over rocks and anything along their path!

Great project! Congrats Tomas on engaging in another wonderful initiative.


My picture is from El Chinyero volcano trek on Tenerife island. Here, the landscape is mainly lava and pine trees, with contrasting bright green and black colors. This centuries-old pine tree is tough and resilient. Its trunk of blackened charcoal bears scars from the forest fires. The Canarian pine trees are very resistant to fire but it is not understood clearly if they depend on fire for regeneration.


Whaou this really is a large tree :) ... I didn't knew pin trees are resistant to fire!

Great shot you got there!


Thank you so much! They are very resistant, which is super awesome because fires there are pretty bad there due to the constant windy conditions.

Excellent initiative! And here goes my entry: the photo was taken in Costa Rica, and this very special tree is hollow! It belongs to the Ficus genus, and is climbable almost to the top, with an impressive view of the landscape.


Where in CR is this one? I am moving there in the summer and I would love to see it!


It´s in Santa Helena, near Monteverde. It´s tricky to find since the path is not identified, but ask at any hostel and they´ll direct you! It's walking distance from the village.


This is a very cool tree, I've never seen such kind of growing tree. It is just spectacular and make me wonder how can nature does such wonderful things!

Awesome share ;)


Thanks! I actually did a post on these trees, after seeing this contest. I've seen some huge ones while travelling, some you could even stand inside; but none like this one!



This photo is taken by @aldy at night time, this photo is located in Meunasah Meucat village Nisam district ,Aceh North, Indonesia.
And this picture is taken around 22:00, 28 May 2018.
I really like this tree because it is located in front of the tavern, this tree makes the atmosphere becomes cold.
in the afternoon under this tree is used as a vehicle parking lot when they visit the shop.

Thank you .!


Although there are beautiful trees all around us, this is my favourite because it is a symbol to remind me that imperfections could be perfection if looked at carefully, unlike other straight trees this particular tree is unique, could be used for resting, close to the sea and it was my grand dads favourite spot

Cool contest @czechglobalhosts and good on you for supporting this.

My choice is the Baobab tree from Africa

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 7.07.31 pm.png
This tree is awesome. Well all Baobab trees (Adansonia in latin) in Africa are awesome. They live a long time, they grow huge fruit that makes a nice juice (or booze) and there are many many stories in many different African cultures that talk about the importance of this tree. Enjoy this photo from Southern Africa!

Photo was taken by me and copyright @snowyknight

Nice one @czechglobalhost. Finally I can participate in one of your contests.😆. I dont have a good camera or phone but i love following all your contests. I feel like I've seen the world through the beautiful images you always post. I'll send my entry soon.


Almost 5 years ago I decided to quit the urban life and live closer to the nature. Ever since I live in a small village and I occupy myself with farming. So last month that I shot a self portrait for the @photogames I chose my favorite olive tree to “frame” me :)

DSC02966 (1).jpg
I love every tree that has flowers. This particular one is called "Trinitaria" tree (Buganvilla), it can be planted directly on the ground or in pots. It's a very climbing plant. If it's planted in soil, it can reach 10 meters in height. It's not a very demanding plant, basically it only needs light.

Happy Day Tomas, how beautiful it is to offer what you have to another person to share, especially when it comes to nature and human beings, God continues to bless you and fill you with creative ideas every day.

posting is very good to contribute to a good goal ,,👍👍👍👍👍

Wonderful project, these are my favorite trees, the taller they are the more I like them, it reminds me the grandiosity of our planet, and makes me feel very calm when I walk around them, trees are like magic that we should all appreciate because they are vital for our world.

Hi @czechglobalhost, I definitely like this context and "this kind of call to action". In the other hand I agree with all you wrote. Actually I lived the most of my live in different cities. I do not have a favorite tree. And talking about trees my entry is related to this one in Magnetic Island Australia. I chose this photo firstly because it is told that koalas considered a vulnerable species also because the deforestation to expand plantations. Secondly it was my first situation see so closely a koala with her baby sleeping on a tree. (I was very glad for that). I would conclude this comment by saying thank you for organize also such contexts like that.

You are very generous and nature lover.I will post my entry soon.

A very good way to contribute to a good cause.

That's really great initiative by @treeplanter, Trees are necessary for our environment. They keep our air clean and we breathe well. I am willing to join your contest. I have seen your earlier contests but haven't got the chance to enter them. Finally I will make my first entry.

This is the tree of memory in Aceh (Indonesia)

I'll do my best to take the best picture!

This is my picture for the contest.This picture was taken at Jahangirnagar University that is in Bangladesh.I hope you will like it @czechglobalhost.Thank you for organizing such a nice photo contest.I am very glad to participate it.

A very Good News, dear Tom @czechglobalhosts...❤

Resteemed! 🤗☕❤

I also love trees specially those fruit bearing where I climb up and feed on it's fruit. I will take a photo of me, eating fruit that still attach on the tree steem.

Photo was taken in Athens, Greece. On the backdround you can see Acropolis and on the front Miss Foxy - herself !
Degradation on the World is very visible in Athens. Before the centuries it was a cradle of the intelligence: philosophy, mathematics, astronomy etc but in the some parts of the city it is very hard to see it now. I hope that foxes can at least slightly help in protection of the African's forests and after few years we all will be proud of our activities here.

IMG_3266 copy.jpg

The flower I do not know the name.
During a walk in the field, I accidentally saw this strange flower. I call it the squid tentacle. Watching close to you will recognize the beauty of it. And I know that there are always great things around us. What we are looking at distant places.


this is definitely my favourite tree
this is in my college campus .I have alot of memories associated with this tree.we used to bunk our classes and spend hours on this tree.it is always fun to climb this tree and and discuss different aspects with my friend under the cool atmosphere

In life we all have our role to play. That goes for my orange tree too. I chose it because it keeps its fruit late in the season, and I like it as an inspiration for my own life. No matter how late in the season until I hit vita interrupta, I want to be as productive as this orange tree for as long as I can.
On top of that, as you can see, oranges make good friends who’ll put up with my quirky personality and they make great orange juice to boot. After all, it’s what’s on the the inside that counts!

My favorite trees are these, covered by snow in the highest and coldest city of Portugal, Guarda! The city where I graduated!
This photo was taken 4 years ago.

Hi @czechglobalhosts.
This is my contest photo

@cechglobalhosts i like your contest and will try to participate in it ....And thanks @martin.mikes his efforts to save nature is awesome .@martin.mikes I really appreciate your cause

hy @czechglobalhosts This is my photo with the old 90 year old Reungeuh tree with a height of 30 meters located in the village panton nisam aceh north .. thanks for making this contest ..
at least people can pay attention to the natural habitat and maintain also preserve them for the benefit to themselves ..
and also to others ..
continue .. (gogreen) for the world


Thank's visiting my post @kamalkhann