The Forever Rose: A $1 Million Crypto Artwork

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The illustration above was produced by artist @carrotcake specifically for this article. You can see her original process and work here.

Making Love Immutable

The Forever Rose is a unique digital photograph by artist Kevin Abosch that was auctioned on Valentine’s day (February 14, 2018). The Rose sold for a total of $1 million USD which was split among 10 investors who purchased the work using cryptocurrency. The auction was organized through the digital asset platform, GIFTO.

Here is a statement of intent form the artist - “With the Forever Rose, I want to take a step beyond the physical, and present a unique, virtual work of art that I believe will help bring the owner to an even deeper sense of engagement. The Forever Rose is not just a symbol — it is Proof of Love. By creating the Forever Rose as an Ethereum token, I want to create a visual symbol to help the public see and understand the potential of blockchain technology in a tangible and meaningful way.”

The proceeds of the auction will be donated to the CoderDojo Foundation, an institution that offers free programming education to young people.

GIFTO founder Andy Tian and The Forever Rose artist Kevin Abosch present the final work and auction in South Korea.

Gifto’s Digital Asset Protocol

GIFTO is a new blockchain protocol that looks to monetize and circulate an economy of digital assets. Their governance system proposes an effective way to create new digital assets (valued by the native GIFTO token) according to specific activities and platform celebrities, make those assets available to a fan base, and develop collections of designed cryptocurrency deposits in their internal economy.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 1.43.27 PM.png

The GIFTO blockchain and cryptocurrency were launched by the founding team of UpLive (EST 2016), a highly successful live streaming service that already allows the gifting of purchased emojis and various media to fuel a “fan economy.” They are now looking to replace those digital symbols with sustainable assets on their new blockchain.

Here is a video introduction by Founder Andy Tian -

About the Artist: Kevin Abosch

Kevin Abosch is a leading proponent of creative cryptocurrency adoption and application. In the realm of blockchain, Abosch is best known for his IAMA Coin project that transforms his personal artworks (including a series of his own blood stamped as block addresses) into ERC20 digital assets. Abosch looks to tokenize and integrate the art world into the new realm of decentralized information and value.

Kevin Abosch's IAMA Coin project consists of 100 physical and 10 million virtual artworks that operate as ERC20 tokens and digital assets. Each unique artwork is a token itself, linked visually to its point of creation on the blockchain.

Project Details

Learn more about The Forever Rose artwork and event on GIFTO’s Medium Page. Learn more about GIFTO’s protocol on their whitepaper.

Project Name: The Forever Rose
Name of People/Company: Kevin Abosch, GIFTO
Duration:February 14, 2018
Location: Worldwide on the Binance Exchange
Budget: Approximately 1 Million USD

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A beautiful piece

Great post about a remarkable artist. I just had a small conversation with him on twitter, after he posted this tweet and I managed to get some IAMA coins from him.

That's fantastic! We've tweeted the article to him and other participants of the project. Looking forward to expanding the convo and learning more about future work.

Absolutely, #crypto-art is really going to become a thing and I'm happy that you created the creativecrypto account to give creative blockchain intiatives and artists a platform.

I'm also pretty sure, that there will be lots of interesting conversations and collaborations regarding blockchain art in the future ;-) Keep it up!

Recently had this conversation here with another fellow artist-steemian @Haedre about the future of art, living artists, and the blockchain. Another fellow @shortcut mentioned a ETH-enabled website called, which network users communicate through digital drawings, posted on a blockchain.

I consider this almost every day I post, thanks to Steemit, I'm able to self-publish my artwork and its effects, beyond that of many other artists struggling to rise above the tide. Blockchain enables technology to act as a public notary, an indelible record "proof-of-concept" on the internet, the power of the cloud liberates me from the compulsory servitude creators are subjected to in the market, only to surrender their time, energy, and their best years to a corporate machine. I believe it is imperative for the survival of a creative artist to be productive, devout to the craft, sole control and heir of their vision. The mainstream broadcast channels, online even, are driven by traffic trends, current events, and big data.

Artists are like the wayfairers in the waves, setting surf to shoreline, illustrating the sign of the times.

Thank you @creativecrypto @sndnox for sharing this!

kevinabosch kevin abosch tweeted @ 28 Mar 2018 - 16:03 UTC

"Stealing The Contents of This Wallet Is a Crime" (2018) #cryptoart #crypto #iamacoin #ethereum #blockchain

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Of things like this, examples like this, experiences like this, is what the blockchain is made of.

Thank you for sharing!

I like your post its very nice

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True artists tell a story or deliver a new message that people pay attention to. That's what this guy did. Nice.

I first learned about Gifto coin from Palm beach report in February issue. It looked like an interesting idea, so I bought 2000 gifto coins when it was $0.60. I am holding it and will see how this goes in next few years.
Thank you for amazing article :)

Ah, I love this....we're seeing art + blockchain come alive in such a wide variety of ways. The videos - especially the interview with Kevin - really opens our minds!