#CHALLENGE BY @ANOMADSOUL | GET TO KNOW ME I'm always on the trip, even when I'm at home ... 10 moments of happiness of @olga.maslievich

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Hello my friends! I am delighted with this initiative GET TO KNOW ME, which was initiated by our dear friend @ANOMADSOUL! The details of this competition, which allows us to meet and make friends on the eve of Steem Fest:


Personally, I consider Steemit to be a special blessing in my life, where the atmosphere of kindness, love, sincerity and mutual support prevail ... And now this is just the beginning of the great path of Steemit!
For me, the time I spend in Steemit is always a pleasure. I chose 10 posts that I call 10 moments of happiness in my life ... Leave me a comment which three things you like to do as I :)

I live in Lviv and I am an enthusiastic tourist in my city! There are things in Lviv that make me happy and I always get inspiration from here! These are old houses, which I like to see from the fourth floor of the Lviv workshop of chocolate and handmade truffles, which make my mood sweet ...





I really love outdoor walks, and if I do not go far, I like to sit on a bike and ride around the forest, enjoying the smell of wild flowers! And I also really love to make photos of flowers and mushrooms :)







I'm happy because I live not far from the Carpathian Mountains! I love to go to the mysterious Carpathians and take the energy of mountains and mountain streams!



The sea I love most of all ! Probably because my zodiac sign is fish :) And so the holiday at sea is always in the top priority! This year I visited two seas - Red and Black! And of course, I like to do a photo shoot with my daughters :)





But my main trip is motherhood! Thanks to my children, I know God!





I want to convey this contest to @kus-knee , @oldtimer , @lichtblick! Thank you and I hope to meet you on Steem Fest in real life!

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Hi... Olga.maslievich

Great Post with Great Pictures.
My 100 % upvote for this post like Always.


Thank you for your visit!


Always welcome... Dear

Nice Olga, love the terrace photo from Lviv.
The dessert looking so tasty!
Hope to see you and @bugavi at Steemfest!


Thank you, friend @joythewanderer! I hope that we with you together sometime will drink coffee in the Lviv Chocolate Workshop :)

I enjoyed watching beautiful pics taken by you.


Thank you, friend, for your visit!

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