Steem Cleaners needs a cleaning

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So I have an on going dispute with the people running steem cleaners. First off these people have no invested interest in steem to be making the kinds of decisions that they are making regarding other steemians accounts.

steem cleaners 12.jpg

one just reached 100 sp and the other got 520 sbd ....

why would you let someone with no vested interest in steem judge and jury much larger accounts ...

I asked why I was still on the list 30 days later and instead of customer service to get the problem solved I get the run around

steem cleaners 22.jpg

And here are these winners with no account value pissing off much larger customers that can move the price of steem

![steem cleaners 5.jpg]

Notice the "still spam" from the guy in orange ...

If you are a whale you need to act now before these people who have no large interest in steem ruin your investment.

Best regards,

P.S. Whales @teamsteem @berniesanders @ned @themarkymark @jerrybanfield You are bad at business for putting low level people with no customer service skills and no invested interest in charge of something so important to Steems success.

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Hi Sir @dreamryder007 good to see youre lifted from being flagged. :)



unfortunately there is not a single abuse reporting system on steem that isn't run by a bunch of asshats...

while they could be solving real spam issues most of them are focused on innocent steemians.

it is all just a power trip to these people.


I finally got to talk to the witness running steam cleaners and they removed me instantly .... I need a beer, there is a down side to having so much automation


awesome to hear my man. hopefully you'll be left alone!

still waiting to see you on dlive :D


I need to buy a bigger house first to avoid wife arrgo .... I might start looking soon :)


You ignorant under-informed comment only points out how clueless you are about the work that steemcleaners do such as intensity of work,and the amount of abuse that we have to deal with every day.

Just some example is recent investigation-fight with never ending wave of tens and tens of accounts being created to phish on fake Steemit websites.

Or thousands of accounts being created to farm faucets, reward pool or various projects.
This is just to add to hundreds of reports that we have to process each week submitted by community.
We currently have backlog of few hundred of reports.
It often happened that some members had to work up to 55 hours per week.


I'm not saying steemcleaners doesn't do good. I know steem is full of spam and phishing and what have you. Unfortunately 1 bad apple flagging innocent people makes the whole system look bad despite your efforts.

There are a LOT of people who are flagged by abuse reporting systems simply because an admin doesn't like them. Just look at abusereports/bernie as the most obvious example


berniesanders is not steemcleaners member and never has been. He has no affiliation with our project. What he personally does with his flagging projects has no connection with SC.


I'm not referring to him as a member of steemcleaners... and you're missing my point here. There is no unbiased reporting system.

And if he has no affiliation with your project why is abusereports not on your blacklist? I have not seen a single account/person commit more abuse.
If I am to report him to steemcleaners should I expect a response?
You have to at least be aware of your bias if you want steemcleaners to improve!

And have you ever thought about a system for paying back innocent steemians whose posts were unfairly flagged? Like dreamryder? He is right when he says this causes drawbacks in investment. While flagging people preserves the reward pool for others it is also driving away serious investment in steem which might be hurting the ecosystem more. Thousands of people have been flagged away from using the platform.


This is exactly the point I was trying make, you said it perfectly the-oracool.

  • this causes drawbacks in investment. While flagging people preserves the reward pool for others it is also driving away serious investment in steem which might be hurting the ecosystem more. Thousands of people have been flagged away from using the platform.

I am going to use this in a follow up post. I feel like it's worth repeating.

Dear Customer,

I think most of the issues are cleared now after you showed up on our Discord server. But still I want to explain some things to may help you to understand steemcleaners better.

The language of the customer support was not always appropriate but I can still understand them if your first sentence in the Discord was:

"I think you all suck."

I think both sides would need to watch their language in this case.

Besides that you write in your post:

why would you let someone with no vested interest in steem judge and jury much larger accounts ...

First of all a investor is not better in combating abuse or in supporting people in the Discord than anyone else. People also invest to boost their plagiarism with over one hundred SBD. So this shouldn't be an argument in a discussion like this.

Secondly you talk about them judging larger accounts. Of course they can share their opinion about your behavior on Steemit. We won't censor free speach in the Discord.
But to make it clear: They can not decide whether you get blacklisted or flagged for any kind of abuse. That is up to the team members of steemcleaners.

With kind regards,
your Customer Support


No one or group of steamians down voted my content or called it spam. Steem is a business and I think steem cleaners should take a hard look at their resolution process. I for one am not happy with how this handled.

I think your follow up needs a rework. I was still on the list after 30+ days of not posting.

I think you should do a better job of contacting bloggers with your concerns BEFORE you flag them when there is no clear case of fraud as referenced by logic in his reply.

Logic's attitude is the general attitude I found when using your discord channel to get this resolved.

Let me be clear I think steem cleaners does more harm than good and I wonder how many steemians steem cleaners have driven away with their heavy handedness.

  1. The amount of fiat money or cryptocurrency invested in the platform doesn't give privilege to scam or of higher ground of telling all other users what to do. User may even have only little SP or few SBD but it still makes him/her very valuable member of community/platform if they create great content.
    What adds value to the platform is the content, not the amount of SBD/SP that you hoard.

  2. Non of the users that are shown in these screenshots are members of SC. Some are just helpers in the channel, while most of these users are just chatroom squatters . Many just responding with clueless or retarded replies.
    I don't see a single SC member name there replying to you.

  1. I agree with everyone is a valuable member however you are talking about flagging using a down voting bot not ones own personal account hence more care should be taken on WHO gets to make these types of decisions.
  2. It's your discord channel and I thought I was talking to SC members. They have colored names. This should be address.

The only steemcleaners in the channel are those that have "STEEMCLEANER" name assigned on the right side in the list of online users.