Take a walk with me around the homestead! ❀❀

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Summer life is so busy on the homestead! All of the plans we work on over the winter are finally put into action and it's so exciting!

We finally got some much needed rain and the world around us is lush and vibrant. I had planned on doing this tour using video but ....

I made my first ever planned tutorial video recently but we forgot to hit record so I can't share it. My tongue always seems to get thick and woolly when the camera is pointed at me so we spent more time laughing than actually making a video. In order to make an actual video you obviously need to be in record mode otherwise you get a photo like this ...


instead of a video (bahaha). We have a lot of learning to do.

We don't have cell phones or decent internet and only run open source software so I've been working on learning video "old school". As part of this I've been learning a video program called blender. Maybe one day soon you'll get some video from me but for now, I'll stick with what I know best so come take a photographic walk with me around the property! :)

Take a walk with me

One of our big projects was fixing the greenhouse. It's been a work in progress since spring. We had to jack up beams and put in new supports and all the sides needed re-doing as well because all the wood had rotted. It's not the most gorgeous looking structure but very sturdy now (and I love it). The sides open down in two big flaps for airflow on those hot summer days. There is chicken wire on the inside to keep critters out. We've got to tackle the other side next but I think we'll wait for autumn when the air is cooler.


The blackberries and raspberries are in flower and the bees are going crazy! My tee-pee bean poles and one of the garden beds with mammoth beets and herbs are shown in this photo.


The blackberries should be bountiful this year! Look at all those flowers! :)


That wild bit of green by the fence has Jerusalem artichokes, horseradish and rhubarb. We would like to fill the grassy area with more trees, shrubs and eventually just have paths.


This is one of the new garden beds that I haven't shown you yet. We've done them in a raised bed style. In here we are growing a row of herbs that will hopefully become a perennial bed), plenty of pole and bush beans, potatoes, squash & beets. The buckets have no bottoms and the squash is tucked in there for now. Once they are big enough I'll remove their protective barriers. There is also a few rows of buckwheat and nasturtium scattered around to attract pollinators and a row of young elder bushes.


We have had some unwelcome visitors. The potato bugs have been laying eggs but I've been faster than them. Every leaf is inspected every morning.


I've been disappointed with our potato harvests since we moved here but the plants are really vigorous and healthy this year and my instincts tell me we might have finally figured out all our issues. (fingers crossed - knock on wood). I just LOVE potatoes.


This is another one of my rickety sticks and twigs arbours. I've got the grapes running along top of it and would like to start some more on the other side.


This is the second bed in the new garden (and the largest). It's a bit of a weedy mess (it looks nicer in person) but we've got lots of sunflowers planted, Ethiopian lentils, corn and I planted some red fife but it did not germinate (old seed). There is also some garlic growing in the corner. It's not doing as well as in the other beds. This plot is surrounded by young cherry and pear trees and the herb spiral and frog pond is planted here as well. You can see the solar panels in the distance, they are tucked away in an open valley.


These are the Ethiopian lentils. We've never grown them before so I am really excited to see the progress.


The third bed has three rows: garlic, onions and squash. I had planted carrots but they didn't do well, the soil is a bit sandy right here so I've turned them over, amended the soil and planted squash instead.

We used a few runs of "bio-mulch" in this bed for the garlic and the onions. This is supposed to be a soy/corn based bio-degradable plastic. I am still not sure about how I feel about using this ... but it did work really well. It's not sustainable for us to buy this stuff but the difference between a row with the bio-mulch and without is quite notable. We have garlic planted in a variety of areas, using different methods. I'll write a post about it later so you can see the differences and the results.


This is the herb spiral which will hopefully be bursting with perennials eventually.


This is the pig shelter. We've talked about converting this into a bee house. It sits in a fenced off pasture which would be ideal.


The dogs exploring the fenced pasture. We don't usually let them in here because the hens also hang out in here but this was a little treat for them while we were working in there.


Here's the chicken coop, built to last a tornado (lol). My dad was an underground miner and helped build it ...I've lived in houses that were less sturdy. We have only four hens right now so they are living quite luxuriously. We are getting more than enough eggs for our personal needs with the four so less hens means less expenses overall for us.

The chickens have a run that leads them safely to the pasture. Being so close to the forest and having two hunter dogs, we aren't able to let them run around wherever they want.


This is the view of the pasture from the chicken coop. You can see one of my compost bins behind the greenhouse. This one is filled and we are cooking it down so that we can hopefully use it in the fall before we plant garlic.


The raised bed garden is coming along nicely. The strawberries will be ready soon but most other things are still to early to eat. We are so thankful for the perennial food like rhubarb, chives, horseradish etc because we've been eating them for a while now. The greenhouse is also a blessing because we've been eating kalefor a month now while the plants in the garden are weeks away from being large enough to eat. We had a terribly late start to the season this year.

Along the front wall you can see the grape vines, they add shade to this garden and the birds love to hang out in there as well.


The cabbage is covered by nets because the cabbage moths are plentiful this year.


Right in front of the house I've got hops growing here (one plant survived the dogs) and spirea along with a vine that was planted before we moved here.


This bed has three big lilac trees, sassafras, salvia, lupins, sweet William and a bunch of wild flowers. The bees are really active in here as well. We have plenty of water for birds, frogs, critters and of course the dogs. Molly goes around drinking from them all each day as part of her routine.


When the first lilac bush fades another two with a different type of flower start to bloom. That fragrance is so intoxicating, especially when the wind carries the scent with it across the property.


Everything seems the be happy and healthy and I can't really ask for more! We have more visitors arriving shortly so I am off to bake some bread and get some garden work done before their arrival.

Be well everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful solstice celebration! ❀

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Hi walkerland, I enjoyed your Excellent photographs. My only question is, what is a star doing on the door of the chicken coop?

Hello! The star is there merely for ornamental purposes - some say that it symbolizes good luck!

Thank you walkerland I very much enjoyed your post

Your place looks so idyllic, and yet, I guess, an incredible amount of work goes in to make it look that way! All the best with our plants, there's nothing better than eating your own. I absolutely love it when my dad brings fruit and veg from his own garden :D
looking forward to seeing your garden when it's ripe for harvesting :D !

Thank you for sharing your homestead! So beautiful and well organized! What is red fife? I haven't heard of it before. Your lilacs are beautiful, I too love the smell. We had lilac at our last home, I miss it. Life is certainly abundant at your home! Love it!

Red fife is a lovely (untainted / non gmo)heritage grain. Thanks to seed saving it's made a big resurgence in recent years. I think it is more common in Canada so a lot of people aren't familiar with it. I really do enjoy a nice loaf of bread and would love to grow some of our own grains some day. I'll have to try again next year! :)

Love the rustic look of everything especially your pig shelter. Very nice homestead. Have you done an article on your solar down in the corner? I would be interested to here what size system your running and what all it powers. At lest I think those are panels down the hill off the front of the house.

Thanks @liberyworms! I don't think I've done a detailed article on our solar. I'll add it to my list of things to work on. :)

Oh my goodness this is perfection! Everything looks healthy and happy, I just want to come hang out in your garden... it looks so peaceful.

And that greenhouse! We really need to get one up here, especially with our short seasons... it’s on the list and hopefully will get done soon.

Also, LOL about the video... I’m also trying to work up to making one but it’s really not my am easy task for me either. Your photos are stunning as usual, amazing job ❤️

Thank you and hello!! You are so sweet! I wish you could hang out in the garden with me, it would be such fun!!

If we can ever manage it, I would love a big grow tunnel. I am regretting (not really - but sort of) fixing the kitchen because there are so many more truly important things we should have done instead. A big grow tunnel would be so ideal. It seems like the growing season is getting more and more unpredictable and it would make such a difference in how much food we can grow. Other than dairy and some staples like flour we've been working hard to eat only what we grow ourselves and good good food production is becoming ultra important around here. A lot of pressure.

Haha! I think that video is SO HARD! Everyone makes it look easy but I really admire them for it now that I've given it an honest try. I love recording the garden and other people of course so I don't mind talking but as soon as the camera in in front of me I start laughing hysterically or fumble my words. I'm glad I am not alone in this! :)

Thanks for saying hi! I've been missing talking to you.

haha you are definitely not alone- we sometimes have to do many takes before we get a good one! don't let anything we do fool you! haha there's a lot of laughs (and sometimes frustration and "walking away from it for a while") that go into it behind the scenes :) glad you're trying it out!! i have also done the "didn't record it" thing... so annoying!

Yes! Thank you for this!! It’s not just us @walkerland 😂. You fooled me completely @mountainjewel... your videos are always so well done. ❤️

haha thanks lady! yeah, sometimes it flows really smoothly and other vids need more "takes". certainly though, and i know @walkerland has talked about this before, a large deal of it is just letting down my critical nature and not judging myself too hard! some mornings i am not in the right mood to do a video, so i just do one of ini 😂 😂 😂 lol! but also sometimes i just say F*** it! and post it even though it's not quite perfect to my virgo eye ;) lol we're usually our worst critics while others don't even notice the things we do!! would LOVE LOVE to watch any vids either of you do!! ❤️❤️❤️ hey people like us here and want us to succeed! rare for social media :)

Thanks for sharing this - it really helps a lot to know. You really do make it look super easy! :)

Gosh I’m so excited to get to the point of sourcing all of our own food as well. I think we are going more in the direction of fruit trees, berries etc in the garden and then doing a hoop house or green house for the other items. We are still trying to get use to our climate and see what is actually achievable.

I’ve been missing talking with you as well! It got busy around here and my commenting slacked, these conversations though I think are the best thing about this platform and I’ve really missed them.

oh I agree! I look forward to the conversations so much and the people are the reason I love this platform.

Wow...you have a lovely place. I cannot imagine the time and effort that went into this to get it to this point!

It's so lovely! I really like the diversity.

Has the netting been really effective? Back when I used row covering for this, if it was not tight to the ground and had NO openings, they got in anyways...

My helper told me he saw some potato bugs yesterday, so I must go pick them and look for eggs....

I go out every morning and squish those eggs. I think there are only a few potato bugs left but they are really hiding from me ...I guess they saw what I did to their friends (lol). I read some tricks for preventing them that I will try next year. I forgot to do it this year and we got bugs (of course). Every time I plant potatoes it's in a new spot that has never ever grown food before so they must be travelling quite a distance!

YES! For me the netting works really well. The moment the plants go into the ground I cover them well. I use insect netting and also have a bolt of tulle (that stuff they use for weddings) and both work. I've never liked the row cover they sell for gardening because it obscures the plants so I have to take it off and I am sure at that moment a moth comes and hides where I can't see it. .... I can water right through the netting and it does not weight the plants down so it stays on the whole time!

I tuck in the sides and use rocks to pin it down (needs fixing today we had some big winds last night) so they can't fly under. It's the only thing that's ever worked for me.

Thank you and hello. It seems like forever since we've chatted. I'll pop by your page tonight before bed to catch up on reading! :)

It does seem like forever! I've missed your frequent posts!

I have managed to figure out the GHS Collective Discord channel! Maybe I'll see you there, also.

That tulle does seem like an improvement over row cover.

I just learned about and joined that channel yesterday - It seems like I missed a lot in my short absence!! I am such a nerd. I never know how to jump in on a chat ...not to mention discord flickers in and out on me all the time because our internet sucks.

I just say, hi everyone, then either comment on what's going or remain silent. :))

At least here, my connection is steady, so I don't have to deal with that.

Sorry for the delay, @walkerland, but here's your second comment upvote as a reward for the gardening journal challenge.

Thank you for taking us on a tour of your homestead. Such a wonderful tour with your photos :) .I like photos more than videos personally plus I have always love the way you showcase your photos. You have an artistic eye. The diversity on your homestead is amazing. So lovely!

Thank you so much @thelaundrylady!That is so nice of you to say. I gravitate towards photographs as well, for me, the photographs and memories that they have captured are my most treasured possession. ♥

Hi walkerland,

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Wow! Thank you so much, this made my day! You guys are so awesome! :)

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Wow! What a wonderful piece of the Earth you live on! Hard work is very impressive.

Thank you for sharing your paradise place, @walkerland. I know it's a LOT of work, but it's also obvious how happy it all makes you. Your ideas and your imagination are as plentiful as your plants. I'm fascinated!

Thank you so much @norma-jean! I really appreciate it. I really do love gardening! :)

What a truly delightful tour of your homestead! I thoroughly enjoyed all the photos and commentary. I think it's funny that Molly has to sample the water in all the different spots :)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets giggly and stammer-y with a video camera pointed at them!

Thank you!! That dog is such a character. She gets right into the frog pond and dunks herself but when it comes time to bath her is like wrangling a pig. I just love seeing dogs that are joyful and living full lives - farm/homestead dogs have it really good!

Wow! That homestead looks incredible! Very nice work!

congrats on the curie dear!!! thanks for the update. everything's looking fabulous although it's so crazy to see the difference in our growing season as everything turns a lot later for you. our place is an overgrown jungle. i had to chuckle that your coop could stand a tornado ;) it's lovely! would be interested in hearing more about your dad being an underground miner, too! xoxo

Thank you! :)

It's funny because when we first moved here this place almost seemed tropical compared to what we were used to. Now that we've been here a while I can't help but wonder if we should have chosen a warmer climate. Overgrown jungle is a dream! I love your place so much!! xoxo

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