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Alright! Today the Global Homestead Collective proudly presents a special post all about...



Fiona has been a great addition to our community, and you'll find her often popping in and out of our discord! She lives in the Winelands of South Africa, which shows just how far and wide the GHSC has members! Without further ado, on with the interview!

1.) Would you consider yourself more of a hunter or a gatherer?

Oh, most definitely a gatherer! I do eat meat, but when I met The Husband, I was heading in the direction of vegetarianism (lacto-ovo). He, however, is a dedicated carnivore and retired stock farmer – loves cows – so he got to eat more greens and I learned to eat (and cook) meat more regularly. I do admit, though, that I work hard to separate what’s on my plate, from what’s in someone’s paddock. Not entirely the right way to go about things, but I’m human.

2.) If you could choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Now this is a hard one. Check out this post and you’ll see why lol

3.) What has inspired you the most to live a self-reliant life?

We are hardly self-reliant although it’s something to which I aspire. I have come to learn that I’m a bit of a salmon and that I really don’t like to feel compelled to rely on other people. That said, the use of renewable energy, the damage that plastics and other chemicals have done (actually, it’s ignorant humans who have done the damage) is something that has long bothered me. From my school days and before global warming was talked about. I had a very forward-thinking geography teacher who later became a mentor and friend. She taught about this sort of thing – then – in the 1980s. And then, also growing up with a father who had, as a child, worked an allotment in Scotland before becoming a horticulturist, growing vegetables is second nature. The Husband tells people that one of the things that impressed him, on his first visit to my cottage (yes, when he met Mr. Weber for the first time) was the tomatoes growing between the flowers! I still grow flowers and herbs and vegetables together if I get half the chance!

4.) You've been given an elephant. You can't give it away or sell it. What would you do with the elephant?

Ummmm……I’d do like an ostrich and stick my head in the sand! Like I’m doing with this question!

5.) If you were to walk outside right now and find 1 million dollars what would you do with it?

Well, that translates into about R14 million. So, applying the maxim that charity begins at home, I’d start here, paying off the house, fixing it up which would include, among other things sinking a borehole and getting us off the grid – solar and wind power. Then, I’d build a little cottage on our plot. That, all being equal, would leave us 12 million to play with. What I would then do, is make a plan for The Husband to visit Scotland – his birthplace – he left there when he was three. That would probably still leave a goodly sum, some of which would be invested so that we are cared for into our dotage and the balance would be put into a trust (you’d call it a 501 (c) 3) and I’d look at contributing to non-profits concerned with TVET and caring for animals in poor areas, and particularly in the village.

6.) What's your ideal climate and terrain?

We have always said that the perfect climate is that around Johannesburg – cold, clear winters that have warm days and cold nights and hot summers that end their days with thundershowers. Very little wind. That drives me nuts. Urgh! It’s howling as I write. Terrain, well, where we live is just lovely, and one of the reasons we chose to live here.

7.) What was the last gift you gave someone?

A beautiful glass decanter.

8.) If you were able to pick one member of the GHSC to work on a project, who would it be?

I don’t know. I guess it would depend on the project. I don’t really know you folk too well – yet!

9.) How long have you been on Steemit?

I joined Steemit in June 2017

10.) How did you hear about Steemit?

From long-time friend and founder of the #PowerHouseCreatives (formerly @steemitbloggers)

11.) With price of Steem being so low, what keeps you coming back?

The people. The sense of community developed through shared interests – things in common, and different, with people from all over the world; the ability to laugh at things and also, that once you find your niche (and it does take a while….) that there are folk who genuinely care. That has been one of the big lessons on Steemit.

12.) Who has been the most inspirational for you on this platform?

I think there are probably three individuals who spring to mind – for very different reasons. First is @jaynie. As I mentioned, I’ve known her a loooong time. What she has endured in life, but more to the point, what she’s built, largely single-handed, on Steemit is nothing short of phenomenal. Then, her righthand person, @zord189 who just has the most amazing capacity to care – I’ve not met him in person, but he rarely, if ever, has a bad or angry word. Positive and upbeat – we could all learn a lesson from that. Finally, @lynncoyle1 – her journey and what she does in so many Steemit communities are an example to us all. There are others, but shooting from the hip, they are the three that spring out of the barrel, so to say!

13.) Can we find your work on any other platforms?

Yes, on Facebook, Instagram and Wordpress, but now mostly from there on to Steemit. Same old handle - @fionasfavourites!

14.) Have you had to make any sacrifices to get where you are today?

Well, if you call hard slog, sacrifice, then yes. Until recently, I considered myself a plodder. I’ve now taken the bit between my teeth and am determined to make “it” happen. Quite what that is, I have yet to find out, but I’m working on a few things. I’ll keep you posted – on Steemit

15.) If the GHSC were a physical location, full everything homestead and self-reliant, where would you find yourself the most?

Oh, most definitely in the kitchen.

16.) If you could interview anyone within the self-reliant community, on Steemit or otherwise, who would it be?

Probably @simplymike – she’s a crypto queen and a passionate homesteader in Belgium and has had some enormous challenges. She’s also given me more than one helping hand over my time on this platform, for which I am very grateful.

17.) If you were in charge of the GHSC mess hall for a day, what would you feed us all?

Well, that would depend on the weather. Given that you’re having the worst winter, ever, it would probably be a rich, hearty stew or curry. For the carnivores, a traditional Malay curry and a chickpea or lentil one for the plant-based eaters. Summer would be an enormous salad and the protein would either be cheese or off the braai and somewhere in between I’d probably be making pasta!

For dessert, I might do shortbread, or a traditional Afrikaans Melktert! Or even a family favourite known as Alan’s Pudding – you’ll have to wait and see what that is – it’s going to feature on a Sunday Supper menu soon, I have no doubt.

18.) Which animal would make the best type of president if the animal kingdom ever rises up and takes over?

I have absolutely no idea. Possibly one of the social animals. A bee or an ant. Their communities seem to just work.

19.) Has there been one thing in particular you've learned about yourself this past year?

That I can survive and get through most sh*t that’s thrown at me!

20.) If you could meet any one person in the GHSC community who would it be?

All of you!

These are just so much fun! That mess hall question gets my mouth watering every time, and I love the plant-based eaters menu! It makes me feel loved! haha Thanks Fiona for letting us know more about you! If any of you see questions you loved to see repeated or have new questions you would like to see added, please leave a comment!

Like always, the Global Homestead Collective is here to Unite, Educate and Encourage! Please join us on discord, and be apart of this amazing community! We couldn't do it any of this without you!

Much love,

Stacie D


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Thank you so much @ghscollective for this privilege. I so enjoy being part of your community - even though most of you are waking up as I am winding up! Thanks so much again, @freedomtowrite - it was fun. I am sorry to have disappointed @nateonsteemit but hey, I can't please everybody all of the time.

Oh no, I'm not disappointed in any way! Hahaha I loved you interview!

Hahaha! At least she didn't ask me how I'd have eaten it. The answer would have been soooo predictable :D

One bite at a time? ;)

@fionasfavourites is one of the friendliest, kind-ess soul there is. She is truly a gem that looks out for people around her. It is never a dull moment when she is around and it is true that I've never met her in person but I would LOVE to one day and I know that we're both going to have a good time chatting away. A lovable person that you just can't miss in the midst of everything going on.

She is one of a kind.

Oh, @zord189! I didn't reply when I wrote this - was busy doing supper and then got caught up in you-know-what. What you said brought a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat. The Husband is now beginning to "get" my Steemit friendships and wishes that at some point there will be a meetup as you put it. Let's hope that one day that will happen.

Thank you for your kind words and, let me say it: you, too, are one of a kind.

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Haha thank you! I thought I had been so careful!

Awesome interview!!

Great interview, and we have a lot in common. No doubt we could have a good time together in the kitchen.

Nice to learn a little more about you, @fionasfavourites! ;-)

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Thank you so much, @crescendoofpeace. That would be fun - in the kitchen!

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When you said @fionasfavourites, I went straight to question 17. I read all the rest afterwards, but that was the one I had to see.

Fiona, no elephant? Sad day :(

Nope, @nateonsteemit. Only an ostrich. I have to come and comment/respond/acknowledge properly. Probably tomorrow. Right now, it's the end of a long day and week. Both amazing in their own ways...

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An ostrich? What do ostriches do? Are they basically giant deadly chickens? Can you compost their poo and fry their eggs? How does an ostrich coop work?

Now I want to learn about ostriches...

OMG! Now there's a challenge. I may surprise you tet. Sometimes they are useful for more than the metaphorical. GTG. Cooking time. Keep you in suspense LOL

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