Sustainable Feasting in Eden Metamorphosis 🦋

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Food is super important to us, so our sustainable outdoor kitchen served as a focal point for Eden Metamorphosis.

Some things never change :)

We served our guests delicious, free, high vibe food all weekend to blow their minds with mouthgasm after mouthgasm while highlighting our sustainable food production system.

We did all of our cooking over rocket stoves we built by hand out of dirt, and our guests had a great time tending the fires and preparing our dishes!

Here's a photo gallery of some of our delicious meals shared in wonderful company:

We hope you enjoyed this taste of life in the Metamorphosis Vortex! Our production crew @truthproductions made it all possible, from food to media~*~

The feasts were super inspired, super delicious, super high vibe, and free free free for one and all ALL weekend! It is a blessing not only to live but to be able to share such an epic reality. Food is basic, and we still encourage one and all to embrace a sustainable relationship with it~


We have had numerous requests asking how people can be of service to help @quinneaker and our community @gardenofeden, and we are extremely grateful for that support!! Here's what you can do to help:

  1. Send good vibes! Prayer, dancing, meditating, chanting - anything you do to activate that light & love force of LIFE, please send some to @quinneaker for a speedy, easy healing!
  2. PLEASE SHARE these posts by resteeming on the blockchain and through other media outlets!!
  3. Donate to Quinn's Freedom Fund in fiat using the Donate button at the top of our homepage:
  4. Donate to Quinn's Freedom Fund in crypto through a free and instantaneous transfer here on the Steem blockchain, or send

    BTC 1MkEBgUSSd41jGzeAHP4HPhoFRLeb2UU4H

    LTC  Levh2ph11Bmsi3aPw3dB6jazvpGfMwKceW

    EOS or ETH  0x8F7bd2F6Cc132c62C3E9D7CC7f9aaB2c0ED84491
  5. We need a civil prosecutor AND a criminal defense lawyer! If you are an honorable lawyer or have a great recommendation for one, please contact us. 


For now, instead of giving away all of our resources towards helping others and providing free food, clothing, and shelter to anyone as we have for the past decade, we are now redirecting everything we have towards keeping Quinn out of jail.

Please share our press release with your own network to help us get eyes on this issue:

Garden of Eden Founder Quinn Eaker Stabbed Multiple Times On His Own Land

Assailant Walks Free After Another Botched And Bungled Operation From The Arlington Police Department

[ARLINGTON, TEXAS, May 31] -- Quinn Eaker, founder of the humanitarian project the Garden of Eden that feeds tens of thousands of free meals a year, clothes, shelters, educates, and provides healing space for people in need, was stabbed 8 times by a homeless man for whom he had provided refuge.

Eaker, 35, is in stable condition, despite being locked in a police car for more than 30 minutes while he bled without care.

Assailant Heath Archer, who first pepper sprayed Eaker before repeatedly stabbing him, called the police then disappeared for 2 hours before showing up with an unexplained wound to the forearm that was unsubstantiated by witness accounts.

Archer remains free, despite Eaker’s request to press charges and file a restraining order.

In an appalling and unjustified turn of events for which no probable cause has been presented, Eaker was arrested and removed from his own property.

In yet another example of gross misconduct on behalf of the Arlington Police Department, the ensuing investigation of the incident was a laundry list of rights violations: search without a warrant, arrest without reading rights, coercion, intimidation, manipulation, lying, failure to properly secure a crime scene, trespassing, failure to follow due process, and failure to conduct due diligence.

Eaker was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and has since been released on bond.

Unfortunately this is not the first or worst of the Arlington Police Department’s gross abuse of power as they repeatedly target Eaker with corrupt and unlawful attacks, such as the the bogus SWAT raid on the property and terrorization of its residents in August 2013. This latest grievous injustice is another illustration of malicious intent from the City of Arlington, which is already facing an ongoing $5 million civil suit from residents of the Garden of Eden.

Significant portions of the investigation were videoed, photographed, and witnessed by residents of the Garden of Eden and will be released as public record on the censorship resistant Steem blockchain, as well as used in lawsuits against Heath Archer and the Arlington Police Department.

The Garden of Eden is a non-profit and sustainable community dedicated to building a better world for all.



A better world IS possible~*~


So wonderful to see so many people feasting in love and having such a great time. What a blessing to be able to provide the entire experience for everyone without charge.

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I truly had a great time preparing and serving the Eden Metamorphosis food for 6 straight days with barely any sleep. Serving dessert at 3am was super fun.

I am grateful to all of those who pitched in and chopped ingredients or washed dishes.

It was a great pleasure and honor to serve all those who attended.
Now, I am back in Panama and back to my adventures.

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Looks amazing. Building rocket stoves out of dirt??? What??? I need to learn how to do this. You have just sparked my next obsession.
On another note:
How appalling and sad to read what happened to Quinn. My heart goes out to him. I have been out of the loop and not on Steemit for a few months, for various reasons, and your blog is one of the first I few that I wanted to come check in on. I was shocked to get to the middle and end of this post, shocked to see what all has happened. I wish I could do something to help. When I have a little extra to send I will donate to his fund, in the meantime I will send all the positive energy I can. Keep fighting - don't give up.

Awesome! Food looks super fresh!

Sorry to hear about Quinn. I hope you win the fight.

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The food looks delicious the way you cook it is too natural in that regard! The photos are very nice I think a noble work they do, thanks for sharing with us :)

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Wow, lovely work. I am so so glad to connect with you. Following you to stay tuned for more amazing work you guys do.. Cheers!!


Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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