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For someone who writes a lot, I suck terribly when it comes to writing about myself. Thinking about it, I think it’s because I write a lot of fiction so I sometimes get disconnected from the real world.

Well, here’s my top ten compilation. It's an entry for @anomadsoul’s Get To Know Me Challenge. They feature ulog posts and some of my works on Steemit.

In no particular order

1. Hanging By The Neck

A fellow writer described this fiction as ‘beautiful’. She loved it. I did put in some effort in getting this story out. It is about a teenage boy who goes to prison for terrorism. Read to find out more.

2. The Love Of A Sister

This is a ulog post about sister. There, I share a few things about her. It’s a personal post so you might not enjoy it. But then, it’s about family. Check it out. Perhaps, it will remind you of someone special

3. The Betrayal

This is a haiku. A haiku is a three line poem with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second and 5 syllables in the last line. This one is about the betrayal of Jesus with a kiss. Hope the Christians don’t mind that I borrowed something from them.

4. A Ulog For My Brother

If I did do a post for my sister, well, I had to do one for my brother too. He’s my only brother and that means a lot to me (I have two sisters). like the other post, it basically talks about my brother.

5. The Tree Of Akpobrisi

This is a fiction inspired by the local folklore. I am from Throb, somewhere in the south-south region of Nigeria. It’s about the just, vengeful but foolish lower god called Akpobrisi. There are a lot of comments on the post and I haven’t gotten around to reply them.

6. Family Makes Everything Okay

This post, again, was inspired by my family. I find it hard to talk about myself without talking about my family. I owe a lot to them. For someone who grew up with a lot of issues and insecurities, I don’t know what I would be without their love and support.

7. His God’s Given Rights

This is a very short fiction about domestic violence. It is set in a religious home. Read to find out more.

8. Dealing With A Gambling Addiction

This is, so far, the only post on this list that talks about me. Not me exactly, but about my gambling addiction. Thankfully, after that post, I only played one more games and called it quits (let’s hope I can stay away for long)

9. The Homecoming

This is a fiction. The first part was given and I had to complete it with 500 words. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this. I was even hoping for a curie upvote. Lol

10. The Birthday Gift

This is a humorous piece. Most people laugh their butts off on this one. I guessing you will do.

And that’s a rap. Thanks for reading.


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