Ginabot: Your Passport To Better Blogging

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To some, the sight of 'bot' attached to 'Gina' gets them discouraged due to their reservations for the use of 'bid' bots within the Steemiverse. This post is in no way 'pro ' or 'anti' bidbots but is aimed at sharing what has and is helping my blog life with some who may not have such knowledge.


I am Aunty Gina

Who Is Gina?

I love to call her the chief 'gossiper' within the steemiverse, not in a bad light but more of a universal information minister that offers her services FOC (free of charge) for the benefits of all who wish to be up to date.

That said, you may wonder what services our lovely Gina offers. Let us take a look at some of the...

Pro Bono?

According to one online definition of the above heading, it attached 'poverty - stricken' to the class of people such free services as it relates to law practice is rendered to. Such is not the case with Aunty Gina though 😂, because the high and mighty within the Steemit community needs her services the same way newbies do.


These are some of the reasons :

  1. Aunty Gina alerts you when your favorite bloggers within the community make a post. That is of course if you ask her to 😂.

  2. Aunty Gina will inform you of any transactions within your wallet. Income and 'Outcome ' 😂 transfers.

  3. Aunty Gina will alert you when someone mention you anywhere within the Steemiverse. This is a very important aspect in order not to miss out on some important things.

  4. Aunty Gina gladly informs you when and who upvote/downvote and even mute you.

  5. My very lovely Aunty Gina will also gladly tell you who finds your post 'useless ' 😂 Useful enough to be seen by their followers in form of resteems.

  6. Go sign up with Aunty Gina and find out a lot other goodies she offers FOC.


This is how :

  1. Download the discord app or use the web based discord platform to sign-up using your Steemit username preferably.

  2. Join the @ginabot minnowpowernet server on discord using the link below.

  3. Go to registration room within the minnowpowernet server and follow the instructions therein.

  4. Please ensure you have a minimum of 0.001sbd that you will use to exchange memo during your registration in your wallet.

  5. Enjoy the full benefits of Aunty Gina from then on.

Tip: Do you know that ginabot has some mouth watering improvements lately? I will not tell you the improvements, go check it out yourself 😜.


My Signout message is :

Knowledge Shared Is Knowledge Sustained.



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Very useful! I surprisingly just knew her not so long ago but loving her so far!

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Now i know what its all about. Thanks @emjoe


You are welcome bro.

Thanks for coming around