SteemX launching in Ghana soon!!! Let the countdown begin

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What you need to know about steemX Ghana

It is no doubt that steemX, its team and supporters are lovers of the steemit blockchain and have been doing everything within their power to add more value to the blockchain. That is why there is a need to move into other african communities so as to render conversion services to them as we have done and still doing in the Nigerian community.
We are aware that these african communities face thesame challenges as regards the blockchain technology, that is why we have come to offer a solution to all Steemians in Ghana.


  • A preview of a user’s steemit profile(wallet).
  • Direct conversion from SBD to CEDI with a unique memo that serves as transaction ID.
  • Options for adding a local bank account number.
  • Withdrawal button that instantly credit a user’s bank account.
  • History of previous transactions.
  • Quick support system that facilitates resolving issues.
  • Exchange rate information in CEDI.

Benefits of SteemX Ghana to Steemit and the Ghana community

  • SteemX Ghana will attract investors into the Steem Blockchain Network as so many persons will be confident that they can easily convert SBD, STEEM to Cedi and vice-versa.

  • SteemX Ghana will also attract more creative and skilful individuals who will give value to the platform since they know it a workable and reliable platform.

  • SteemX Ghana will increase the chances of big merchant and E-commerce companies that will accept Steem currency as a means of payment.

  • SteemX Ghana will increase the number of users on the Steem platform because of its promotion and support of steemit community development projects.

For more information about SteemX click Here

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This is so nice... Growing the blockchain and reaching out to more steemians in Ghana. welldone @steemexchanger


Thanks, we love the steemit blockchain.

I sent 4 sbd and made a mistake of not adding my unique memo. Please refund or credit my account. Thanks.


Refunded immediately.

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:

How will i send back my steem i send to steemexchanger if i don't want to sell again