The first cucumber (Cucumis sativus) of the year is ready for harvest!

in gardening •  4 months ago

There's nothing quite like going out to the garden to collect vegetables when preparing dinner, especially when you've grown them yourself from seeds or saplings. Yesterday I had the chance to collect a fully ripe cucumber (Cucumis sativus) when preparing for Friday taco (we Norwegians are obligate tacovorous on Fridays!), which was my very first home-grown cucumber ever. I'm glad it survived the heat wave we have been having for over a month now, but as you can see in the photo, the leafs of the plant are not in the best shape.

DSC_0065 – Kopi.JPG

I also found this little gal dead in my garden. I'm not sure about the species, but I'm leaning towards thinking that it is a Wart-biter (Decticus verrucivorus). We don't really have many large insects in the Norwegian fauna, so it's cool to find these "giants" every once in a while.

DSC_0059 – Kopi.JPG

I hope everyone has had a great week, and as you might have noticed, I haven't really had much time for Steem in the past few days. Hopefully the next week will be a little less hectic, but I'm not so sure to be honest. The weather is just so great, so I'm not really much inside at all, which leaves little time to write neither science nor blog posts these days. Anyway, I hope everyone is fine, and have a great weekend.

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Gratulerer med den første agurken i år @Valth
Den ser både fin og god ut. Håpar den smakte godt til retten du laga.
Nydeleg bilete av grashoppen ôg.


Takk for det, @siggjo! Den smakte uten tvil godt, og det er jo ofte slik at det man dyrker selv hjemme smaker litt bedre enn det fra butikken :)

Perfect cucumber, and even pass the EU cucumber-standard (I think they dropped it now). Beautiful specimen, but out of curiosity, how large was this "giant"? Do you have some cranio-caudal measurement perhaps?


I didn't think to measure it; it went pretty much straight from the garden to the dinner table. But it wasn't 't really a giant, but more like the size of the store-bought ones.

Nice! I haven't had the chance to grow cucumber yet but it's something I definitely want to grow next time. Definitely sweet when you eat something you grow. We just picked jalapenos and bell pepper for dinner tonight. It was great. Now if the tomatoes would start ripening...

So you actually have cucumbers with tacos? I haven't tried that before...something to consider.


Yeah, it's a great feeling to eat stuff that you have grown yourself. My tomatoes are taking forever to get ripe as well, and I have lots of green tomatoes that seem to take forever to ripen. Hehe

And yes, it's pretty common to have cucumber with your taco here in Norway. But we have a kind of "Norwegian taco" that's quite different from a real taco.

Cucumbers are very funny to grow this year. My tallest plant is more then 3 meters tall. I see that you have different type of cucumbers compared to me!


Wow, that's a huge plant! Mine are only 1.5 meters or something like that, but they still feel pretty big.

The healthiest cucumber that you can ever get.... Homegrown, fresh and I guess organic...

I remember the feeling of picking home grown a feeling of achievement :)

I wrote a post inspired by your gardening activities...Here Check it


Yep, that's definitely true. It's the first one I can be 100 % sure that it's absolutely organic!

Yeah, it's a great feeling to be able to finally get rewarded for all the hard work ;)

wow glad to see the big size cucumber in your garden ready for harvest. It's nice feeling to get your hard work reward. :) keep sharing All the best @valth


Yeah, it really is a great feeling! :)

I often eat that cucumber. I also make cucumber juice. Cucumber can lower high blood pressure.
It was a grasshopper. When I was a kid, I grilled locusts to eat. It taste is delicious.
Have a good day @valth


Cucumber juice sounds nice! It's a great vegetables to use for stuff like that :)

It's very interesting to hear that you used to grill grasshoppers! I have never heard of that before.

And have a good day you too :)


Yes, when I was a kid, my friends and I often grilled locusts. A lot of locusts in my village at that time. Maybe, if you want you can eat grasshoppers.


Hehe, maybe I will try it one time ;)


Ok my friend.

Wow! Amazing and beautiful photography @valth. I also interested in gardening mainly for vegetables and fruits.

Thanks for sharing this post.

Have a glorious day!


Thank you! That's cool :D What do you grow?

yeah, it really gives you happiness when your hard work turned into something amazing like fruits or vegetables. Congratulations @valth.
I hope too you will have a great week ahead.


Thanks! And yeah, it sure does :)

Where I volunteer we have Over production of (organic) cucumbers this year. (In the green house). Now following you.


Oh, that sounds interesting! And thanks for the follow :)

the nature is very beautiful and the green color much more. I am a new follower. greetings and blessings


Thanks for the follow!

Congrats on your very first cucumber, @valth.
May many more follow.
The bottom of my plant looks exactly the same: like it could die any day now... but loads of cu umbers keep appearing. We simply can't keep up, lol


Thank you! Oh, that's interesting when you look at it from the perspective of the plant. Why would it spend all of its energy on creating more fruits when it's about to die? But at least it's giving you a lot to eat! :)


Definitely :0)

Its amazing and beautiful. Foods that contain fiber can help maintain a healthy weight. And a yout photography inforced me to search about its health benifits.


Thanks! Yeah, cucumbers are very healthy, but there's not a lot of nutrients in them.

The harvest has come
I love agriculture a lot and I love nature


Yep, it sure has.
Me too, @roselover!

looks like your hard work turned to be success


Yes, I guess it did ;)

Who can tell me what that cucumber looks like???...QmVmmhkfrXQm77x9sm7LmJLvM9HkyRzmy2QNzjwGNyABwh.jpeg


What do you mean?


Lolzzzz, the cucumber is very healthy indeed.
Fiction lines: a healthy cucumber must sweat.

RIPE CUCUMBER. you have good chance to harvest it. I am sure you keep it well so they pay you back with their harvest. I indonesia we eat cucumber as salad or eat in raw. you can try to make cucumber salad. You can also make it a fresh pickle.
Cucumber is a type of vegetable yan very useful for health and beauty. By consuming cucumber we will feel fresh because of the high water and fiber content. Water content helps us avoid dehydration and becomes a good way to remove toxins from the body. High fiber can be a diet to keep the weight, because after eating cucumber kta will feel full longer so not too easy to eat. Juice cucumber or cucumber juice is also good to keep the sound remained melodious.
Cucumber can also be used to maintain the beauty. using a cucumber mask can reduce wrinkles on the face, reduce black spots and make our faces feel fresher and softer ..

Thank you @valth
thank you steemit

warm regard from Indonesia


Good idea; a cucumber is great in a fresh salad! Thanks for the tips about the vegetable, @rokhani!


you can try it. it works. Get healthy with cucumber.
in hot weather it becomes freshener.
even we can use it to our face around eye. Cut it thinly paste into the eyes while lying on our back. You will feel relax