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Finally got around to taking some decent photographs of the gemstones I cut recently. This piece of Jasper is one I found last year at the Black Butte Reservoir in California. The contrasting colors are to dye for and it took a brilliant polish. It wasn't the biggest gem in the world, but I should be able to cut a couple more ring sized gemstones, out of it. This piece of #poppyjasper came from the same lake. When the Jasper has been broken up by forces of nature and the viens replaced with silica it's called #brecciatedjasper So this one would be considered a Brecciated Poppy Jasper. The quartz vein running through it adds a lot of character. Lapidary artists (gemstone cutters) reffer to this cut as a freeform design. Basically what that means is I didn't aim for a particular shape or measurement. I just kinda went with the flow of what the gemstone wanted to be. This beautiful green gemstone is called aventurine. The color is similar to fine jade but in the right light it looks like it has glittery silver flakes inside. Most of the gemmy material comes from India and is much more reasonably priced that Jade. Not the most well known gemstone in the world but I like it. Here's some more of the petrified whale bone I find and cut myself. It still amazes me that I can find this at the beach. Only about one out of a hundred pieces is suitable for jewelry. Most of it has pits and holes in it. This piece is wonderful, though. The cell structure of the bone is so perfectly preserved. Crazy to think about how old this thing really is. Dinosoars roamed the earth while it swam through the oceans. When the inspiration strikes I'll make a ring out of it. Someone will love to wear this piece of earths history. Tigers eye is another fun gemstone to work with. You have to cut it at just the right angle to show off the iridescence of the stone. If done properly it really does resemble a tigers eye. This golden color is the most prevalent on the market but it also comes in green and blue hues. Hope you enjoyed the "rock show" please #upvote #follow and #resteem to help me build my #steem fortune lol. #powerup


Yeah, rock show!!! I am obsessed with stones. The fifth one down is my favorite. It feels like the wood grain behind it almost!


Thanks so much. I put it on an old rotting log for the photo shoot. Nice natural look...

Have you ever cut an opal? I have some raw opals that I'm not sure what to do with.

Yes I cut opals sometimes. What type of rough do you have?

I'll take some pictures tomorrow. They're beautiful, but they're very rough. They are pretty small nickel and dime size and not round at all. The odd shapes make me want to get creative with some cast settings, but I never will. I've had them for years sitting in a jar of water or mineral oil. I don't even remember what the liquid is. lol

Neat I look forward to seeing the pictures. Opals are so beautiful

I liked most of the Jasper Stone's color scheme, but i most isterested in the Aventurine Stone had the silver flame appearance in the right light. Great post

Thanks you. It's a beautiful gemstone for sure.

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Love the tiger eye,one of my favorite stones.

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Those are beautiful!

Thank you. Takes me a long time to make them.

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You have some truly beautiful pieces both here and in your store.

I never knew Tigers Eye came in different colors than the gold, I looked up images of both the green and blue and have to say they are some of the most beautiful stones I have ever seen. Makes me wonder yet again why people bother with diamonds. lol

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I cut this one last year that looks like a volcano on it. Let me look at one of my Instagram page and see if I can find a picture of it. Sorry about your bot problem, hope it's not contagious. Lol j.k.

That is absolutely beautiful. Is it a mix of all three colors?

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really interesting piece

Nice job! I’ve always wanted to try cutting and polishing gemstones. It seems like it would be so rewarding.

It's very relaxing to me. I have to concentrate so hard it kinda drowns out the rest of the world. My version of meditation I guess lol. Google your area to see if there is any gem and mineral societies near you. They usually have some lapidary classes and fieldtrips to collect rocks.

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