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RE: How to Grow Your Own Apple Trees From Seeds

in #gardening7 years ago

Excellent follow-up article, @englishtchrivy! Would you consider joining @papa-pepper on the Operation Translations for this article?

It would mean spanish language readers would have also a follow-up reading for CUANDO LO INCREIBLE SE TORNA IRRELEVANTE - Lamentando la Obvia Desconexion de las Civilizaciones Modernas y Probablemente Perdiendo $324.000


@traducciones - translate it to which language? Dutch? Tagalog? Korean?

@traducciones I'm sorry I was dead tired from a great party last night so I didn't really understand the question.
Yes, of course, you may translate it go ahead and thank you already @ traducciones.
If you need the direct links for the pics buzz me in the steemit chat I have the same name.

Thank you for allowing this.

Operation Translation is growing and I am currently working on an update post about it.

Looks like I will be mentioning you in back to back posts!

I link your article and the translation too.

Oh wow @papa-pepper how can I not - it's helpful so why not. Yes, you may - works for me, too. Thank you very much as well.

Thank you @englishtchrivy! I´ll let you known when it's ready.

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