How Western Weapons Are Provided to Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Yemen By US-Backed Saudi Coalition

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Saudi Coalition-backed militias in Yemen including Jihadi terrorist factions which are fighting against the Houthis in the ongoing so-called Yemeni 'civil war' are being armed with western weapons and military equipment by Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

This eye-opening documentary released at the end of 2018 and produced by Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) for the German broadcasting network Deutche Wells, featuring Egyptian journalist Mohamed Aboelgheit (who spent a year tracing and documenting the origin of weapons that have ended up in the hands of armed groups fighting in Yemen’s 'civil war'), provides conclusive evidence that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are providing al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda affiliated militias in Yemen with western weapons initially sold to them, in direct contravention of international law and treaties.

The weapons being funneled to the Jihadi terrorists and their allies in Yemen by Saudi Arabia and the UAE include US-made armored vehicles, UK mine resistant armored protected vehicles (MRAPS), plus numerous machineguns, anti-tank missile launchers, missiles, grenades and other small arms from Austria, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Jordan. These weapons are sold to Saudi Arabia and the UAE which then provide them to various proxy-militias in Yemen fighting under the banner of the 'resistance forces' (resistance to the popular Houthis and allied Yemeni armed forces) such as the UAE-backed and al-Qaeda affiliated Abu al-Abbas Brigades.

The documentary further reveals that al-Qaeda terrorists waving their Jihadi black flag have been identified fighting within the ranks of Abu al-Abbas in Yemen. Video footage has been released documenting the use of some of these western-made weapons by al-Qaeda cells, and some of these western weapons have even ended up in the hands of at least one ISIS cell in the country.

Further, Abu-al-Abbas Brigades spokesman Radwan al-Hashidi stated in an interview that it is common knowledge that al-Qaeda has "from the beginning" formed a major component of the Saudi Coalition-backed 'resistance forces' which are acting as the Coalition proxy-forces on the ground, or their ground forces, and "all factions deal with them". "Everyone knows this," the spokesman stated. "When a UN delegation recently visited, members of al-Qaeda were present and had photos taken with them," he said. In other words, just as has now been proven in Syria, every 'resistance' faction in Yemen supported by the US-backed Saudi Coalition is allied with the radical Jihadist al-Qaeda terrorists.

Meanwhile Saudi Arabia provides the airpower in this war, conducting airstrikes which mainly target civilians and civilian infrastructure, particularly water treatment facilities; and the UAE abducts and tortures suspected Houthi-sympathizers in their network of secret prisons in Yemen, at which US personnel have also been spotted and photographed.

As I have covered many times in the past, this same Saudi Coalition is fully backed by the US, which provides not only weapons to the Saudis but also logistical support for their missions, which usually involves the intentional targeting and wholesale slaughter of Yemeni civilians by airstrikes, often with US bombs, in what can really only be described as part of an ongoing genocide.

End user agreements of the arms deals to Saudi Arabia and the UAE by these western nations prohibit the sale or any type of distribution of the weapons to any third party, but that doesn't stop the Saudi mass murderers and their UAE counterparts from providing the weapons to their proxy-forces on the ground in Yemen. Despite the overwhelming evidence that the Saudi Coalition is engaging in this illegal practice, the US and UK continue to back them in this assault on Yemen, while neither power condemns them for these international violations which are costing innocent Yemenis their lives and strengthening the very Jihadi terrorist factions in Yemen which they both claim to be fighting tooth and nail to eradicate in the worldwide 'war on terror'.

Meanwhile Saudi Arabia and the US continue to condemn and even call for military action against Iran for their support of the Houthis by allegedly providing the popular Yemeni movement with arms in violation of a UN resolution. But not a peep of condemnation against Saudi Arabia or the UAE for doing just that - violating international law by providing arms to third parties in the Yemen conflict. The hypocrisy couldn't be more obvious.

This is particularly chilling considering these weapons are being funneled to the very same radical Jihadi terrorists in Yemen which the US claims to be fighting to eradicate in the ongoing, multi-trillion dollar, 18-year, endless international 'war on terror'. But given the US track-record, does this really come as any surprise at all to anyone?

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