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Texas Sage

They grow up so fast...

A little over a year ago I found this volunteer purple texas sage bush in my yard it was under a foot tall. I decided that it was in a good place to live and wanted to help it grow. I put down some fertilizer around the base and then made a doughnut around the bush with rocks and some decomposed granite.

This beauty started to grow fast, since adding the ring of rocks at the base of the plant created more moisture in the ground. The rocks protected the soil from the harsh heat of the sun which in turn attracted beneficial insects and allowed microbes to flourish.

This simple and small act of moving rocks around helped bring about great change. I did not need to water the plant, as it is a native and can survive drought. If I had left the plant to it's own devices, it would still have grown without my help, but not nearly as quickly and vibrantly.

When the bus flowers, it sends off this heavenly floral aroma with the slightest hint of musk. Some say that the blooms can predict a rain storm coming in the next few days. In my experience, more often than not, they are correct.


What part of Texas are you in? :D

Central Texas. Where are you from?

North Texas. Wise county

Does it get really cold in winter? I have some citrus plants that I have to cover when we go below freezing, but that doesn't happen too much here.

Not usually, but supposedly we're in for a really cold winter. I'm told it's too cold for most citrus here, so we'd need a cold hardy variety. I'm hoping that my avocados are cold hardy. If not, I'll have to bring them inside, which will probably only work for one year.

Growing tropical plants in the wrong climate is hard. I wish I had a nice green house but I can't always get what we want sadly. I hope your avocados make it through winter.

They didn't 😂

I left em out during our first freeze the other day. It came two weeks sooner than average.

My citrus trees are unhappy. The freeze got them too.

Cool looking Sage :3

I love it. It is a cool plant indeed.

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