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@thegreens & @scott-terry

Hello everyone! It is snowy and wonderful in Ohio today! We have spent two days playing outside and are sooo happy! So, on that great note please check out the two posts selected today. One is a new Steemian, so please send extra love!😀

~Stacie D @freedomtowrite

On Saturday the 29th of December 2018, we did our first harvest of vegetables (spices) from our UPB Vertical Garden to cook food for our end of year party. Some of the spices we harvested include;


I turn 44 in a few days. I have the body of an 80 year old man. My knees are shot, I hurt all over, and I expect it will only get worse. The price of organic milk is in the crapper and has been for a few years now. My herd of milk cows is worth about half what it was last year. My friends ask why I keep doing this. Its a good question, I guess.


As a collective we are coming together! Uniting, Educating, and Encouraging each other by recognizing the hardwork that is going on all around us. We, as fellow homesteaders, are taking the time to recommend a post that is posted by another person that we feel should be noticed!

Todays's posts by @thegreens and @scott-terry, and were recommended by @goldendawne and @nateonsteemit! Every recommended post will receive 100% upvote from the GHSC and a resteem!

Check them out and then come join us on discord, and find out how you can earn GlobalHome coins!

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Thanks for bringing us to the spotlight @ghscolletive and we hope to use the the tag more frequently as well as communicate on the discord channel.

That sounds great! Your organization is doing great things!

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That Basil is looking great!

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Right?! It looks very yummy!

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