[GIVEAWAY] And the Free Steemit T-Shirt goes too…

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You probably know already that we were the first to sell Steemit apparel here using crypto at check-out!   

The good news is that we accept now SBD (STEEM DOLLAR) payments in our store! We made the big announcement here.     

Our latest campaign winner was @lukestokes with this comment post! He made $0.31 with that comment!

The funny fact is that he ordered his T-shirt before winning and that means that he got it for free at the end!

People really like our Steemit T-Shirts…you can see a lot of people wearing them on Steemit posts, but more than that, people like: 


Here goes another one shipped for free to the owner of the best comment to this post (judged by the sum of awarded $). 

If your comment has made the most $ at the time of the first payment just tell us where to send your new Free Steemit T-shirt, indicate the desired model and size and we will ship it right away! Yes, we ship WORLDWIDE! 


Slack: @cryptojoy.com 

Steem.chat: @cryptojoy.com   

With love for steemers 


Offtopic: It is possible that you will like our ROCKET LAUNCH! :)

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This should fit @roelandp in the Next makeup tutorial! :)))

its not always the best post that win but the post with whale touch.. but i hope i win