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Here is a small break through in my understanding of Geo Engineering (GE) and its devastating affect on our the ozone layer. Published yesterday, this video provides some of the most concerning material I have encountered so far. I have a feeling that we will see this information validated and grow in popular opinion.

In summary: Once again, it is the basically the opposite of what we have been sold:

  • Official Narrative: GE reflects harmful UV back into space
  • Reality: GE blocks raising O2 preventing upper atmosphere O3 ozone formation
  • Evidence: UV-C measured at the earths surface, denied by academia

The Realization: It is reasonable to assume the Geo Engineers are at least as knowledgeable as we are usually being several step ahead. So it is a reasonable concern that one purpose of GE is to allow UV-C to reach the earth's crust.

What ever you decide please make it a priority to understand what GE really doing. It is better to make some lifestyle changes (in thinking then beyond) and make time for this as soon as possible. I am glad I made this effort.

Some tips I live by:

  • Don't pretend that we can't do anything about it, we (the majority) are enabling and ultimately in control. We just have to realize what are role is.
  • The latest theories and news are a powerful antidote to the problem.
  • Be strong, face this head-on. It may be like getting hit with cold water, not fun but it is healthy and gets easier.
  • Dane likes to "sound the alarm" approach. That may not be your preference at this time, but cut him some slack. It is all the connections and work he does that brings us this evidence. He can present it however he wants too; my job is to learn from and receive the message. Also I see this: when people stop running, wake up calls are very motivating..

If this video is a bit much, please see my notes below..

What you can do, if your beginning:

Just keep getting exposure to the material in doses you can handle but be diligent. As you gather enough science and evidence, a second battle begins. It becomes less of a battle of science, and more of a battle with fear. Fear causes the confusion and uncertainty. Exposures reviles hidden fear. When the fear is gone confusion will disappear and only then the evidence falls into place. Good physical health and lack of stress makes this much easier. Later don't get blinded by clarity, keep learning. Learn to not be stressed out by the material.

Learn some basics about cognitive dissonance and other psychological techniques that are used to keep the population in an increased state of fear. For example: the Atlanta Airport recording constantly repeating: we are in a "heighten" state of security and constantly showing fear news from CNN at every terminal. All this nonsense keeps people from applying more rational thought. Learn the tricks and be immune.

Reconnect with nature, reconnect with love..

Already there:

  • Get some fliers and hand them out.
  • Leave fliers in public places.
  • Simply point at GE spraying .. Driving by a jogger I simply pointed up then waved and saw him starring at the lines in the sky for a good 10 seconds in my rear-view mirror. How much time did that take? More and more people will be ready to see.
  • Bring up GE with strangers: stores, grocery lines, etc.. Talking to people reminds you of the steps you went though to reach your level of acceptance. It is very rewarding and liberating to bring all ones efforts full circle.
  • Get your local terminal agent to turn down CNN and turn up some music. They will probably agree with you that CNN is really harmful.

Some material can be purchased here: activism at

Let me know about something you have done: other material for sale or things you do ..

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There was a huge operation yesterday. I look at the US satellite daily image from Modis for years now.

I rarely see this huge of an operation in a single day.


Good job start it please.dont stop..


Thank you on providing useful information.


awesomeeeeeeee posts

I am about to give up trying to convince the average person that something is wrong. I live in the northeastern USA and the spraying is blatant almost on a daily basis. How many cloudy days that started out sunny do people have to see before a light goes on. And the weather is completely normal don't you think? We cannot depend on people in my opinion to stop this unfortunately because for most the NFL is way more important (nothing against the NFL just trying to point out that peoples priority's are all screwed up). The fake fiat money system is at the root of all evil being done on this planet and until the banking system that steals the middle classes money collapses GE and all sorts of other evils will not stop. This is why the powers to be are so afraid of the crypto currencies.


We all have an ego .. it is a good idea to see it and analyses it though. I do this myself.. What I find, is that if I am doing this for the 99+% of the DNA we have in common and forget about the < 1% ego that can consume us then this really starts to look like a different story. Think multi-generational.. Those that can't think beyond their own self and life time are easier to overwhelm and discourage into doing nothing. It is a skill and a choice.

It may be a hard skill to learn, but remember this happens in parallel. Dramatic shift in public perception (or consciousness if you will) have happened many times in the past. I know this will happen with this topic, it is so important it has too.. Let just get this backlog out of the way and get onto more proactive challenges.


99+% of the DNA we have in common and forget about the < 1% ego

I love that part so much. Thanks for sharing this great fact.

I always enjoy using the IR blaster on my phone to change channels on TVs in public places, or better yet, turn them OFF! A little devious some may think, sure, but I don't care. I do it, have fun with it, and encourage other people to as well. The mantra of mainstream media that constantly bashes itself into the heads of every individual is disgusting, and people don't even realize it. It's as normal as an instinct such as breathing . . .

Don't pretend that we can't do anything about it, we (the majority) are enabling and ultimately in control. We just have to realize what are role is.

Well said. I look forward to help the people realize their will.


I'm noticing that the same voices here on Steemit that gather around the geoengineering issue are also big on EOS. Coincidence? I think not!

I'm constantly bringing up geoengineering whenever I can, with friends and acquaintances,and at work. I'm reposting all of Dane's videos on here too. Nobody wants to know. A mass extinction on planet earth in the near term is already too late to stop, I've known this for about 3 years. What's important now are the choices we make in these final hours, and the stand we take against this evil, destructive system. Doing what's right, even if it won't change the final outcome, is good enough reason on it's own. The choices we make now will create a momentum that will propel us into a better future, whatever there is beyond this life.


I agree with all that you’ve said


Thank you for your support!


You welcome hope you keep up the good work - following you : cheers


It sounds greatly auspicious.@teamsteem well.


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Well done, thanks for the updates, information and news!

Maybe they just suppose that since we are going to get much more lightning that the O3 levels will simply rise proportionally!?! ;)

Namaste :)


i agree with you bro

It is worsening everywhere and there were no goofy constant grid like patterns every day in the sky over me when I was a kid.

I am noticing more people with breathing problems than ever and then I listen to what new radio ads are playing pushing brand new vaccines, and medicines in my area --- all of which could plausibly be 100% related when everything around us is weaponized to contribute to such things as the Agenda 21 / 2130 updates to the depopulation agenda.

People are not researching enough or really paying attention, I have always found this as an activist myself, some of which you know about James.

It is contained in my latest Fluoride related post on my blog I put up just y-day actually.

Have a good weekend man.

I love seeing so much content about geo-engineering on Steemit recently.

Also, I've been staying with @joycamp-benny for a couple weeks and finally got him on Steemit. He said he met you at Anarchapulco and lost your contact info.


Thank you .. I'm following both of you now. Lets do it again this year! I'm going a few days early for the twin snakes (pineal glad work-out).


Awesome, thank you :-)

I'm really excited to see how this year plays out, I'll be down there cooking up lots of vegan deliciousness again, and doing some classes for the health & wellness retreat.

Great post! One of my fist post here on steemit was about geo engineering. Glad to see the vast of interest on the topic. Awareness is key to prevent greater problems. Best wishes, - @splendorhub

I get so frustrated when the morning sky is a beautiful clear blue and by 1:00pm it's a muck of criss crossed white spray from their airplanes. How dare the government deny citizens the beauty of a clear blue sky. Personally I get depressed when I can't see the sky or real fluffy white clouds.
It will take all of us complaining to our legislative representatives to stop this assault on the earth.

the strategy you are pointing at in you post is exactly what we have been doing the past years - pointing people's eyes at it! Be it the postman or the salesperson in a store, a random hiker we meet while walking through the Seven Mountains with kids and dog... We have been taking photographs of the worst skies in the past years and made sure to have them in an album for documentation. In the past weeks it was funny to see how first articles made it into MSM - all in the GE narrative and never a chem-trail mentioning, but it is a start.... Cheers from the Seven Mountains in Germany and thank you for raising this subject here!

crimes against humanity on a global schedule is happening now, it is killing people now, mic drop
I was collecting the pictures of the incessant spraying to the point you could see what appeared to just be reflections like off an oil slick

This anonymous NASA ex-worker predicts that by 2025 we won't be able to grow crops because of the high UV. If that is true, I think that the advanced nations will find ways to grow crops, but many people from the poor countries could suffer from hunger.

Well done, thanks for the information! Its indeed very important to know about the matters that are effecting our earth.

Thanks a lot for sharing this information. Its indeed very important to know about the matters that are effecting our earth. Because our earth is our home and we dont have anywhere else to go live other than our wonderful planet earth.

Hi @jamesc, I love your profile and content so I followed you. And you also gave me an impression of nature loving person so I'd like to ask for your favour to upvote and resteem this post so it reaches to more animal lovers. I'll write more of the furkids stories later but meantime, I'm trying my very best to raise funds for this independent rescuer who has rescued up to 48 dogs! That's amazing and I couldn't have done that so this is my best I hope. Here's the link:

Appreciate the community's help very much! Thank you

wow very great post.

And of course we can use the social media to spread awareness on this matter!

Excellent article. I continue to be surprised at people who should be "in the know" that haven't a clue about Geoengineering.

Recently I met a state Senator who is running for re-election. I asked about his thoughts on GeoEngineering and he froze for a moment and replied with "what is geoengineering?

Thanks for sharing such important information about our home, our Earth.

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I enjoyed reading your post and I have been pointing out GE trails for years. I did a post about this topic a few days ago I had people from all around the world sending their pictures in my comment section, I really couldn't believe all the replies I got. Thanks for spreading the word and I will be following you now !

I usually tell people to first ignore the "conspiracy " aspect of geoengineering and just point out that the aesthetic beauty of our sky is in danger and it needs to be protected as a natural resource just as we protect our lakes, rivers, and forests. Once you put it like that to the average person, they tend to agree and side with us that awareness needs to be spread.

edit: removed

Global warming is real!

Hello my dear i hope everything goes well with you you haven't posted since a long time i missed your topics hope start posting again soon waiting for you sir
btw i posted yesterday a post about Time and risk im sure that you will like it feel free to take a look

maybe those doing it see the earth as a giant extermination camp, once they will be finished with their plan, earth and it's beauty will be for them and their children only to enjoy.

thanks a lot i learn something new from this post god bless you

But still US PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP sued the Paris Agreement Huh....

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hey there, jamesc... I'm just getting started in this discussion, and so far, i'm terrified. I have four children so I look forward to learning more. thanks for al the info.

xo, b.

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unutmaya yüz tutmuş sorunlarımız .SS

a very informative post.

Interesting! Thanks for the news.

Fascinating, the chloroflorocarbons (CFC) also will decompose with UV light then release chlorine atoms, the chlorine also will destroy the ozone.

nice post brother

nice post


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What an important subject , well done on this information .


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Woman of anger.
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Buildings also have a huge impact on our environment. Most buildings are over using energy and water, not to mention polluting our air quality. Buildings produce lots of CO2 emission. A solution for this problem would be to create more sustainable buildings. Buildings that are LEED certified and can help reduce climate change.

such a blog is more important for us

I think we all need to be critical thinkers if we are going to address this issue and come up with a solution that we can put in place. The biggest problem I see is that some people still completely reject this notion and even refuse to sit down and dialogue about it. If we can't even agree that a problem exists, there is no way to have a discussion about a solution.

The best way to deal with this is through respectful dialogue. When people start screaming and shouting about this and that, our minds close up, we become very narrow minded and all hopes of compromise or discussion go out the window.

I believe these issues are real, but not everyone else does, so the firs order of business is educating the public so we can then move to the next part in coming up with a solution

good job :)

whatever happens ... mother nature will take her course, and get rid of us like a bad flu