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RE: Hydroponic greenhouse update + bucket potatoes reveal

in #gardening4 years ago

These are healthy looking produce. I am maintaining a small vegetable garden at home too, but haven't tried hydroponics/aqua-phonics and am very much interested. I just haven't had the time to study how to set up. I will look through your blog and see if any of the ones you posted covered that. If not, I am sure a lot of people will appreciate a walk-through. I for one sure will. Thanks a ton for sharing this.


Thank you! I'm quite happy about the way it's progressing. It's my first year growing hydroponically and it makes things so much easier.
To save you some scrolling I've got posts detailing the construction of the greenhouse here and here. I've documented the build of the system here and the first update is here.
Hehe, looking at how it looked two months ago it's hard to believe some of the tomato plants are over 10 feet long now.

Let me know if you have any questions or need some tips. It's quite easy and cheap to build such a system!