[GIVEAWAY] Minnows, I Will Promote Your Posts For Free! #1

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Hello Steemit, I'll promote your post for free. It doesn't matter how good your posts are, if only a handful of people learn about them, you are going to have a hard time succeeding.

How promotion on Steeemit works?
You can promote any post only with Steem Dollars. When writing a post if you put, let's say, only one tag #steemit, then this post will be promoted only in the #steemit tag category. This is why it's a good idea to use all 5 tags, to get you post promoted in 5 different tag categories on Steemit. Any post you promote will go to the Promoted tab of that category. The more you pay for it, it will show prior to other posts with less promotion cost. The post will stay there at least for a week, maybe even more.


This GiveAway for new people.
More details
Your reputation under 50 and have less than 1000 in Steem Power and send me a link in the comments​ of one of your recent posts and I will promote it gladly. I will promote one post per user, so chose wisely. Remember if the post is older than 7 days there is not point in promoting it because it's already been paid for.

If you like this post u can upvote, resteem or follow me.
I hope another day can give again
Thank You #steemit

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Thanks so much for this man! Heres one I just put up!