It's Competition Time.!! Reaching out to all Graphic Designers, Artists, Promoters and all those that can make Promotional *.gifs.!!

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#Promo-Steem - Promoting #Steem and #Steemit around the World with #Gifs4Steem

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Competition Time.!!

It's Competition Time again.!!

I am reaching out once again to all Graphic Designers, Artists, Promoters and all those that can make Promotional *.gifs.!!

To help in the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem I am once again looking for Promotional *.gifs from the #Steem Community to help the #Promo-Steem Community to Promote #Steem.

Promoting #Gifs4Steem and a #OneHundredSteem #Contest

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100 #Steem Cash Prize

To help support #Promo-Steem in the promotion of #Steem I will be giving away 100 #Steem in Cash Prizes to x7 Lucky Winners as follows....

1st Prize = 50 #Steem

2nd Prize = 20 #Steem

3rd Prize = 10 #Steem

x4 Runners up = 5 #Steem each

Total Prize Pot = 100 #Steem

Closing Date / Time

Closing Date - Friday 7th May 2021.

Closing Time - 20:00pm GMT (U.K. Time).

Announcement of the Winners

The Announcement of the Winners of the #OneHundredSteem #Gifs4Steem #Contest will be published shortly after the Closing Date / Time of the #Contest as above.

How to Enter

When you publish your Entry Blog, please begin the Title of your Blog with the following words: "Gifs4Steem One Hundred Steem Contest by @[yourname]."

Please use the following x5 hashtags as the first x5 tags: #gifs4steem #promo-steem #onehundredsteem #steem #contest.

The above will make it easier for your Blog to be entered into the #Contest.

Design of your Promotional *.gif

Your Promotional *.gif must be Free-to-Use and free from any restrictions to be copied / pasted and used by others.

Promotional *.gifs must last for a minimum of 5 seconds and set as a rolling loop.

All work must be your own.

Magical #Contest

Let's make this a Magical #Contest and show the World using Promotional *.gifs just how amazing #Steem and #Steemit truly are.

Graphic Designers, Artists, Promoters and and all those that can make Promotional *.gifs

Once again, I am reaching out to all Graphic Designers, Artists, Promoters and all those that can make Promotional *.gifs.

Looking forward to seeing your Promotional *.gifs coming in and announcing the Winners shortly after the end of the #Contest on Friday 7th May 2021 - Closing Time - 20:00pm GMT (U.K. Time).

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Promoting #Gifs4Steem and the #OneHundredSteem #Contest

Steemit Steem Blog.jpg


Excellent contest @stephenkendal, and excellent prize. A few days ago I made an animation that I wanted to present in PowerPoint for your promotion, I will transform it into Gifs to present it in the contest.


i have waiting this competition all the time. contest for graphic designer.

this is my passion. but I better not participate, so that other users can get a chance from you sir

Hi Arie

I would love to see you enter the #Contest and share with us all your graphic designing skills.

The purpose of the #Contest is to start pulling together Promotional *.gifs for #Promo-Steem Promoters and the #PromoSteem Community to start using *.gifs on Social Media to help promote #Steem and #Steemit.

Looking forward to seeing your entry.


if you say that sir, then I'll try my best


It is definitely a very good idea and an activity. I had an infographic idea before. I invite dear Steemit users by opening a tag on social media :)
#steemit #steem #promosteem

you got me on this @stephenkendal :-) I love making edits, especially on short videos, and of course I can convert it into gif for use. Thanks @stephenkendal. I surely am participating your contest. Your steem prize is a huge help for power up.

See you around @stephenkendal

And it's for all to jojn

It's going to be great again in this contest. Let's get to the design board.

Steemit is going to be a great platform for this kind of great work.Your support add an important value to promote #steem. Thank you @stephenkendal

After such a long time I get a chance to design gif, would love to thank you sir @stephenkendal for this opportunity. Good luck to me! Hehe

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