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We're trying something new this time.

This'll be our first year trying to grow potatoes this way. Since we are building up raised beds at the moment and prefer to disturb the soil as little as possible, we thought that this would be a good method to attempt.

Rather than digging into the earth and planting the seed potatoes there, we just placed them on top of the soil and then burried them with some straw mulch and compost. We'll see how this works, but we are certainly optimistic. Enjoy the video!


Until next time…


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Nice layering... Hey I don't see why this wouldn't work. I like the idea and will keep ot in mind for when we have time to redo our garden.

Thanks for the idea @papa-pepper

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Cool method @papa-pepper. We just planted our potatoes yesterday. I put them all in pots.


Very cool, I hope that they do excellent for you! Thanks! how do you come up with some of your ideas?? I'm guessing they come to you late at night while enjoying a snack! Something like that? 😀

Wishing you the best with this method. We did our potatoes this way last year. They did pretty good. Not great. I think we'll do it again because our access to garden soil is limited.

Pretty much my plan as well, though I'm planning to wait a bit longer before setting them out. In the meantime, I have a zillion potato sprouts in a pot. ;-)

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@papa-pepper for those of us with not much space in places like Japan 🇯🇵- any tips on planting these in pots? I failed miserably last time.

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I know that many have done well planting them in pots too. Never done it myself, but as long as they don't completely dry out, they should work.


Thank you / will give it another shot today.

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this is an awesome way to grow potatoes. I love the no dig ways of gardening. Potatoes are really suited to this method I know from experience. They will do beautifully! Great work! This makes it a great job for the children too from now on, planting potatoes is kidsplay! hahaha Will upvote you after 15 mins xx How are book sales going?

Hi @papa-pepper, I hope that will work with your new way of planting...I will be looking forward for your next video on your harvest. God bless!

Thanks for sharing and I hope that it works out for you! This is how I have grown most of my potatoes over the past few years. I just pull my mulch (mostly wood chips) back and stick them on top of the ground and then bury them in the mulch. I add more mulch as they grow.

So far it has worked great and I have been able to just stick potatoes in all around my perennial plants to get some extra harvest. I don't even water them and they always seem happy. Voles have been my only issue but I still got a decent harvest last year.

Good luck!

It will work. It is probably going to make harvest easier too. I want to try the tire method sometime. I think we are moving into a duplex for a year in the next month or so. The current tenant is moving soon. I hope it is in time to plant. I may have to use starts.

Your homesteading info always gets my wheels turning. It is a blessing to me to see you so blessed. Keep up the great work! Much love!

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Thanks man! Glad to hear you enjoy it, and that we give you some stuff to think about.

Back when I did have a garden, this is how we would do our potatoes.
We just grew them under the grass clippings. It is really easy to check on them and see how they are growing this way. :)

as a variation to that idea, collect a few used car/ute tyres, they will give them away from any tyre shop here.
lay the biggest one flat on the ground, plant your potatoes as you have done, and cover to the top of the tyre.
when the green shoot is standing proud by 2-3 inches, place another tyre over the top and fill with compost again.
stop about 3-4 tyres.
compare the quantity of crop from the area used between the tyres and your raised beds.

Here, we use potatoes as a first crop to help break up the soil, The cultivation, hilling up the rows, and the digging of the crop help to break up virgin country. if you only want to break up the added compost, it will work well.

Very interesting trial run.. can't wait to hear how this worked!

Good luck to you and your sons hard work, may you be many spuds richer soon

I like this idea. It will be fun to see how it works out.