Geoengineering; Intellectual Property Grab

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This week Dane Wigington talks about the governments criminal intellectual property grab and the backlash at Google. He also urges against using any form of violent speech on social media. This is to avoid any further censorship of geoengineering awareness, as it has recently been under attack by major social media outlets. Thankfully some Google employees are standing up and refuse to blindly obey.


Google employees are revolting against the recent partnership Google has with a NSA/CIA government military drone surveillance program called “Project Maven”. Project Maven will utilize machine learning to better identify drone targets for deep state black operations. With effective and innovative programs like Google brain and deepmind on their public facing AI resume’, one can only imagine what kind of mind blowing algorithms they have working behind the scenes.

Check Dane out here:

If anyone out there has any questions for me or a subject they'd like to see me discuss further, please let me know in the comments!

Until then, be a truth seeker; look up and question everything!

xo, b.

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Hi @bethalea - Thanks for keeping up the great work on increasing awareness on Geoengineering. As I had mentioned in a reply in one of your posts earlier, I would be a little wary of Dane Wigington given his track record of trashing excellent and original researchers like weatherwar 101,whose body of work is unparalleled in the Geoengineering realm, IMHO.

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