Call to action: let´ s save a mountain forest in Cameroon! Charity giveaway + special photocontest for 10 SBD!

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Hello fellow Steemians,

I was recently contacted by @martin.mikes, the project manager and coordinator of the non-profit organization @kedjom-keku, and asked for some help with their conservational efforts in Cameroon.

I think Steemit has a tremendous potential in charity and it is really easy to help where the help is needed through this platform as it can serve as a great fund-raising tool.

With that said, I am really happy to give @martin.mikes my helping hand so I decided to dedicate this post to his amazing project.

Let me first briefly introduce you to @martin-mikes and his activities.

His non-profit organization @kedjom-keku was founded with the aim to save remaining fragments of the Abongphen Highland Forest in Cameroon. Rivers and lakes of the forest are a source of drinking water for millions of people and it is also the natural habitat of the most threatened chimpanzee subspecies, the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee, as well as hundreds of other endemic species of the surrounding mountains, the Bamenda Highlands. Due to the unsustainable development practices, the forest currently covers only 2% of its original area so conservation efforts are needed desperately to keep it alive.

Source: Pexels (Creative Commons)

There are also many other charity and conservational projects that @martin.mikes is involved in Africa so make sure to check his websites for more information.

Now this is where you, my fellow Steemians, can engage and provide some of the so much needed help. There are actually several ways for you to help (other than donating directly on the websites, of course).

  1. Uvpote this post with as much Steem Power as you can
    Yep, that’s right. All of the Steem Dollars that I will receive from the reward of this post, will be sent to Martin´s fund-raising bot @treeplanter and used for planting new trees in the forest. So please, be generous! The money will go to a good cause.

  2. Start using the voting bot @treeplanter
    @martin.mikes and his organization @kedjom-keku created a special fund-raising voting bot @treeplanter. For each dollar you send to @treeplanter, one tree will be planted in the forest. The bot usually upvotes your post with about twice the worth of your donation. So you basically plant trees by getting paid for that. Pretty awesome, right?

  3. Delegate a part of your Steem Power to @treeplanter
    The bot currently has just something over 20,000 SP which is not enough to meet the huge demand so delegating some SP to the bot will be highly appreciated.

And finally, the contest! I think it is also a great opportunity to come up with another special photocontest for you, my Steemit friends and followers.

The theme of the photocontest is, symbolically, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TREE.

The rules are simple:

  1. Only your own photo. Plagiarism will be flagged!
  2. Only one submission per person.
  3. Add a short (30-50 words) description of the photo.

The contest will be closed in seven days (on next Tuesday) and @martin.mikes himself will pick the winner who will receive 10 SBD from me.

You can start submitting your entries in the comment section below. Good luck to all competitors and please, remember to upvote this post, all of the SBD from the reward will be used for saving a mountain forest in Cameroon!

Please feel free to check out some of my other recent posts.

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CEO & Founder of CGH


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I would like to participate in this contest by sharing this picture,


This is picture which i clicked in Chitwan National Park when we went there for jungle.It is located in Chitwan,Nepal As you can see in this picture is a tree a is in middle of road for safari..It was a great forest as you can see..Many animals are found here and it is the one of most dense forest of Nepal..
I hope everyone likes it..
Thank you for this opportunity..@czechglobalhosts


Happy to see you entering the contest and supporting this wonderful charity project!


Oh this is so cool. I visited Chitwan national park for part of the Nepal tourism master plan a few years ago. I loved this park very much.


Oh that is great. Hope you enjoyed it.

"Well Charity Begins at home"

It is a very famous quote,
I see @martin.mikes is doing a great job,
Trees are really benefits for humans,
WE are getting Fresh airs from them,
We are getting Fruits from them.

1 Tree is source of Oxygen for 16 Kids.
It is great ! isn't it?

Well I can't donate any amount for now, but i will take part in this contest, and if i won, I"ll Donate that money to @martin.mikes for his good work <3

and sure i'll using his bot @treeplanter,
It really a great way to get Charity For the needed purposes.

Thanks :)


Glad to hear you would donate the winning price back to the @treeplanter!


yeah :)
I really can't explain my feeling those who in need of help,
I really want to help people with my full passion,
As for now i'm finding difficulties.
but YOU WILL SEE MY NAME in the future in charity works.

yeah i'll donate if i won.
That'll be beginning of my charity work <3

This is the Tree Dragon, the symbol of the Canary Islands. The biggest and oldest Dragon Tree is located in Icod del Vinos on Tenerife but we found this Dragon tree just outside the town we lived in and it actually looks even bigger than the one in Icod del Vinos. To put the size of the tree in perspective - the pink dot is me.
P.S. Veľmi sa mi páči ako si sa nadchol a podporuješ tento krásny projekt, i keď by si vôbec nemusel. Klobúčik dolu, Tomaš;) Steem on!



Dekuji, much appreciated! Snad takovych projektu bude jn pribyvat:).... Have a great day and thank you for supporting this cause.

Resting on the southern coast of the Crimea I met a very rare, high pine. It grows alone in the vicinity of the village of Veseloe. The rest of the trees there are low because of the hot and dry climate and lack of fresh water on the peninsula.



Thank you for your entry and support of this project. Truly appreciated. Tomas

Posting this photo of the tree as per SPECIAL CALL by @czechglobalhosts >READ POST HERE<

Shot early morning while on the way from Palanga airport to Klaipeda (Lithuania). Was lucky to have my camera with me and just to be at the right place and right time to catch rising sun and this lonely tree

Reading the story about bad situation with Cameroon forests, just have a feeling this photo can symbolize a NEW BEGINNING if we all would support the initiative

Enjoy it!


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

The banyan tree is a native to Lord Howe Island, it is a strangler fig that begins it's life in the canopy of the host tree. Once it's roots reach the ground it enlarges and strangles the tree, eventually becoming it's own freestanding tree.
0I6A7798 copy.jpg


Very happy to see your entry in this contest as well. Thank you for your support of the project. Tomas

Black and white shot of a tree in the middle of the summer somewhere in Lithuania. I used a very wide angle lens to capture the most of it, but it did not fit in 15mm at full frame camera. I would say it is quiet extraordinary point of view and tree looks really interesting. What do You guys think?

DSC_1293 web.jpg


Thank you so much for your participation and support of this project!

So I think this tree is perfect for this post. It is growing in a crack on a rock, when I first saw it while on Penang Island in Malaysia I thought it was really cool. I even called my friend over to show him it.



Also, in the event that this wins, the winnings can go to the charity, @czechglobalhosts has done so much for me on steemit that this can go to a good cause.


Glad to see your participation in this challenge too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this project! Tomas

Last summer in the center of Athens at Plaka, me and my brother we were walking around the museums. At some point we wanted to get some rest and this beautiful little park at the back of the museum was the best resort for our break!

The scenery was so beautiful that we even took some pictures.
What do you think? Trees are beautiful, aren't they? )


They sure are:)

This is my favourite tree photo that I have ever taken and so I'd like to use it as my entry for this contest. I found that tree in the small village of Flamingo, that is located deep inside the Everglades Nationalpark in Florida. I hope you like it! 🙂



Thank you so much for your support and participation.

I took photo of this tree in Prague Botanic Garden. Specifically, this tree is located in the Japanese part of the garden. So on the photo is bonsai Azalea Indica. Azalea Indica belongs among the house plants and it is very popular in the Czech Republic.



That sure is:)... Glad to see your entry in this contest and grateful for your support of this project.


I was contacted by Martin few days ago and I love his idea. I know how frustrated I am when I see devastated countryside in Czech Republic and I am glad to see that there are people who are trying to change it.

I remember while being in the rainforest in Borneo, I found these strange shaped trees reminding me of how beautiful nature was and how we should take care of it. Trees are awesome, without them we would not be here... Let's keep it in our minds.

Location: Borneo, Malaysian side.


I am happy to see the tremendous support of my regular participants. Truly appreciated! Have a good one. Tomas


My pleasure as always :)

This picture was taken during my trip to Gandruk where I captured beautiful hills surrounded by tress and beautiful rivers and sky...Greeny environment made me realise that there are still some plants protected by villagers as they know the important of plants for humanity...Beautiful trees has environment green...True Beauty of Nepal


You are wrong about this. By the way it's not Ghandruk. It's Kulekhani river of Kulekhani dam
Have a look at here:

I would like to participate with this entry,

This banyan tree located at Sarinembah village.
Sarinembah is in karo highlands, North Sumatera, Indonesia.
Sarinembah is a village where there was once a kingdom called sibayak meliala
there we can find a tree that supposedly relics of sibayak meliala.
Thanks for this amazing opportunity @czechglobalhosts

This sounds like a very important and worthy cause! I shall find out more about it.
This picture is from another threatened African forest, the Harenna forest in southern Ethiopia. This is a Schefflera abyssinica and like so many rainforest trees it is home to countless other organisms. I spent a month in this forest and spent many frustrating days looking for amphibians that where once common here. One species has now not been seen for over 30 years! Habitat destruction and human disturbance are taking their toll on one of the most least known and diverse places in the world!


I have upvoted this post, hope that it will help a bit and I am sharing this photo of forests in Taiwanese mountains. I took this while hiking up the second highest mountain in Taiwan (called Snow Mountain). The hike is beautiful, all day long you just walk through forests (actually it is two day hike). It's quite relaxing to walk through the forests. I hope the preservation efforts in Africa will be sucessful and that the forests there can also survive.

Full size on my Flickr page


Thank you so much for your support as well as participation. Truly appreciated. It's great to see the community giving a helping hand to this wonderful project. Have a great day. Tomas



Keep Our Mother

Earth Clean and Green!


Hope you like my Entry!
@treeplanter @kedjom-keku @martin.mikes @czechglobalhosts


Not the best photo, but the tree is beautiful. Half of the time it's covered by the lake and it looks stunning. I wasn't there at the right time of the day though.

Ps. I sent a dollar to @treeplanter so they can plant a tree for me. Thanks for sharing!


That's great! Thank you for your support!!


No worries. I Think it's in everyone's interest. Or at least it should be!

I hope my entry is not too late. I will help in every way I can for this wonderful initiative by our fellow Steemian @martin.mikes.

I always love trees lining up along the road. And I have an opportunity to take a picture of this path from one of the Universities here in our area. I was amaze by the trees and the sound of the leaves when the wind blows them. And because I have my camera with me, I capture this moment by my camera. These trees are well maintained by the University personnel and more are being planted inside the campus.

USC School Campus.jpg

Today I went to the park that is situated near my home to capture a picture, It was dark but I had to go there to participate in this contest.
There were many green and healthy trees but i don't know this one really attracts me,
The reason is i can relate it our life :)


Let me tell you !
Though it was older and unhealthy tree, but it was standing to fight with these bad days,
We human's should do the same, what is the condition, how bad are the days, We should stand like this tree.

Beautiful tree.jpg

Sorry for the bad result but I Don't have cell with a good camera :)


Hi! It is the participation that matters and you add a great story to it! The image turns out to be good too:)... Have a good one.


Thanks you for the nice words :)

This is so wonderful Tomas! These sort of initiatives really show the power that Steemit can have. You got my full upvote! And my entry for the contest is below:

Inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (a truly spectacular place in Tanzania), there's a site where you can set up camp (Simba Campsite). My biggest memory of this campsite is the enormous, beautiful tree that serves as a centerpiece. If you look closely, you can see the trucks below to give you a better idea of tree's massive size.


Thank you so much Matt! Your support and participation are truly appreciated!


amazing picture

My gorgeous purple tree is from Johannesburg- South Africa. I took this picture while making Safari tour inside a small bus.. It was the most outstanding and huge and colourful tree so I couldn't stand taking the picture of it..


A tree can shelter many lives for other living things, such as birds, insects and even humans.
If you plant just one small tree you have guaranteed the life of others.


Nicely said:)


I like Cameroon, this is a photo when I visited Cameroon, I have been to this mountain for a long time. and intend to visit again whether there has been a change or as natural as ever.
Cameroon is the wetest land in the world, with rainfall reaching 1028 cm per year. The Debuncha City located at the foot of Cameroon mountain has a rainfall of 400 inches [10,000 mm] every year, Debunca being the second wettest city in the world.

sorry i do not have anything to help, all I can do is upvote this post and pray for the cameron to be better.

Every little helps! Cheers for that!

I think every tree, small or large has its own value. but an important point of a tree, every tree teaches us to continue growing and benefiting others. although it is only nice in the eyes of othersIMG_20180224_071202.jpg

Araguaney - Tabebuia Chrysanta

Photo by @ubikalo - 2018

When I read about treeplanter I thought It was like every other bot, then I visited their website and I understood this is an amazing idea in action to help planet starting one tree at the time.
I learned no all bots are the same, like no all trees are green. This beautiful tree is my favorite and I wanted to share it with you all.
I am from Venezuela and we have our own problems but I think we all share the same spaceship called Earth, we must work together now.
Thank you for this opportunity to work together! your friend @ubikalo


I hear you out about the bots! @treeplanter definitely is not one of them.... Great project that deserves much more attention. Let's try and give it to them. Thank you so much for your support. Tomas


I have been reading about steemit and so many things in it, and this project is unique, it is an inspiration for me and I thinks this is just the begining of its success. I admire people like you too, you and treeplanter make me belive in humanity once again. God bless you my friend

Definitely an interesting concept and initiative, I will be sure to look into that - thanks for highlighting @kedjom-keku and @treeplanter for us and for putting on this contest to promote it!

Here is a Japanese Maple tree from the Japanese Gardens in Portland Oregon. A famous tree, and no wonder - there's something beautiful in the curves of its trunk and the colors of its leaves in the fall!

japanese maple.jpg

Here Is my Entry For this contest.
AS I belong to a city who is well known for his mango production.
AS summer is on the door! and Mangoes are ready to go in the market in some days,
WAnna have some mangoes? :p

Mango tree in my city.png


I wish:).... Unfortunately, we do not grow them in Czech:(


awww :( why ?
Plese Don't be sad :(

Thanks for sharing. Friends have told me that Cameroon is one of the best countries in Africa. I will for sure consodering that bot and follow @treeplanter for more details. Bookmarked.

My entry:

Hi, cold morning everyone. I want to participate this kind of contest. Many people loves this kind of fruit, this was called mango because this fruit is very sweet when it comes ripe. Thank you for your time. It's me @yzah

This is a beautiful bonsai tree found in one of the best gardens of Japan, the Ritsurin park in Takamatsu who was built during the early Edo Period. It is a great spot to relax surrounded by natural ponds, hills and historic trees.


This is such a great project by @martin.mikes! Working in sustainability, I’m happy to see it and gonna donate a bit to the Tree Planter. Thank you Tomas for letting us know and hosting this meaningful contest. Here is my entry for supporting the good cause:


I clicked this picture of the strangler fig tree at Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia. The tree has been growing over and through the stone structures. Here, in the battle between nature and architecture, nature takes over.

I really love forests. For us Russians, the life of a person is inseparable from it. So it was from the earliest times. I've tried to shoot trees a lot. There are very famous trees, like a lone pine on Lake Baikal. I think I'll see her picture here.
But I wanted to show something special. Mangroves. This house is for a huge number of sea creatures. Even sharks and stingrays spend their first months here.
Mangroves are the connection of land and sea. Old and new.


I really love your picture. It was not easy to choose the best one, but I had to finally choose one. You are the winner @narchuk. Thanks a lot to every participates and @czechglobalhosts for this contest and support. Steem is my favourite blockchain project which is already helping us a lot to save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest. I am sure we will achieve our great goal very soon in we have support like this. You are all great people. I wish to meet you all personally and appreciate your support face to face. Have a nice day and do not forget to use our charity funds-raising bot @treeplanter. All profit of @treeplanter, @martin.mikes and @kedjom-keku is going to be used for forest conservation in Cameroon. If we succeed here, we would like to continue in other parts of the World.


Many thanks for the important project!
Good luck in its progress in the future!
And thanks for choosing my photo)


Thank you for joining us supporting this wonderful project run by Martin.


This photo was taken in Caloundra, Queensland, Australia. The wind from the ocean has pushed the branches back. The form of the tree grabbed my attention, along with the glorious view behind it.

Hope the charity work goes pretty well!

My entry for the most THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TREE !
Well I was going out in the Tea Garden and found this amazing tree !That quite seems like the alphabet Y !Which did surprised me a lot and could not stop taking the snap of the tree !



Thank you! Me too..... Have a great day.

Pine tree among deciduous trees excels best in winter ... Velká Skála, Praha 8, Troja. Even in the capital of the Czech Republic, such places can be found. The site is protected as a natural monument.


Great to see your participation in this contest and supporting a good cause! Truly appreciated.


Save the trees
Because they have saved nature. Because they have greened the earth, because they are home to the birds, because we need the trees.
Allowing them to extinct, we have destroyed nature, without having to make damage.

Campaign to plant trees.

Happy Blessed Sunday Everyone!
Coconut trees located in a land beside our Church here in Mactan - Sto.Nino de Cebu - Mactan Parish. I captured this last February 18, 2018 after attending the Fiesta- Pontifical Mass @10am.
During my school days, if asked to choose a tree that symbolize myself most of the time I choose coconut to symbolize myself. As it is tall & thin like me 😁 it is also one of my favorite fruit we call it "buko" in filipino & "lubi"in our dialect in Cebu, but the tree in filipino we call it "Niyog".
The tree and fruit has many uses and it's so helpful for us.
Have a great day to all!

Thanks to @czechglobalhosts for initiating this.


This post grabbed my attention!
As a nature loving horticulturist, as well as being a musician and songwriter here on steemit, I feel very passionate about our planet.
The work that @martin.mikes and his organization @kedjom-keku are doing that you mentioned is really fantastic! I've upvoted this post but I'm only a plankton here so my vote was only worth $0.14! Every little helps I guess.
I'm gonna head over to Mikes page and look for the @treeplanter bot too
as I think that's also a great tool to promote conservation and sustainability.
Good luck to everyone involved with this project!

Here's my 'THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TREE' entry for the contest.
It's at a place called 'Sudbury Hall' which is a national trust owned estate on the outskirts of Derbyshire. The tree is possibly nearly 400 years old and was planted when the hall was built in the 17th Century.
It's some kind of evergreen, but I'm not sure which type.

Great efforts! That's something we should protect for our future generations

After a wildfire, this tree and its surroundings burned completely. But nature is strong and everything is green again. Jalapão/Brazil

burnt tree-1.jpg

The simplicity and beauty of a picture from a village in Morocco is the simplicity of life
This feels comfortable and comfortable

Thank's for such initiative.Forest is decreasing all over the world.Now its high time to stop this,if we can do something to stop this then it will be a great achievement.If we can save a single tree that may encourage others to take such initiative.Thank's for the post.@upvoted and resteemed

This is the kind of initiative that the world needs. Forests all over the world are almost gone because of massive deforestation. The world needs this kind of people who are helping to restore mother nature. Thanks for your effort, a lot.

I Upvoted and Resteemed this post!

wow that's a great place...

great....that's outstading..
great to share
thank you




Completely unrelated!


Well it WAS the most beautiful tree, until the turtles ate it.

awesome initiative. I think steemit has great potential to be one of the biggest social charity platforms of all time. I love this idea. It is just brilliant. Thank all the people involved in it. God Bless You. Peace and Love.

Great initiative! Keep it up.
Hope you save some trees.

Its good step and good for the next keep sharing
I wish you all the best

Great organization! Good work to make people aware of this and to share his project!

I completely agree. This is for a good cause and it costs us nothing to help out. I resteemed the post if it will help, and i'm also using the @treeplanter bot.

My contribution at this point is not so big since i don't have that much voting power, but i still hope it helps.

Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work. It's always decent and appreciated to help those in need.

Kind regards,




Amazing idea @czechglobalhosts! And good work highlighting important work from little known charities! It would be great to hear an update at some point to see how much was raised!

This is a great project, upvoted and will use the bot when posting.

nice work buddy, thanks for sharing ..

it nice post,we should remind it ,tree gives us oxygen.

excellent writing.

sounds good nature should be respected we can be wayy more in harmony with nature and the unvierse then alot of humanity is right now!

This photo is of my village which is 65 km far from main capital city Kathmandu of Nepal. The environment here is eco - friendly. People never leave the land barren throughout the year. They are well educated to preserve their natural ecosystem. And they harvest their land with crops and have dedicated their life to agriculture as a means of surviving🙂


You are doing a great job, lot of respect my friend , here is my entry

that is very nice to hear, we need more people doing this

That's amazing, good luck!

Good step, go ahead to front. Awesome photography.


Completely unrelated!

What a great idea. Steemit has a chance to change peoples lives....why not places too. Thanks for pulling this together. Updooted!

Sir your great, I would like too say you thanks for everything.
I respect you. You can write everything pretty well.
I find the sweetness in your writing.
You are an outstanding personality.
Thanks for all your activities.

I only habe 25 cents and i burned my sp this week but i will resteem

It is a very commendable action, I wish you many success in the promotion of restoring and saving the habitat.


These are the roots of more than five trees mingled together.
More pics at my Steemit post

Location: Paniyeli poru under Kerala forest division.

I think it is a pretty good idea Sir

Hmm great compitition dear I like greenry

Wo post very good and nice

The tree is a fun playground
The tree was a comfortable shelter
The tree is where animals live
The tree is the source of the food of living things
The tree is oxygen-producing
The tree is an energy producer
The tree has many benefits
and there are still many reasons for us to preserve the trees1520150781589-525133235.jpg

These initiatives are necessary, because through these projects or others that are given in the future, can help not only in the ecological, but in the humanitarian among other areas, and it is good to apprehend this platform so that many demos help those who the more they need it, the platform not only helps the users to have benefits, but also to give outside help or protection of animals.

Nature does not recognize jokes; she is always truthful, always serious, always strict; she is always right; mistakes and errors come from people.

Awesome photos man! Here is my photo ;)