Wider Circles - Community Connections & Remembering the Journey Here

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Last night Ini and I walked around the homestead and I'm not sure what it was, but we started saying Remember when...

Prepping signage and plants to bring with us to the festival

Remember when..

This was just a scrubby field with a huge oak and hickory in it?
When our neighbor came up one time with his discer and we walked behind it picking up rocks (which did nothing...) When you got naked and started pulling out what we thought was poison ivy, but ended up being aromatic sumac and I screamed when it touched your butt.

Remember that winter we slept outside when we came back after traveling and our yurt was moldy.. How we started off without power and carried water up the hill from our spring...

When we were just talking about getting a high tunnel.. starting a pond.. building the solar shed. Remember year after year when we dug beds and half of the soil was rocks..

Remember when we met at OUR ecovillage and sat by a fire one night realizing how closely our dreams aligned and decided to try it together...

All of the hard work, literal blood, sweat and tears that have gone into this...

Wider Circles

It's all coming together in another turning of the revolution as we reach out into the community to share ourselves and some of the fruitions of the homestead.

send ya straight to our instagram!
I got a stamp! Business cards

In making the final preparations to vend this weekend, we're seeing just how much we've set into motion and how we can bridge with the community. It's extraordinarily exciting!

Thanks for being a part of the journey!

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Yup, I remember when you wrote about many of those things. :))

Love your signage. Easy to read, eye catching. Hope you do well!


thanks dear!! feeling excited :)

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Congratulations guys! The berry plants look so healthy and lush, beautiful!! Love the stamp. I really admire you for stepping out and sharing your homestead bounty with the community. I wish you lived closer, I am struggling to step out into the world with our products - so comfy, lovely and happy here on the homestead. I could use a push from a friend who's more outgoing!! :)

We've been doing similar, walking around and reminiscing, it's so important to celebrate and appreciate how far our hopes/dreams/visions have truly come, especially when there is so much work ahead. Sometimes I lose sight of that. xx

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Seems like y’all have accomplished a lot. I hope to see the land one day. I’m still hoping to interview y’all for the Grpund Shots Podcast at some point!

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yeah would love that - both the visit and the interview <3

Well done guys! I'm envious, but also so happy for you to have come so far.

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That is quite a journey you two have been on and it's wonderful to see things coming to fruition! I've enjoyed your many post where you've shared a lot of those memories. I'm very grateful that I've made this connection with you and have learned much and been inspired. Keep on sharing - you are wonderful folks with wonderful endeavors!

That's so heartwarming, two souls meant to be together. I look forward to reading about many more adventures and memories. <3