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It's more than just a place to grow food, it's a place to be.

Many of you have probably seen some of my efforts so far on building a garden. If so, you may have noticed that this isn't just a 20 X 30 section of soil with a fence around it. Sure, I've had ones like that before, but this time, I'm building something more.


In this video, I explain that the garden is more of a homestead feature rather than just a place to grow food. It's a place for a lot more than just plants, and I intend to build it that way. Many animals also live in the garden, plus, my family and friends will spend time there too.

Whether it is gardening after dark like last night or gardening in the rain like today, the garden can be an enjoyable place around the clock. I love the interaction with my food before I get to eat it too, and that requires time in the garden as well.

I'm building a garden that will hopefully last for years to come, and it's taking a lot of work and effort. With winding paths and beds going different directions, it's also a place to slow down, relax, and wander. I can't wait to see it green up and the season continues. Hope you enjoyed the video!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Have you tried hydrophonics or aquaphonics @papa-pepper? It is a planting method wherein you dont need to have soil or a very huge area to plant your vege. You can do this even in roof tops or a very small area. But the production of this system is 30% more than the regular method. Please search it in google or youtube for more info.

Oh yeah, those are both on my to do list. Thanks!


wow, that will be nice. This is I always wanted to do since I dont have enough area to plant my vege.


I was about to say, my philosophy in building a garden is aquaponics, but you beat me to it eliza ;)


That sounds about right!

i am very enjoy proof. i like dragon fruits.
my suggestion for dragon fruit. it can already be trimmed and given NPK type of blue color fertilizer. special fruit. in order to quickly bear fruit. keep the roots do not directly touch the ground. because it will bear fruit long. place on the location of the sun directly.
I wait for his photo when it bears fruit

Your garden and homestead is amazing!! Ryguy came up and asked 'Is that the guy that gave us the plum trees?' We're having fun planting them, thanks a bunch!

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Beautiful! This is the best video I have seen so far.
mehn this is wonderful!
I love the work in progress.
This shows how creative and focus you are.
I am learnong everyday from your works sir.
This garden is going to be a wow at the end.
This is so good @papa-pepper.
I have been following your post for a very long time now and everyday I get to enjoy it and learn new things.
This is a great one and a good job well done!


Excellent! I am very pleased to hear how much you enjoyed it!


Thank you sir!

Well done @papa-pepper, i believed the garden is going to be a beautiful one when it goes all green and also a fun place to be in with family and friends even when the rain comes. I definitely longed to see it completion.

Much love!


Me too. It should be growing for years to come! Thank you!

You can also help mother nature too :)

I love your trestle!! (or however you spell that haha). Our garden growing up was great, my dad found a moose pelvis and used it for the scarecrow head- it was so crazy and cool looking . I never realized how artistic my father was until I was out in the world with regular people lol. Your kids are going to have great memories of working with you on all these projects, I feel very blessed to have dug in the dirt with my dad as a kid <3


Wow, using a moose pelvis to scare birds? Sounds fun! LOL! Thanks @kilbride!

Your garden is perfection and I love your philosophy on the topic. I cannot wait for the day when we all grow our own food~better days upon us


Those would be some better days!

very nice set up on your garden @papa-pepper

wish to have that big space to make my garden too..but most of our soil here is acidic..but some of my plants still survive.. :)


Yup, just gotta grow what you can! Thanks @bien!


yeah right @papa-pepper

your welcome.😊😊

true life papa should try.

garden is our second home @papa-pepper .. I really like the garden. Because I'm a peasant. Give me a little support for me @papa-pepper

very nice video, thanks fo sharing

Good luck on this journey, papa. Takes a lot of dedication and passion. Cheers

I have just read a post from Stellabelle from 11 months ago (Luzcypher pointed me to), on Steemit being a gift economy, where she mentioned what you did...

Youre amazing. Just wanted to say that.

I have been gardening for many years . I really liked your concept of "Building" a garden rather then just having a garden.

Yes ... This is really a garden and a relaxation spot.. Hahahahaha. You are doing a great job out dear... Please may I be invited when it will be all green and fruitful. Bravo!

That is going to be a very beautiful place to hang out when its all growing, its neat now, but when everything blooms and is close to harvest it'll be gorgeous. :D
God bless you and the whole pepper clan. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D


Yeah, it's just getting started now! Thanks my friend!


I look forward to seeing pictures of the varying stages of each crops growth. :D You're welcome my friend! :D

It will be nice to see the progress of the garden until it's finished.

Looking good! We tilled a big chunk to produce some veggies for sale this year. I have always gravitated to the
Square foot gardening method.


Cool man! Glad to see you around too, it's been a while!

all your hard work will be paid off with the results you have planted this,
hopefully soon you can get the result @papa-pepper.

I love the way your garden is taking shape. A garden should be a relaxing, tranquil place that invites you to stay a while. My garden is my zen place.

I'm having to replant as the pesky chipmunks have taken out all of my starter plants!!!!! Here is a shameless plug for a post I recently did!

This is called "Sustainable Development", Development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising that of the future generation.
As an environmentalist i can categorically tell you that what you are doing is a way of helping the environment that has be depleted by man, although it is not a natural environment on its own, but making provisions for it to inhabit man and animals makes it exception, worthy and commendable. You are one of those who should be given an international award of recognition for upholding the principles of the environment. For also making environment that should balance the Eco-system.

@papa-pepper please keep it up, never give up, you have saved a lot of species of plants and animals, you may not know this now, but in years to come, you will understand what i am saying.



Wow! Thanks for the support and encouragement man!


You are welcome fam, my regards to the rest of the team who has helped in this, the likes of @little-peppers, grandpa-pepper and host of others. Congrats in advance.


It does take a team!

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