Garden summer update

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Garden summer update

I'm back from holidays in New Caledonia to see my parents. It was a great time back to the home country and see all the relatives for some awesome end of year parties full of karaoke 😂. Back to home I had to go around the backyard to get a status update on the plants. Thanks to my friend's help two weeks without went by without too much damages. The only plants that almost totally died is the fishmint, that's the brown patch in the photo below.


Let's go for a little tour of some of the plants that are thriving. First, the Blueberry Burst plant which was very weak responded very well to the 2 inches of worm composted I added three weeks ago and the leaves are now getting greener.

Blueberry Burst

The Sunshine chilli plant is fruiting like mad. I really love this chilli as it has a nice fruity taste with crunchy skin. Thanks to Rob Bob for the seeds!

Sunshine Chilli

The Okra plants are growing nicely in one of the bed while the other bed seems to be stunt, I will have to feed it with more vermicompost. Few plants are already fruiting.


This year, I've also started to plant some Red Okras thanks to a follower on Instagram who sent me some seeds. It looks good and I'm looking forward to see if there is any different in taste or texture compared to the green okra.

Red Okra

This is a Frangipani plant from one of a customer with whom I swapped a cutting for some BSF larvae. It has just started to give some leaves.


My wife has planted some capsicum and it looks like they are happy.


The stevia plant has also survived the holidays and it looks like I will have a good harvest this coming autumn.


I will have to move these two banana plants to a larger grow bag as they are a bit tight in there even though they seem to thrive. Some horse manure will be added too to feed those big fellas.

Banana trees in grow bags

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Your garden looks absolutely wonderful and wow Stevia and chili are really growing big and strong, how lovely!


Hehe thanks. I will have some new plants this year. Hopefully they will be as strong

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Looking lush!

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You've got some lush looking plants there. Nice to come home and find everything okay.
Is that Blueberry Burst an actual blueberry bush? How does it do for you or is this your first season with it/
Impressive sunshine chili plant you have there.
I guess having access to all that vermicompost really pays off with such a productive garden.
Thanks for sharing!


It is a blueberry bush that is supposed to give large berries. This is my first season with it, I got it late autumn and it didn’t like the winter.


Ah! I suppose you don't get freezing weather there at all. Is other people growing blueberries there with any luck? We have the low bush ones growing wild all around are place. A little tougher picking than the high bush, but oh so flavorful!


I think it is just because I haven’t fed them properly. When you have too many plants, some end up being neglected lol

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I hear you on that one!

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