Finishing a Day in the Office

in gathering •  8 months ago

Here’s me finishing up my day here in Austin, Texas. Lots of great work going on here and throughout our distributed team.


Have a great day!

— Ned

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Perfect idea!



If you can make the time you should.
Last one we held in Tennessee, and we had people from Vegas, W. Virginia, NY and even Canada show up.


I wish I could but unfortunately it looks like I'm not going to be able to make it.


Just what i need!


Cool man that actually sounds pretty fun, if it was in Austin Texas you could have a STeemit Inc pool party? make all sorts of jokes about ned "staying afloat" and going "under water" :D

Seriously ned could benefit everyone from making some posst explaining how he is not worried bout the price because he believes so much in steem,a nd how the price is only down due to BTC price. I swear Ned calming the plankton minnows and even dolphins and some whales down and dispelling the Propaganda that ned is somehow selling half his stake just because he Initiatied a power down of just 1.8 million steempower...which is NOT selling steem its JUST powering it down probobly tro be moved, and even if he selling that steem which there is NO proof or reason to believe he would be doing that, even if he was, it would NOT be HALF his stake, just half of that one account, but he has @steem @steemit @alpha many other accounts with tens of milions of steem so 1.8 milion is not half and powering down is NOT selling! Anyway that article titled "


Well we wanted a location between Houston and Austin, that could not only be within driving difference of two major cities, but was also in an area that could accomodate as many people as possible. It's 75 acres of open land, plenty of room for as many steemians that can make it.

Have a nice day! It is mid-night in UK, and I am still coding....
It looks like it is a big office, at least from the pic I can see the kitchen is big...


I'd join these guys just for their kitchen

Have a great day............
I believe you have more work to do.
Patiently waiting for SMT :P

Are you going to explain why you're powering down half of your Steem Power, homie?


I'd like to know this as well.

very glad to see the news and here's in dalian , a very good day and a hot day. thanks for@ned the wonderful platform for us to write articles , feelings and something about those in our life , communicating with the people around the world is really a nice thing. keep on , you and your great team !

Dear @ned, Texas looks good on you but please why are you powering down?

Hi @ned , can you please look at my UA article (again) please?

If you would HardFork my UA algorithm, then ( a ) all the madness will stop and ( b ) it will sanitize (the market cap of) Steem (for being taken more seriously regarding Steemit Inc's actions against manipulation.

I'm happy to explain more about UA if you contact me


This whole project was a great initiative ,i mean see where it started and what beautiful things are happening around the world now...
Thanks @ned for this awesome platform and yes i have seen alot of yours teachings ,you always look cool and Do not smile much ;)
Best of luck buddy , waiting for the release of SMT ...

An update is always welcomed by you @ned
Even if it doesn’t contain many info like this one😊 I hope you are having a great day

Wow,i like your poster,you are looking like Hindu god with bleesing hand.Thanks for giving us such a platform to learn and earn by making friendship and love among the globe.Your contineous hardworks will bring peace and prosperity in the life of lakhs of people.Now,fathers are becoming hardworking due to you,mothers are becoming confident due to you.The frastated youths have now coming to the main stream and the hungry children have the stomach full of food due to you.Thanks a lot for providing us the ground where we can become our self authority.We love you so much and always care for your good health.God bless you dear.

Hey @ned, before you leave... can I get some delegation? 😂🤣😂🤣


ahahaha keep hustling brother!


one of my favorite Hustlers! Love it @stackin


is he leaving? why?


This cracked me up.. I love you man!

Austin, Texas

2018...Voted best city in USA 2 years in a row.

@ned...powering down???

Hmmm...Can we be sure that hi isn't really a subliminal goodbye?

Just kidding....I think.



Yep thats my thoughts exactly! It is a wave good bye with a wink-wink to go with his power down! Clever...


Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!, if we look at the time stamp, he was prolly saying 'Hi' to the people just waking up in other parts of the world.

If he walks, I wouldn't hold it against him. He's too young to be locked in forever to anything work....

I hope he stays around for as long as he's content with the project...

Now, powering down...Sounds smart to Wallet is hurting and I just don't have a yen to trade....though I know I need to.

(Still laughing)...As I just got another subliminal...

Note that @ned has dissed everyone's's saying:

Talk to the hand, cuz....(whatever the rest of that sayin is) not!



Exactly! Talk to the hand...LOLZ! I think you got it just about right. Really I think he is letting us in on an inside joke of sorts. Like the criminalthat taunts the cops...kinda like saying, "later suckers" lol.

I care but there is nothing I can do. I did a post about it and a few folks thought discussing it was more harmful then his powering down lol. Whatever, I am having fun with it anyways. Hey it can only fall another buck thirty five or so anyways.


"later suckers" lol.

It's interesting that after a year of signing up I had to sign a 'terms of agreement' last week stating I wouldn't sue if Steemit 'closed shop'.

But, it's all conspiracy...I would do what the leader is doing if I could get focused...

In my case, I'd power down and over into BTC....and maybe even Binance. HODL is bogus investing. There, I said



He says goodbye with his signature in red


Guys iz just a damn wave

Not gonna lie, it took me a minute to realize that the red scribbles on your hand is your signature. I r smart.



I red that as "SMT" lol as in, while steem us burning we just go WOOHOO SMTs! hha nah steem isnt burning, price is arbitrary and based on BTC prices, stem price will go back up easy when btc goes back up OR when steem has a new upgrade.


I think it would be really​ good if you explain your power down, so I can understand how to handle ​it...

Have a great day too but am just curious, why the red drawing?


To protect his identity/fingerprints.....I guess


Could it be a form of signature or he was just a freestyling? Haha! I guess too.

< Still has the best hair on Steemit


Why are so many people talking about his hair ?
#wondering ..................


The inspiration i provided for this song appears to have taken a life of its own. Gotta be one of my lifes greatest achievements lol


when I played this my misso thought you was singing about me mr @mattclarke


I was prepared for that song to take a dark ugly turn - safe to say, I'm happy that I was disappointed this time ;)


lolzzz probably because it looks silk that's why


Proof !


Great job bro

Could be SMT related? Would be nice to know as to why you are powering down though. :)


probably to buy SBD and spike it's price :D

I'm kidding of course, that would fly in the face of what the witnesses are attempting

Texas aint bad for you at all. Nice look, if i many ask why the power down? Everyone is curious... well i guess its all a strategy for something BIG


LMAO This is great!


good shit!

Hi Ned, how does it feel to be a "father" of such great, busy social platform. Have you also had that moment in the early beginning when you were worried and not sure if everything will work out how you planned. I believe nowadays everything is more or less running how you want and only thing is to keep working hard and try to keep people interested in current projects.

You have a spacious area and that looks like I would say a living room rather then office.

Have a nice day too, @Stef1

You really work well & positively hard for the betterment of Steemit, it's quite encouraging.
We love you @ned.

Good to see you active and full of energy after hard days work!

@ned seeing you power down such huge sp has implanted fear among many steemit users especially the fact that you are powering down when the prize of steem is down. Please can you address this issue so as to calm down some tension among us the steemians.
We will be very happy to see you address is. Thanks in anticipation of your swift response.

nice to see you posting!

you have a drawing tablet?


He draws charts for haejin
Lmao joke joke 😂


lol @frankbacon... You mean something has shaken your faith? I thought if we didn't talk about it, it didn't happen.


Lol I love that strip.

Great day to you too...
What are the new implementation and plans should steemians be expecting in the year 2019
Thank you

Greetings, Ned.

By the structure of your office, it looks like you're home. Do you work from home?? I want to someday be able to do that too heheeh!!!

Good day, Ned! Nice that you've started posting such a short posts. This gives a feeling that you are also using Steem and makes some users feel you are real human. Something warm in sense of feelings. At least for me.

This place is too clean!

You have a great day too @Ned.
It's always great to see you and thanks for updating us.

Un gran día :)

Cheers on the updates!

When will users be ae read the privacy policy and user agreement before agreeing to them? There’s a pretty critical bug that needs some looking after there.

Wishing you and the team all the best.


Excellent. Thanks for the heads up.

The Steemit office and the development team.

Wow! It's pretty nice to know that a lot of great work is going over there. Indeed, you and your team are always on the lookout to making the community better.
Kind regards.

have a great day too for you ned

@ned I applied. Hire me, man! Haha, keep up the good work, Give me an idea for a graphic you want and I will put it together for free. Think of it as a skill test. I'm proficient in Adobe Illustrator, as I demonstrate in my "GRAPHIC DESIGN" videos on @dtube.


together for free

Best regards on getting the gig!


I'd like to visit someday haha. I'm heading back home to Austin in December.

Hey, that's not your office - that's your apartment :-D HAHA Cool signature there Ned. Keep up the hard work and don't get too distracted with Steemit.

sweet man looks like a heck of a nice office to work in. Keep on keeping on. Hackathon in the works?!

Good day @ned who is your favorite in the World Cup


I believe with your signature in red we want to send this message, Steem is going in a tailspin, I Pregutno be like LTC to sell all your steem? @ned is good or bad the blackout

That counter behind you looks like it should have some empties on it.

Nice work @ned. Kudos to the whole team for your daily hardwork

that looks like one of those open concept offices, how do you like it? I could never get anything done in a place like that.

Hi @ned. Trying to create the best. Steemit is amazing.

Hey bro apart from software developing any other vacancies


Nice pics!
Welldone @ned

... I see you recycle. This is good.

Wow , welldone @ned , keep up the good work , more greese to your elbow.

hey, Ned. How's it goin'

Finishing??? I saw a post of your powering down too......hope there is not much fishhy.....

Your office reminds me of the old Dude Perfect house

Everyday I comment @ned but no response at all

Nice day to you too Ned Nerd.

Hey Ned, how are you! greeting from Iran, thank you for this great platform, I had a request :D LOL, we want more! more features, more improvements! Thanks again, I know you guys are spending much time working on it! hope things going well :)

Thank you
Have a great day too

Hi Bro! I just started to steemit. And I heard things about you. Luckily I saw your face now :D

btw I like your hair.

Well done @ned. I wish you all the best and to the rest of the team too. You look great.

I'm wishing the Steem Team and everyone on Steemit much success in 2018!


Y si termino asi el dia seguro le fue bien...!

Let's make STEEM great again ! (sounds like a slogan i've heard somewheres)

Hey @ned ! Great to see you. Thank you for all the hard work you are putting in on this platform. You rock!


Good luck on your work @ned, I think your so busy right now!

Keep on great work @ned! Good day to you too.

Have a successful day and a peaceful evening!

Night Ned.

Odd to think how the World Cup just isn't a 'thing' in the U.S. !

Have a great weekend @ned!

Why are you powering down? 🤕🤕 , can you support me? Gimme some power😋😋😋

Hi @ned glad to see you enjoy working @steem. Thumbs up.

heard you are powering down...

I believe you would be doing so, for aggressive marketing of the Steem Blockchain & SMT's especially before ONOSocial's launch.

Nice capture!
Seems that the new diet is having a considerable impact, you look much skinnier @ned :-)
Happy steemy weekend

That five hands of yours means iya eh(your mom) in my native language lol.......nice Image though.


this got me

I would be greatful taking some upvotes from you, i could do my project creating some bots who can upvote for free, people who needs to promote themselves and earn something.

My goal its to have around 3 bots, with decent steem power who can be used on steembottracker and people for 0.001 steem can use them to recieve an upvote and promote their posts.

Some people from 3rd world countries will be greatful, same i because i can/could help them. You can track me and you will see i am a man of honor and i will never power down or scam you.

Everything from you will be used for powering free bots for everybody.

All the best mister ! I will do a public topic tagging you in to see how the things will evolve.

I'm just here to read the comments. Hilarious some of you are..

You too~ 🌊

good work big boss

Nice to meet you.
Thank you for making such a good blug.
But these days, I feel anxious about my team days.
I'd like to ask why.
You don't have to answer if you're busy, but I'd like to ask you for any explanation for your membership.

Enjoy the rest of your day @ned ! Any idea when the SMTs will come out!?👍💕😊

lovely photo...
You do konw how to look good in photos.

I heard your popularity... I just dropped by to atleast see your steemit page.

You are such awesome guy. Please are you on

Thanks for all your hard work!

Can you blesse with those hands from Texas? I'm in Africa😂😂